Thursday, 20 September 2018

Pirates of the Undead Sea's Kickstarter

Just a heads up on this one. The guys over at Dead Earth Games are running a kickstarter to get some Fantasy themed pirates produced.

At the moment it is for 5 Dwarves, an Elf and an Orc with a free Dwarf cook if you pledge at the £25 level for one of each. There are few other pledge levels either all the Dwarves or one where you can purchase individual figures.

As part of the kickstarter you will get access to to the beta rules for their upcoming game for it. The game itself is race free so you can mix up your crews as you please having Dwarves alongside Elves and Orcs is fine.

At the moment the models are printed and this kickstarter is to get masters done and moulds produced for the figures shown below.

Dwarf with Blunderbuss

Dwarf with Pistol and Sword

Female Dwarf with pistols

Dwarf with Pistol and Sword

Elven Pirate with swords

Orc pirate with pistol and sword

Dwarf Cook which you get as a freebie for buying the complete set.


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Alpha Squad Covergirl

Taking a break from the Children of the Fields project I managed to finish off a partially started figure on the paint bench during this weeks morning paint sessions. Its the Gi Joe codename Covergirl.

Scarlett, Covergirl and Lady Jaye.

I went for the sunbow cartoon colour scheme. This character has had several versions mine, a red head with a tan sort of fatigues and brown jacket and then a later version with blonde hair but the same outfit as the second one. The redhead version is probably the most common one however I feel it looks far to like Scarlett and suspect that was why she went back to being blonde later on.

Still need to decide what to take on Saturday for the 7TV day. 30 ratings is not a lot really and will have to make some tough decisions on what I want to take out of all that I have painted. I will try and get as many pics as I can of the day and post them up next week.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Crooked Dice Children of the Fields Strawman

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and fun this guy was to paint as I only got him primed on like Tuesday afternoon. I primed him with Humbrol Sea Grey Acryllic spray. I then basecoated him all over with Steel Legion Drab. A heavy wash of Army Painter Strong tone then followed. The base was painted Gorthor Brown and again a wash of Strong tone.

Once dry several layers of drybrushing was done. First the original Steel Legion Drab, Then Tau Ochre, Then a little bit of bronzed flesh on the upper parts. Various runes were then picked out in Ushabati bone and then I picked out varios logs in Oak Brown and applied a few select dark tone and strong tone washes to other wood sections.

The base was given a drybrush of baneblade brown and then the paved areas a wash of dark tone

Whats been on my mind a lot was whether to do eyes or not and in the end I decided to have a stab at glowing green eyes which adds a spot more colour and also ties him in with my cultists and other characters.

Thats it currently I will have to come back to the villagers after the event. Next week is going to be crazy busy with open evenings, meetings at work and all the usual hubbub of life. Looking forward to next Saturday though :)

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Crooked Dice Cultists and Sinister Mystic

A few early and late night painting sessions at the start of the week has enabled me to get all the cultists done for my Children of the Fields Cast. The four hooded types are Crooked Dice as is the Sinister Mystic in the centre who comes from Villains 1 pack.

The four bearded fellows with various vintage firearms are by Westwind in their Empire of the Dead Brotherhood range. I had these left over after selling on most of my collection lurking in a box I found. Seeing the variety of older weapons I thought the would fit in with the background for Winterly being isolated and behind the times.

The Villagers sadly are going to have to wait I think now as one nights this  week and two next week are being taken up with High School open evenings that we need to go to. My eldest Daughter Carmen has got to decide which one she will goto  next year when she finishes Year 6. Crikey that has gone way to quick!!

 I am glad to get these done but am fed up of painting green for a bit!

The sinister mystic

 Brotherhood with guns. Love the Blunderbuss and Volleygun armed ones.
The faces on these where really nice to paint. the hair surrounding the faces on some are a nice touch if a little bit tricky to paint.

The Whole cast so far. Up next I am going to try and tackle the Strawman he as been primed, basecoated and just been drowned in AP Strong tone once thoroughly dried lots of drybrushing is to be done.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Crooked Dice Lady Winterly, Corndolls and Murder of Crows

Well this week has been quite a productive one hobby wise. I have continued with getting up early and doing a bit of hobby before the household awakens. A few evenings of painting has let me get a considerable chunk done.

 The four corndolls that came as part of my Kickstarter pledge. With the Classic Lady Winterly which is now over at Beast in the Broch.

 I do plan to pick up the new Crooked Dice version especially the mounted version of Lady Winterly. Then I will demote this model to either a Goodewife, Cultist Leader or similar character.

 The Crows (Murder of Crows in the game) were rather speedy to paint to be honest. Black base, Drybrush ultramarine blue, then two dark tone washes and then just pick put claws, beaks and dotted in red eyes. They accompany the Crow king nicely as he comes with one for free as part of his cost.

The next group of WIP figures are the cultists and the Sinister Mystic model who will most likely be used as a Cultist leader in this cast.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Crooked Dice Crow King and Mast Beasts

Apologies for no posts for a few weeks had a lovely time down Devon last week on our jollies. Didn't get chance to post these before the Bank Holiday weekend with going away as last minute packing and a busy week of work meant I ran out of time. As you recall in my last post I went to The Other Partizan in Newark and collected my Children of the Fields Kickstarter from Crooked Dice whilst I was there.

Having hada good read of the book and having a 7TV Day coming up on 22nd September at Board in Brum in Walsall. I decided what better time than to get cracking on some of the Kickstarter figures.

One of my favourite miniatures of the new range is the Crow King and the mast beasts and having similar schemes painted up quite quickly together.

Mister Mangel and the Corndolls primed and ready to go.

All assembled I pinned my Strawman together and he awaiting a resin base to arrive.

Raiding my Wargames Factory sprues a left handed pistol and bible swap things around with two of these villagers.

Hand swap for revolver equipped appendage

I added a rifle to this one. I quite like the look and may get a third pack of Villagers to add weapons to and use as my Children of the Field Cultists.

I already had these in the leadpile. Though I want to add the female cultists from Crooked Dice later on. I found some Brotherhood minis I had left over from Empire of the Dead and they will make great cultists with a unifying paint scheme.

All based the crows have carefully removed from there sprues and holes and wore added. Once the bases are dry I will drill and glue the crows in place.