Saturday, 9 December 2017

The Three Lions (Version 2)

Bit of a random figure finished this week. I have picked up many bits for a number of Alpha Squad conversions. Some needing that perfect bit still. Now this is not about the conversion I'd intended but a happy accident in the process of removing the head from the body I needed. The figure I was converting was Widow from Hasslefree miniatures I'd intended to add a new head to the body to create the miniature I needed.

However the head came off in great condition. Then it struck me years ago I had done a New Avengers cast. Steed and Gambit were easily done but I couldn't find the proper bits to do me a Purdey conversion (Joanna Lumley) her hair is such a unique style in the reinvented TV series that you just don't come across models with that style of hair. Widow's hair style was perfect! I just need a a new body for this head.

 I had a rummage in my lead pile going through various Copplestone, Artizan and Crooked Dice figures I had spare but sadly many were to large in features for the more delicately sculpted Hasslefree head.  Then I remembered I had stripped one of my Classic Pandora King minis (lol I had 3). A removal of the head was simple enough. However I paid a blood price on this one (So you know the conversion is a good one!). Once a Plaster was applied to stop the bleeding all that need doing was just a bit of trimming and reshaping the remains of the neck into like a collar of sorts. Drilled and pinned the new head and job done.

Paint scheme was trickier I didn't fancy doing black on the body suit as its always trickier on these sort of clothing to get it looking right. So I spotted another outfit in a dark blue. So I decided to follow that line of thinking. I added some red on the belt and some white piping to get the Union Jack colours squeezed in. I am quite pleased with how it turned out though my photo skills are lacking this week with such poor lighting outside and my shoddy camera phone.

Rewatching some episides of The New Avengers I think the pose of Pandora is pretty perfect now.

Left to Right Mike Gambit (Copplestone agent with Crooked Dice minion head,) John Steed (Crooked Dice Flamboyant Agent) and of course Purdey (Crooked Dice Pandora King Classic and Hasslefree Widow).

I am quite pleased with results and think they look quite good.

More on the Alpha Squad conversion another time as I have got some putty work to do on that one. 

Monday, 4 December 2017

Alpha Squad Jinx, Sandstorm and Freedom.

Well the funk is over kind of I ended up having some time off work due to a persistent lurking cold turning into something proper. Silver lining allowing me to get some painting done this week in between feeling achy and shivery lol!

So first up is a Ninja for the Alpha Squad Project. Again one I never really had as a kid but was in the GI Joe movie which I watched far to often. The female ninja known as Jinx. More recently she was in the second Gi Joe movie Retaliation. Jinx is from the same ninja clan as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow and from memory is a blood relative (cousin) of Storm Shadow.

Next up is a pair of animal companions something that they often released with the various Action Figures was some sort of animal sidekick. The more famous ones being Timber (Snake Eyes) and Polly (Shipwreck).  These have been lurking around the paint table for a while now. They are Reaper Bones figures from the Familiar Pack 1 its a funny material. I cleaned them up ok and spray primed them without issue but couldn't get in the mood to paint them.

I picked this set up mainly for the Hawk to use as Freedom (Spirits Companion) yes I know he is meant to be an Eagle but I was unable to find a suitable eagle sized model and this looks the part really. Also in the set was a fox which I thought would double up as a Coyote whom I could use to represent Sandstorm who accompanied the later versions of the Desert Trooper Dusty.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Walking Dead AoW Leon and Derek

Really had to pull my finger out this weekend to get something finished this week. Have been in a right funk unable to focus on anything or have the urge to paint. Fortunately these two were worked on alongside Sandra and Patrick so didn't need a lot to get them finished.

It frees up a bit of space on the paint table and as its payday next week I can pick up some much need hobby essentials as I am out of Spray Primer, Varnish and could do with a new brush.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Hasslefree Luna

Yeah umm got  a bit distracted from painting Walking Dead stuff this week.... A little birdie has been whispering to me about Dungeons Dwarves and Elves. So feeling in the mood for some Fantasy painting I went and dug through my work bench and dug out Luna from Hasslefree miniatures to paint. Luna has been on and off the table for a while. I had base coated the flesh and eyes then procrastinated over what colours to do the clothing in.

