Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Walking Dead All Out War Negan (Mantic Points)

Final Figure from the Kickstarter set is finished. The main man of the Saviours Negan the bad guy that everyone wants to love. Just finished reading through the comics of this part of the story. Man I am loving it!

Shot with the finished Scavengers. I am so looking forward to the wave with all his goons in.

Nice feeling to have that top tray all finished at last.

The bottom tray.

The Current todo pile though there is still more in the post. Tyresse I think will be first. But planning on getting the terrain and tokens done next.

To celebrate got some learning games in with my number one gaming buddy.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Walking Dead All Out War Days Gone Bye expansion

Had a good couple of painting sessions Friday and this morning and managed to get the next 6 finished off.

These 6 are from the Day's Gone Bye expansion and are included in the KS set I bought. Comprising of Dale, Jim, Allen and his partner Donna. Two walkers finish off the set. The female cop and punk walkers. I really like the unique zombies that come in each booster and expansion.

I bought some more Walking Dead off ebay this week. Managing to get the Prelude to Woodbury, Michonne, Tyresse Prison Advisor Boosters and Ezekiel Booster.

I just have one character left from the kickstarter. The main man of the Saviours Faction Negan. I love the pose of this version of Negan the other models are nice don't get me wrong I just love this one more and is probably one of the main reason I decided to buy into the game by getting the KS Version of the set. Not only was it a cost saving on getting the boosters etc individually but I got all the Exclusives to meaning I can save the mantic points for later use.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Walking Dead All Out War Michonne (Mantic Points)

This version of Michonne was only orginally available as part of the Wave 1 Kickstarter set. Or alternatively since its release is now available to buy using your Mantic Points which come in all the boosters/expansions as well all there other plastic game sets.

I painted her up in her prison guise as that is when they first meet in the comics and Andrea kits everybody out in prison clothing.

Her face is quite tricky to pick in the photos as its over shadowed by her arms. I picked up a few more boosters this week as I approach the end of the box set. There was number of them brand new on ebay going cheap so couldn't resist it. I have added Tyresse, Maggie and Glenn Prison boosters to my collection.

I'm hoping to go to Partizan wargames show at Newark Showground on the 19th August and plan on grabbing this years show exclusive Dale Prison Advisor Booster with Zombie Rick

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Walking Dead All Out War Lori Booster

Rapidly approaching the end of the Kickstarter box now it seems have started the last eight figures after finishing the latest trio.

This time its the Lori booster finished comes with the cool half zombie that Rick first meets in the comics outside the hospital and one who he returns to and puts out of its misery before setting off to find his family.

The pack comes with of course Lori and has a guy called Craig in it. I can't place him in the timeline yet. I am re reading the comics at the moment and he hasn't popped up yet. Bit of a tricky one to pics of due to his sort of twisting pose. Really nice figure to paint he has got lots of nice details to do.

Coming up next is the KS/Mantic Points Michonne I have got her base colours done. Just need to begin the washes and highlights.

The Day's Gone Bye Expansion figures have been mounted up on bottles and I have begun the eyes and skin.

I've also got all the Supply Counters and Barricades primed up and ready for painting. At some Point I need to start the cars to.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Walking Dead All out War Walker Booster 2

More progress on the kickstarter set 6 more zombies finished off! I have gone through the website and figured out what I do and don't have. All the zombies done so far have been either from the core box set of the Walker Booster. The Roamer set I don't have so will go on the purchase list. It duplicates some I already have but I am sure they will come in handy.

I have made solid progress on the next booster as well hoping to finish that one over the weekend and maybe one of the Mantic Point/Kickstarter exclusive figures that come in the set.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Walking Dead All out War Walker Booster 1

Yep more Walking Dead All Out War finished off. This time a batch of zombies which I must admit have been rather fun to paint up. I have played about with different skin tones and using ink tone washes to colour some items just to see what they turn out like.

Again these aren't exactly what you would get in the retail boosters as I have just sort of grabbed six walkers/roamers at random.

I have the next six walkers started as I am enjoying them and hope to have them done by the weekend.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Walking Dead All Out War Shane Booster

The other half of the figures I started this week this time is the figures in the Shane Booster. Reggie (the guy who shot Rick in the first Comic) Shane and Zombie Shane.

Also touched up the Bag of Guns and Sherrif's badge and took some pics in daylight. Have spent the weekend working on 6 zombies randomly selected from those prepped and will count as the Walker Booster. Hoping to finish those this evening.