Friday, 11 August 2017

Serpent Fantatic Firefly

Camping was awesome and we had good weather. Back to home and getting back into the normal routine booo.

Anyway myself and Pulp Citizen played our first two games of Squad Wars this week by Kitbash Games (click the name for the blog or (Link to Facebook page) written by the talented Pulp Citizen himself. It was to be our first outing of the rules and all the Gi Joe and Cobra figures we've been working on hitting the tabletop.

Squad Wars is a modern set ruleset designed to act out pulp, movie type skirmish games aimed at being fun and yet still be a good tactical simulation. The game itself is set around a few types of character broken down as follows. Operators (your main characters), Solo's (infiltrator/assassin types), Grunts (your standard soldier).

They can be grouped how you like so you can mix/make up squads of grunts (made up of riflemen or support types RPGs, GPMG's, medics, officers) whom can  also be led by Operators. Operators can be formed into mixed squads with different skills buffing everyone.  Solo's are stand alone specialists assassins etc.

It alternates play between players activating a single unit at a time or sometimes more but at a cost in Moxie (Action Points). It plays quite fast and after some tweaks we shall be upping the game to larger scales. to see how it handles. Anyway more on that later as we shall do some battle reports.

In my previous post you saw my Serpent Fanatic Infantry which was a good start for Cobra but what was needed was some leaders and characters. Pulp Citizen has already done Destro and Major Bludd  who are both leader types but what was need was someone with a bit of offensive capabilities. My next lot of figures arrived whilst camping so diving into the bag I spotted Firefly and thinking what a perfect addition and also a simple scheme minimal paint scheme.

So Monday morning I set to getting him started and hopefully finished for Wednesday nights game. I pretty much stuck to the colours of the Comics with the weapons and grenades and other gear picked out in different colours just to make them stand out a bit more. I also had a play with my decals on his shoulder patch not having used any for years. They are small but were simple enough to use.

Pulp Citizen's awesome 4x4 ft table prepared for our games of Squad Wars

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Serpent Fanatics Squads

Managed to get these finished Thursday evening and Varnished Friday morning. So we now have some force for the Alpha Squad to vanquish gloriously. I managed to take some snaps before leaving Saturday and am writing this post whilst I am currently camping down in South Wales lol.

This sizeable chunk boosts my tally for the year so far upto 65 finished figures I was lagging quite badly up until the Beat cast for the 7TV day and these.

There are three sets here. Command and Support and two sets of riflemen. They all have separate heads. So the Riflemen have different facings.
 Squad leaders with red face masks, Medic in the rear and two RPG's

 Two sets of Riflemen fanatics with M16s. There is a set with AK47's which I haven't got but having read the comics may pick up some and do as Serpent Paratroopers. With some back packs added.
 All my Serpent forces so far. We can now get some games in as Pulp Citizen has done some Serpent Characters. You'll notice that Professor Beattie has sneaked in. I Painted him years ago for zombie gaming but he makes a perfect stand in for Dr Venom so joins the Serpent ranks.

 Squad A
 Squad B
Dr Venom

I am still having camera issues. I may end up having to source my own phone. My old camera is great for photos on holiday but pants for taking figures of photos I can't get the settings correct for it now.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Alpha Squad Chuckles

Works still progresses on the Cobra Production line just two stages away from completing them all. During breaks to combat the repetitiveness of them all I have been working away on a conversion of the GI Joe Chuckles.

IDW Version

I was never a fan of Chuckles as a kid his loud shirt seemed just out of place compared to the other Joes and I wasn't keen on his chest rig that Hasbro added. Fast forward 30 years later and reading the IDW Comics and Chuckles is a bad ass. Chuckles basically goes deep cover into the Cobra organisation through Tomax and Xamot (the crimson twins) crime network. Without having spoilers it is a really awesome story line. So I just had to have a crack at converting him.

The base model is a Hasslefree figure called Donnie. The hairstyle varies a lot so didn't need to adjust this at all. I adjusted the angle of his hand and arm holding the pistol slightly to make more room for the knife/machete. The straps are made from paper fold in half cut into strips and then coated in superglue. The Pistol holster is just shaped putty. The rest is just paintwork.  

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Alpha Squad Dusty

Dusty is another firm favourite. I always wanted the action figure as kid but never got him. I considered trying to convert him to carry the Famas that the action figure comes with but I would had to of purchased some modern French and done some serious chopping to get a decent looking one. So decided to stick with M16 he comes with :)

Tried to keep him as close to the comic artwork as I could. This is my tenth Joe and finish's off the first two packs.

Next up I am working on my Cobra Infantry these are taking a bit longer as I have 15 to do. I am painting them all in one batch and they are all now basecoated and shading washes as I write this post. Next up lots of highlighting!

Dusty is the fifth and final member of this set.
All my Joes so far.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Alpha Squad Rock n Roll

Another member finished off this time Rock N Roll. I never had this him as a child I am enjoying his character in the comics I am reading at the moment though he is quite a prominent member in the earlier issues.

Very similar uniform to standard greenshirts again I did the same on his LMG as I did on Road Block

Friday, 14 July 2017

Alpha Squad Roadblock

Roadblock is an Infantry heavy weapon specialist. Love the character from the movie back in the 80's one of the many Joes I always wanted but never got. I pretty much followed the card art but did a bit more metal on his gun as it I don't think it all being green would of suited him.

Completes this set. 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Alpha Squad Shipwreck

As you can tell by the banner change I am returning all guns blazing back to a project I started last year Alpha Squad (Click the name for last years post) Essential a project based on GI Joe the figures are spare castings from a privately commissioned collection. They're lovely sculpts and I have been very lucky to be able to add some to my own collection.

Shipwreck has been nearly done for a long time with little bits being done between other stuff. I have a soft spot for Shipwreck certainly one of the more out of place Joes however he features alot in the cartoons. Also he was one of the first Action figures I ever owned so has that deep nostalgia value.

I had to mix up a light blue for his shirt but have since picked up some Sky blue from Vallejo as I have a couple more characters that require the same colour and would prefer them to be more consistent colour wise.