Thursday, 15 November 2018

Serpent Fantatics Tomax and Xamot

Another firm favourite of mine from the Cobra high command are the Crimson Twins Xamot and Tomax.

The Paoli brothers speak in notable accents which show they are from Corsica. The brothers were at some point members of the Unione Corse (Corsican Brotherhood), served in the French Foreign Legion's 1erREP in Algeria, then as mercenaries in Africa (Congo, southern Africa) and South America, before changing careers and becoming bankers in Zurich, Switzerland. happy with the world of corporate finance, the brothers found the opportunities available in international terrorism far more suited to their abilities, and joined Cobra. Their specialities are in infiltration, espionage (military and industrial), sabotage, propaganda, and corporate law.

Like the Crimson Guard that they lead, Xamot and Tomax also lead the "respectable" corporate face of Cobra as the founders, owners, and CEOs of Extensive Enterprises. When not engaged in terrorism, they efficiently manage Cobra's business affairs in shirt and tie. Their preferred mode of attack is through brains over brawn, using the law to serve the purposes of Cobra. They have covered their paper trail and connection to Cobra so well, that it is thought to be impossible to prove a connection between them and the terrorist organisation.

The twin brothers are mirror images of each other; Tomax's hair is parted on the right side of his head and Xamot's on the left;, the piping on their uniforms goes up the opposite side on each twin; the brothers' names are mirror images of one another. The only distinguishing mark between the two is a scar on Xamot's right cheek. Tomax and Xamot share an empathic connection commonly known as "The Corsican Syndrome" in which identical twins are believed to be psychically bonded, in a manner similar to The Corsican Brothers. While this is often useful, as it allows them to communicate wordlessly and finish each other's sentences, it is also a liability as they feel each other's pain

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Serpent Fanatics Crimson Guard

Been quiet lately due to my mobile phone packing up and having to use an old handset with the crappiest camera ever. So have been unable to take pics or browse blogs etc as often as I normally can. 

Anyway after Zomtober finished I was left wondering what to do next. So decided rather than starting anything new it be better to have a crack at the lingering miniatures sitting in my stash it has grown quite large this year as interest has switched between projects.

So returning back to my GI Joe and Cobra Project I decided to tackle a squad and a few more characters from it.

The Crimson Guard represent several steps forward in the evolution of the Cobra Trooper. They are considered the most elite troopers of Cobra's army and possess a fearsome oath of loyalty to Cobra Commander that only few non-Siegie (phonetic for the Crimson Guard initials, C.G.) troopers can match. Aside from the standard infantry training they receive, each Crimson Guardsman is expected to specialize in a civilian profession that may be considered as mundane by most. Specifically, most of them hold degrees in law or accountancy. Upon graduating, many are sent out to the world at large, posing as doctors, lawyers, executives and even infiltrating the higher echelons of politics. More than just undercover agents, the Crimson Guard goes deeper, earning the trust of the gullible public who don't know their true loyalty...

One of the first action figures I owned as a kid back in 1985. I often used this one to drive my Cobra Ferret ATV.

First up is a squad of Crimson Guard. Pics are a bit dark so if I get chance this week I may retake pics in better lighting.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Zomtober Week 4

Final Zomtober weekend of 2018. Its been a great month of entries with some really cool minis being painted up and finished off to shamble or try and survive. Today also happens to be my birthday so I've had to scrabble around a bit this week to get my entry finished as I knew this weekend would be a busy one and hobby time limited.

Anyway for this weeks entry I've managed to get the final 3 St Searle's girls finished. I have some teachers to sort out of the lead pile and paint up. But what I have so far gives plenty of choice for a 30 or 40 rating cast.

 Misty, Bins and an unnamed Sixth Former who is a slightly converted Hasslfree figure.

The twelve girls I got finished for this Zomtober.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Burrows and Badgers Luna the Bat Mage

Another Burrows and Badgets mini finished off the paint table. Having decided to got for a black bat and painting all the St Searles with the black and greys helped this one a long at the same time.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Zomtober Week 3

Cor this week has been busy and I've really had to knuckle down and make myself spend time getting these done. Its been worth it even just getting one or two steps done at at time has allowed me to get the painting finished yesterday and then varnished/tufts etc added this morning.

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Friday, 19 October 2018

7TV Apocalypse Kickstarter

 Just a shout out that the 7TV Apocalypse Kickstarter is running currently. Its a new core box themed around the Apocalypse covering all sorts of Apocalyptic tropes and characters.

You get the core rules, new Countdown, gear and mutation decks nearly 120 character profiles and new vehicle rules and mods.

Some more information about why and what fors :)

So if your after picking up the rules this is whats in the box.

These are the casts that are currently available. More are available to be unlocked as well as come cool freebies if you have Deadset Pledges and above.

Here is whats been unlocked so far and that includes 4 free Character figures!!

 Edit Junior has been unlocked this morning after writing this blog post. Next Stretch goal are the Savages!

Helps If I put a link in!!


Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Burrows and Badgers Balthasar the Black

Finished off another Burrow and Badger mini off between St Searles girls. I'd done about 50% of this figure in the last batch of B&B minis but couldn't decide on colours for his clothing. This is the first time I've done this landschnekt type clothing. I quite enjoyed doing once I had the colours decided upon.

Anyway meet Balthasar the Black Freebooter, Sellsword and mercenary for Hire!