Eventually deciding to go for Grey and a cold looking blue I soon got the figure painted. Hasslefree has some very nice Elf models I shall certainly be picking up a couple more to accompany this lovely lady.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Walking Dead AoW Sandra and Patrick

Production slowed down the last few weeks have been mega busy and had some sort of lurgy which has just left me feeling way too tired at night to sit and paint for much time. Can't seem to shake it but managed to get concentrate on a couple of miniatures and get a few more Walking Dead figures done. Some more survivors finished this time round a 'Runner' Sandra and Patrick a 'Bruiser' class character.

Derek and Leon are not far off completion and provided I don't get distracted should be ready in another session or so.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Zomtober Week 5. The end!

Only managed to get 3 survivors finished from the Walking Dead All Out War game this week. Have been busy painting......the kitchen LOL. So yeah not had much time this week as the other half is hosting a Jewellry party for a friend which originally was meant to be the week after but has been brought forward a week..

I did get the next 8 cleaned, based and primed. In the end I decided the textured GW paint was to expensive and use my normal Milliput method of basing. I have ran out of varnish so when I get some will be adding a bit of flock and some tufts to add a bit of greenery.

I decided to go for a brown bases being as most of the Walking Dead is set in rural areas and will fit in on my own post apoc board. I have some barricades done already and a few cars. I plan to pick up some tents from Renedra and have got some trees I need to base up as I prefer 3D terrain over the card stuff provided in the game. Mats i'm still not sure on yet. I need to put my thinking cap on about them. I'd love my own boards but then its always vs Time to so!

Sophia and Carol

Abraham currently the only version and was a Kickstarter exclusive but is currently available for Mantic Points.

These guys again but based, I have dirtied them up a bit and much happier with them now.

Whats next well more Walking Dead All out War figures. There are a lot more Survivors in the next row I am doing. We have Rick and Carl. Derek, Patrick and Sandra some Survivors from Woodbury or raiders I think that Rick and Co cross in the comics.  A guy called Leon who I am trailing back through the comics to find and 2 more zombies. So another 8 in total. I am hoping to have as many as I can finished by Christmas.

Thanks to all who participated this year there has been some awesome efforts by many of you all. Well done!

Fantorical - Blaxkleric
Saturday Mornings - Ivor Evans
28mm Victorian Warfare - Michael Awdry
Miniature Mayhem - Terry Silverthorn
Cheaphammer!!! - Kieron
Lead Reckoning - Fred Jackson
Never Mind The Jankers - Roy Williamson
The Wargaming Addict - Wargaming Addict

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Zomtober Week 4 Zombies at last!

Didn't all go to plan this week, Had hope to get Abraham, Sophia and Carol finished also but not got them to a point where I am happy just yet. The bases aren't finished on these yet I am planning on getting some the GW Texture paints and having a play but it will have to wait until payday. Eventually the bases will have some sort of texture with grass and tufts added. The base rims will probably be done in black.

The game is pretty cool I am enjoying it a lot. I've also been catching up with the comics to the point where I am upto date with the tv series. (Well nearly just meeting Ezekiel in the comics).  Its nice to see how spot on the likenesses are to some of the characters visually as well as the events unfolding/tweaked between the two.

I think moving forward from Zomtober going to try and get a survivor and two zombies a week done time being available. Hopefully I well get the 3 Survivors done and get some others started for next weeks final post.

Fantorical - Blaxkleric
Saturday Mornings - Ivor Evans
28mm Victorian Warfare - Michael Awdry
Miniature Mayhem - Terry Silverthorn
Cheaphammer!!! - Kieron
Lead Reckoning - Fred Jackson
Never Mind The Jankers - Roy Williamson
The Wargaming Addict - Wargaming Addict