Sunday, 14 September 2014

Nexus Miniatures. British Agents and Freaks of Nature Operatives Review

Postman arrived yesterday with my order from Nexus Miniatures. The First two British Agents and both Freak of Nature Operatives. Ordered Thursday night and received on Saturday great service. The figures came in a sturdy box wrapped in bubble wrap in there own individual bags. Included with each miniatures is a 30mm lipped base.

They are all amazing looking sculpts the British Agents are my favourites from the first release with my love of spies but the F.O.N Agents are also just so nicely done I really can't wait to get stuck into them all.

First up the two British Agents. I really like the style of Ian Mountains sculpting and these will fit in well with the rest of my collection. The guy in the Tuxedo suit is armed with automatic pistol and can be used for many genre's. He'll be extremely useful I can think of a few head swaps already as well as different paint schemes! The guy in the roll neck shirt is armed with a very nice looking revolver and the shoulder holster just screams 60s/70s spy from the movies/tv series of that era. It is by far my favourite from the range so far and possibly my favourite from my whole collection of spies and agents I already own. I have been after a figure dressed like this for a long time. There are figures like him but they aren't to the same quality as this one. I want to do a version of one with a silenced pistol and again I have several heads I want to swap onto him. Will have to wait until he comes out in metal for that though. I'm on the hunt for pistols like those used in the man from U.N.C.L.E as I think both of these with a little bit of work will make great versions of Napolean and Kuryakin.

The Two F.O.N Operatives both come with there heads on a tab and I bought the Bonus pack which comes with the alt head sprue. I'm not sure which I'm going to be using yet. I shall have to pick up some more of these to use the alt heads on at some point. I think the jump suited nature of these guys gives a lot of choice for conversions with simple head swaps and different paint schemes I can think of a ton of different figures that can be created with these two and a couple more (One female) are planned so even more potential. Dammit why aren't they out in metal already! I already want a team of extra ordinary agents for 7TV all with special genetic powers.

The Bonus head sprue I think I shall have to just order another set of figures I think.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Sentinel from the Nightfolk Range

Second from figure from Set 1 is finished this guy is called the Sentinel he very much to me has a labyrinth look about him. I love all the little details such as the rivets and the hastily patched armour. All the figures in the range have these little extras.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Warlock from the Nightfolk Range

Definitely got the bug to paint some Fantasy stuff. Having a mooch through the paint queue to see what to paint next and decided to grab these guys out and give them some brush love. Quite a quirky fantasy range chunkier miniatures than what i'm used but they have such lovely character and for my intended use of a Labyrinth theme project the fit in perfect. There has been many releases since I picked these up over a month ago some awesome looking knights and some more quirky characters.

The Warlock was a real joy to paint lots of nice details such as the feathers and the fur rimmed cloak as well as the gnarled staff all have such tremendous detail. The Bird is even greater I really didn't know how to do it so have made up my own breed and colour scheme which I'll just call a Fae Hawk :)

I'm planning on going to the Derby World Wargames Show on the 4th and 5th October and will be picking up some more from this range as the Northumbrian Tin Soldier will have his stall there. Anybody planning on going? I'll be going on the Saturday most likely.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Jesters IAO Squad Squint the Medic

The fifth and final member. The eyes weren't quite right I've corrected them as best as I could do. So want to move on to other miniatures Ironic I should mess up the one figure that is named after me......

This nearly completes all the miniature released to date for Across the Dead Earth and gives me three gangs to have a play with besides my other post apocalypse and zombie survivors which can be used. All thats left is Crimson the hired mercenary and to paint the new version of Skylar

The Night Folk from Northumbrian Tin Soldier have now slid down the paint queue so these will be getting my attention over the next few weeks. One of which I've got finished and will be making an appearance on Sunday's blog post. Anyway here is Squint!

