Thursday, 3 December 2020

Otherworld Dwarf Fighter

Another Dwarf Fighter finished off the paint pile. He has sat half done for ages. I painted this guy a good few years back but after a few months noticed the varnish clouding a lot of the paint job on him and the fully armoured dwarf fighter below. Its really hard to paint the same figure twice. Its very similar in scheme again.


All of my Dwarf ,Gnome and Halfling adventurers. 

All my Otherworld Dwarves the fighter on the left also ended up with issues from the varnish

Friday, 20 November 2020

Crooked Dice Goblin Missile Troops

Happy weekend folks. Got the last of my goblins I own finished this week. The Misslie armed goblins come equipped with bows and slings. I just have two packs to pick up from Crooked Dice and this will complete my colletion of all the infantry. I do need to get some Wolfriders as well at some point.

It seems Otherworld replaced these with new sculpts they are kind of cool but also kind of expensive. I may get some in the future but there is a lot from CD I want. Ogre's and Orcs being high up on that list.

The playtesting of 7TV Fantasy is really cool and I am really enjoying it. Looking forward to its release next year very much so.

All my Goblins so far. With a King and Shaman


Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Hasslefree Dwarf Lord Kain

Well November is here doesn't time fly! Been doing some playtesting for 7TV Fantasy that comes out next year. Exciting times ahead there is tons and tons of cool profiles and I am liking the magic rules that have been added to the system. Anyway wanting to try out more profiles has got me digging stuff out and getting it painted so I can use them and is first of the production line is my to be named Dwarven Lord (Kain on the website) by Hasslefree miniatures. Lots of details on this one he has sat half done on the workbench for a long time so just got him finished off quite quickly.

Various Hasslefree adventurers including an Elf.

Friday, 16 October 2020

Crooked Dice Goblin King and Wizard

 To tell the honest truth I have had these half painted for ages and recently I have been involved with play testing the 7TV Fantasy rules. so suitably inspired and digging around for models I found these and got them finished off so I can play with nice painted toys. Originally they were all from Otherworld but they have been sold on to Crooked Dice and have just been rereleased via kickstarter. 

These others I finished a good while ago and its nice that they all still match. Next up is some missile armed goblins.

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Action Force Quarrel (Alpha Squad)

 Hi everyone. Not been hobbying much of late just not had to much inclination. I have found not being able to play games or goto events a bit of a drag. I have done some a bit here and there and a while back I finished this lovely lady for my Gi Joe/Action Force Project.

Quarrel is the sort of Action Force equivalent of the Joe's Scarlett character. In fact its pretty much the same toy just in different colourings. I didn't want to get another copy of the figure I used for Scarlett so had a look through the bits box and found some appropriate pieces. The weaponry is different but to mit doesn't matter to much as Quarrel is better known for riding the rapid fire motorcycle than anything else.

The figure body itself is a Hasslefree miniatures whose head I had removed to use for my New Avengers Purdey conversion. Not wanting to waste it I added a spare head from Statuesque miniatures and painted it an appropriate scheme. I have some other infantry which I have started putting the basecoat colours on. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Alpha Squad Torpedo

Was hoping to if been posting up some new miniatures that arrived from Kitbash Games kickstarter but unfortunately my Army Painter Spray primer left them all with a terrible texture to the surface so having to strip the whole batch.

Instead od doing nothing I  have grabbed a few figures that were primed using my humbrol primer lingering in the paint pile. I've been playing Fortnite lately on the PS4 and got inspired to painted a diver as its very water orientated this season. So selected one of my Joes who I planned to use as Torpedo. I kind of of kept the original colours but paid homage to one of my fave skins the Tactical Jonesy by adding in some light blue camo to the scheme.

Torpedo with Recondo, Shipwreck and Tunnel Rat.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Crooked Dice Female Agent

Painted this one up as a break in between doing all the green etc on the ghouls. This figure is from Crooked Dice it came as part of the Science Cast set in Apocalypse but now comes as a pair in the set. They are based on the two main characters in the Omega Man but I plan to use her as a secret agent character for spy fi.

Originally I went for a light brown afro but it clashed with the purple clothing so I repainted it black.

The first version.