Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hobby Update

Wow my bad! It has been a while since the last post. Apologies its been manic over here. Hobby wise plenty has been going on. Last week on Thursday I went over to the guys behind Across the Dead Earth's house and playtested a game of there forth coming new game The Shattered Crown  its turning out to be quite a fun game. I also have been given a set of the first castings! So I have a unit of 12 Hellesburne Swordsmen that have been primed and the beginnings of base coat.

Also last week I have acquired a set of the Mantic Ruined Village to have a play with. Orginally it was released with the Mars Attacks game but they have recently released several different sets of just the terrain. Its simple to put together and if you have the bigger sets you can build quite intricate structures with it. I only have the small set so opted to go with single story ruins.

Its needs painting I think some of the bigger pieces I may base just for sturdiness. There are a couple of rubble piles that come in two halves I haven't glued these yet as I may use the halves and glue them against the larger panels. As you can see in the first pic it can cover quite a chunk of table the mat is 27cm by 42cm. I think it looks quite cool as a ruined office block, You also get a bag of fences, bins and things like hanging baskets that you can add to them.

Tuesday night this week myself and Pulp Citizen played a fun game of 7TV with the good gentleman beating me soundly 2-1 on victory points only a last minute card saved it from being a 3-1 More game shall certainly be on the cards as it was quite comical. Our next game we have planned will be the Batman miniatures game. So work shall be proceeding to get the rest of my Penguin Crew finished off again I've done some bits this week another henchmen is nearly finished and the Penguin and a Titan thug are well on the way.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Across the Dead Earth Engineers Guild F.E.S

Had another good painting session on Wednesday evening and got the final two members of the Engineers Guild Forward Expeditionary Squad completed. Well in time for Saturday. I feel I rushed these a little and already have seen some bits I may tweak later. This brings the total number of gangs that I've painted for Across the Dead Earth upto 5! The only miniature I have left to paint from the whole range so far is the Ltd Edition Crimson!

A shout out for another mate.

ABZ Games are going to be at Carronade in Falkirk tomorrow and are going to be selling all the ATDE gangs for only £10!!!

Sculpted by the masterful Ian Mountain and I feel very closely done to there concept art.
Anyway without Further ado here they are.

Barnabus the gangs leader.

Watt the medic (my favourite out the set I think)

Trick the gangs Scout.


Chinny the Sharpshooter

Daisy the gangs heavy

Couple of group shots of the whole gang.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

This weeks goings on at Brummie Towers.

Bit of a filler post mid week. I have been furiously playing catch up this week with last one being a big fat zero for hobby time. The Across the Dead Earth painting competition is looming with this Saturday being the final deadline. Its in two parts single miniature from the recently released two gangs Sisters of Acquisition and the Engineers Forward Expeditionary Squads (F.E.S). The other entry is a complete gang from across the range so far.

Well seeing as I have most of the range painted already all I have left really is the Engineers to paint up and Crimson (KS Exclusive mini) I have managed to get 3 out of the 5 Engineers done. With the other 2 closely following them. I'll post pics Sunday as a group and with more individual shots as they have some really lovely details.

I have got a game planned for next with the good gentlemen Pulp Citizen  its to be a game of 7TV so I shall be doing some prep work over the weekend and creating some balanced casts (well I hope they are at any rate)

Also on the Nexus miniatures front Doctor Warlock has set up a blog for all the background material he's written its full of lots of great stories if your interested go and have a read through there rather good. Theres also a sneak peek of some of the next set of releases and there are some fab looking minis your Uncle would like.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Killer B Games TNT Thompson

Well I've got to say this week has been Feckin terrible. The lovely lady Brummie's car broke down on Monday morning. Once a mechanic looked at it the cambelt had gone so £500/600 to fix the car is now scrap metal as its more to fix it than the cars worth. What is more annoying is we shelled £150 to get it through its M.O.T 3 weeks prior ffs! So piggy banks and savings emptied and new car acquired (well new to us anyway) on Wednesday after spending most the week trawling all the car sales sites and used car forecourts. So thinking great! things can calm down a bit my own company car a Vauxhall Insignia broke down on the motorway Thursday lunch time and has been in the garage since! Feckin Cars!!!!!!!

Anyway rant over finished off a few bits and bobs here and there over the week. Another Killer B Games Geezers Royale sculpt this time TNT Thompson. I think he makes a good commando leader or action hero type. There are rumours of more troops similar to him but with wool caps rather than the balaclavas on the way from Killer B Games. I think he would make a good terrorist as well. I can't help but think he looks a little like Beachhead from G.I Joe in appearance.

The camo is based on the 80s DPM colours but not so much the pattern. Painting wise I've done very little this week. I did get a single Banished Knight for the Relics game finished though he needs varnishing before I can add all the tufts and other foliage to the base.

So TFIF! Have a good weekend folks Brummie out!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Pulp City Dr Mercury

After playing my first game of Pulp City a few weeks back I got spurred on to starting up my first few heroes to game with. Sorting through what figures I have in my collection I have seem to have a fair few members from the Heavy Metal faction.

Dr Mercury, Iron Train, Lady Cyburn and Nuclear Jones to name them. I have no idea how well they would work together yet as the new cards haven't been released. I will probably get a few more characters to flesh out the group and give me some more playing options. I think Nuclear Jones shall be next on the list to be painted.

I hadn't really browsed the Pulp City site much apart from the store. But I was searching for some pics the other day for reference material and there is a wealth of awesome background for the characters and denizens of Pulp City Dr Mercury's background is pretty awesome in itself and it inspired me to paint him up first. Click Me to Read More.. If you interested in any of the characters or faction have a click of the tags on the site there are some fantastic tales.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Knight Models Penguin Crew Part one.

Thoroughly enjoying all the Salute posts today :) Some fabulous looking games and models coming out.

Hobbywise this week I played a playtest game on Friday night. I can't mention publicly much about it yet. Thoroughly enjoyed it some bits could do with being a bit more clearer to understand which has been mentioned but more on this later in the year when allowed to talk about it more.

Painting wise done a few bits here and there on various figures. Completed wise I got the first two members of a Penguin Crew for Knight models Batman game. Its only a small crew at the moment being the basic Penguin set with the addition of a Titan Thug to boost it to around 200 rep. I've not tried the game but I've read plenty of game reports and its another game I can play with the good gentlemen Pulp Citizen.

The first two finished are a couple of henchmen The Royal Penguin (Assault rifle)  and Blue Penguin (Shield). I have got to smooth down some putty work on a couple of the other characters then I can begin the painting on them also. The figures scale is 35mm which I've had a bit of difficulty painting mainly as even though they are slightly taller there features such as hands and faces are a lot finer.

Always been a fan of the penguin character in tv series and cartoon series characters.  I so wish they would do a Devito version but sadly I think there are IP issues with those movies characters. There are a ton of henchmen options for this crew. Which I hope to add to later in the year :)