Squint is an exceptionally talented and intelligent young Dr. who uniquely amongst the Choobies of New Venice’s underground, descendants of the legendary Seven Sisters – those who remained hidden underneath the war torn world for decades - saw the opportunity for learning, and was spotted by State officials, soon graduating from his scholarship as a Dr. Being so low born, though, Squint could command no respect amongst the strictly hierarchical families of New Venice and the State, and so joined an IAO squad to become a man of rank. Squint is focused and single minded, knowing that to obey orders is to raise his status in this world.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Jesters IAO Squad Yoshi the assault Specialist.

This is the fourth member of the squad finished off originally he was going to be a heavy with a light machine gun but with all the other gear that this gang/squad carry it was deemed over powered so Yoshi was turned into an assault specialist instead. Went for an almost Delta force look but changed some of the colours to represent the mixed uniforms that the state use. I'm quite pleased with how he turned out.

I plan on picking up a second set of the State just to convert with a head or weapon swap here or there. Squint I've noticed a few painting errors so will attempt to fix them before posting him Ironic that the one I screw up is the one that is named after me...........

Yoshi is on a one man war to rid the F-UK of Gangs and bandits, having witnessed the death of his close family in a Gang raid as a youth. The State protected and raised Yoshi, instilling in him and almost religious fervour and hatred for the Trade Guild, non-aligned towns and most of all, the Savages. Yoshi also despises the Inquisition, seeing them as questioning the might and authority of the Head of State.

Now a family man himself, Yoshi would stop at nothing to defend New Venice, seeing it as his home and castle, and the world which protects both he and his family.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Jesters IAO Squad Siwoc the Scout

Its been a busy but enjoyable break from work. Back to the grindstone tomorrow and back to school runs etc etc! Been to loads of places this week with the family visited the Think Tank science museum in the centre of Birmingham and a great time was had by all of us. Another day out was to wonderful Stourport by the river a lovely walk, played with the kids on there excellent park then a fish and chip supper by the river!

Anyway have managed to get all of The State Gang completed though I've only managed to take photo's of SIWOC the Scout from Jesters IAO squad. THe bloody camera has died so that is now on charging before I can take pics of the other two and get some of the completed gang.

This has been one of my favourites from concept to the sculpt from the get go I really love this figure.


Siwoc picked up his name from an off-hand utterance which became a catchphrase in his first squad (“Situation is…world of chaos!”) Assigned to Jester due to his hatred of the Gang lifestyle and way of life, Siwoc wishes to bring
order to the chaos around him. Precise, quick witted and showing an amazing alertness to tactical opportunities, Siwoc makes for the perfect eyes and ears in the squad.

I only have Crimson and the proper release miniature of Skylar to paint and then I will have painted the whole set of currently available Across The Dead Earth miniatures! Woot Woot. I have plenty of figures to convert though and I've seen some top secret concepts and other pics of some of the upcoming gangs and I can say I'm really quite excited about what is going to be coming out so stay tuned for more info soon.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Studio Miniatures Kickstarter

Some more pics this week appeared on the Studio Miniatures facebook page.

Scheduled to start on September 14th

Here's the official release info from facebook.


Three weeks today (Sunday 14th September) will see the launch of our Kickstarter campaign...Z-Clipz : Outbreak

The initial campaign target will be to release eight new miniatures, these will be four survivors and zombie versions of the same survivors. We have kept the initial target a low as possible to allow us to achieve the target and add Stretch Goal items on to the campaign. The campaign will run for 28 days!

We will be making them available in two pledge levels:

Gamer - white metal versions of the miniatures
Collector - resin versions of the miniatures

Each pledge level will also contain a ninth miniature, this Exclusive miniature will ONLY be available during the campaign and will never be released to the general public. There will also be a third pledge level allowing someone to be immortalised forever as either a zombie or survivor.

If we hit our funding target then we will start to add Stretch Goals, these will include more zombie miniatures, more survivor miniatures, downloadable colour artwork, resin and 3D printed terrain items, flat pack modular buildings, terrain tiles/boards and maybe even another set of multi-part plastic zombies. These Stretch Goals will be a mix of Freebies and Add-Ons.