Sunday, 7 February 2016

Across the Dead Earth Crimson

Finally finished this lovely lady who has sat half done on my paint table for nearly a year now. mainly because I couldn't decide on what colours to do for her top and gun. This is my final kickstarter miniature as well from the Across the Dead Earth leaving only the recent release of the two female mercenaries Nisha and Aysha to get done and i'll of painted the entire collection of the Across the Dead Earth Range.

My entire collection of all 5 gangs plus the Merc Crimson

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Westfalia Wasteland Raider no 4

Nearly got all the Westfalia Kickstarter minis finished now. Finished off the fourth one this week. I really like this especially the scarification on his body makes him stand out more. He has lots of nice little details like the rat skulls through the chains and the feathers spread about as well.

Four down two (well one and half kind of) to go.

Getting a nice collection of raiders together

WIP of Master Blaster. Made him a hammer from a thicker than normal paperclip and a battering ram trimmed down to form the mallet shape for his head.

Did a bit more on the HF Madison mini. Ditched the chain idea after drilling a hole in the hand have decided to make a spikey barb wire wrapped club instead. Looking into adding a wristbow and some other bits I think.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Westfalia Wasteland Raider no 3

Another Post Apoc raider type finished this week. Another female to join my all female gang. Armed with a shotgun, knife and grenade. Another Westfalia Wasteland kickstarter figure. Very nice I'd like to some more figures of this type from them in future perhaps.

My four female raiders so far. I have another from Mad Puppet WIP as well as a second Furiosa started but from Hasslefree miniatures this time.

I know followers come and go but I seem to have lost quite a few this week. I was wondering if there is something folks would like to see more of?

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

NSFW: Brother Vinni Anna the Bonecrusher NSFW

 Making the decision to attend the Stourbridge Wargames club Across the Dead Earth game featured in my previous post spurred me on to get this scrapper done for my gang to take with them. I love the look of raiders especially the ones of ala Mad Max.

Anna the Bonecrusher is a sculpt by Brother Vinni one I picked up in December as a spur of the moment purchase late one night. The service was spot on as was despatched and arrived really quickly. Its made from resin and comes in three parts with the body left arm and right arm with club. Assembly was simply and clean up was minimal.

Its a cracking sculpt I really like the aggression captured in the sculpts equipment and accessories. I don't usually do fully naked figures so it wa a bit weird at first to paint someone so under dressed but I am really pleased with how she has turned out.

All my raiders so far.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Crooked Dice Action Hero

Finished the Action Hero finally and the last member of the Heroes 1 Pack is done. I hope to get some of the Crooked Dice Soldiers and do them in a similar green at some point so will have this fella to hand to use as an alternative from the Military mind archetype as a Star.

Friday night saw me visit Stourbridge Wargamers club for a mammoth 7 player game of Across the Dead Earth I was joining in part way through. It was a bloody game entering the table from one board edge and then searching the ruins for loot and entrance to an underground tunnel system leading to an unknown location. We all had secret missions mine being to take out enemy leaders and turning them over to the State for a huge reward.

I took a bunch of my raiders which did not to very well at all lol. Even on combats that I initiated they seem to bounce off other peoples gang members hurting them selves lol. I did manage to get my leader down in the underground tunnel but it took bloody 5 turns to get her onto the board.

The next game is planned for 4 weeks time so work schedule permitting I hope to pop down and join in as it was a good laugh with plenty of banter, alliances and double crossing going on.

A few pics courtesy of the host Neil

My Gang feeling the pain 3 down, 1 with a jammed gun and the leader off doing leader stuff or doing her or something!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Scatter terrain Ainsty Castings Stacked Crates

 Whilst mulling over what to do next this week I got these quickly painted up for my next game of 7TV and of course crates can be useful in any setting really. 

Looking at my terrain a lot of it is neutral or brown or weathered like my rusty industrial set. So decided to go with brighter colours to lift the table a bit more. So went for 3 in camo green and 3 in an orange colour. I shall probably pick up another set or two of these as they are inexpensive for the money really and fill out the table. Also give some cover for those long bridges.

Ainsty Castings Stacked Boxes

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Crooked Dice Lionel Version 2

I'd hoped to have my Action Hero finished for this weekend's posting but I couldn't make up my mind what colour to wash part of him with. So I ended up finishing off a different figure instead. I've paint this mini once before. Its Lionel henchmen and bodyguard to Lancelot Cray the Chairman of United Radionics.

I painted the blister set before but I really like the mini of Lionel and so have 3 copies of him lol.
 Theres just something about this pose that I really just like. So this time I went for a blonde fella for the 2nd version. Who knows what I will do with the 3rd copy maybe a head swap will be required.

Found a decent pic of version 1