Friday, 15 June 2018

Street Wars Devil's Outcasts Gang & Kitbash Games Comp

Started these a while back. Quite soon after receiving them. Getting them cleaned up and based quite quickly. However when it got to painting them all I ended up with a sort of block on how to do the denim on them. I have sort gotten my head around it now and am happy with how they have turned out.

I will be getting some decals for the back of there jackets from Funky Skull Games but need to save up some cash as I want to get some of their cool looking laser cut acrylic counters to use in the game also.

I hope to get some games in soon. Pulp Citizen is planning on doing the Cobra's at some point. I have decided to base them on 25mm rounds instead of the 30mm lipped bases they come with. As I plan to use them in my Post Apoc games and 7TV Crime Cast and get as much use out of them as possible.

The whole gang done.
Tremor the gangs Warlord

Scum (Street Soldier)

Animal and Banana's (Lieutenant and Street Soldier)

Bull and Maggot (Street Soldier and Lieutenant)

Beanz and Paddy (Street Soldier and New Blood)

In other news this week Pulp Citizen is running a competition over at his Kitbash Games Blog page. To win a resin copy of the below Doc Cosmos figure.

All you to need to do is sign up to follow the blog and leave a comment on the Competition Post for an entry and chance to win a Doc Cosmos figure. As the blog increases in followers there will be more draws for the awesome looking Doc Cosmos for 25, 50 and 100 followers

Kitbash Games Competition Link

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Burrows and Badgers the Fox Rogue

My 10th figure finished for Burrows and Badgers and more or less gives me enough for two equal size warband of the same size creatures. I really liked the studio colour scheme that was done on this figures so I more or less copied it only changing the daggers cross guard and handle colours to a bone looking colour just out of preference.

Another enjoyable figure I added some broken bits of twig I found somewhere. Some has been using dried ill weed as a basing material so I may pick some up from the herbs and spices isle next time I go shopping to have a bit of experiment.

I quite fancy doing a black fox at some point whilst looking up real life ones to find how to the fur it was quite surprising how many variations they come in especially the amount of black you sometimes find in there fur.

Next up will be some stuff that I have had a bit of a painting block. I have finally worked out what I am going to do with them now. So plan to spend the next week getting the 8 of them done to clear the paint table down a bit.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Burrows and Badgers Brigadier Basil Fleetfoot Hare Knight

Another B&B miniature finished this week. This time the Hare Knight who I have named Brigadier Basil Fleetfoot. I love the Hare characters in the Redwall series and they all have very military ranks that don't seem to follow any form other than for names sake but they all speak very posh as well in the audio books so it its quite fitting really. I didn't quite get the fur colour I was going for with this one but I am still very pleased with it none the less. More rabbits and Hares are in the range still so will try again with one of those.

Brigadier Fleetfoot is on of the bigger creature in the Oathsworn Range and as such comes on a 40mm base and is nearly 36mm tall. Though not the biggest the badgers and such are nearly 46mm-50mm in height.

A group shot of them all so far. Once I have the next figure finished I plan to start working out some warbands out of what I have so I can start have a play with the game system.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Burrows and Badgers Bobbo Dormouse Scout

A bit more ranged firepower as I didn't pick many of those in my first order. The only others are the throwing knife Shrew Pirate Here and Tobias the Mouse Ranger Here.

I went with more natural earthy looking colours with just his dagger/sword and buckler being a bit brighter. I am quite please I nicknamed him Bobbo after one of the dormice in Mariel of Redwall I recently read.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

UK GAMES EXPO 2018 and Crooked Dice Stand L24 Hall 1

Had this week off and its been a cool week spending time with the family. I have got some hobby time in here and there and have made some good progress on several figures in the paint queue.

Thursday was a highlight as Karl Perrotton of Crooked Dice games studio needed a hand to unload his van at the UK Game Expo at the NEC in Birmingham due to some new rules on unloading your stuff in a certain time slot or it costing a retainer if you don't get back in time. So asked for volunteers of which I was very happy to do so.

I ended up staying behind after the unload and helped Karl set up the stand. It was really interesting to see behind the scenes at these conventions and the hard work it is to setup and organise your stand. If your going down to the Expo Karl is there all weekend in Hall 1, Stand L24.

I found it a great experience and my highlight had to be handling all the display pieces to put them in the cabinets. They are absolutely beautifully painted.
The recent Kickstarter range for the Children of the Fields are amazeballs!

Some of the supporting lead figures for the Post Apocalypse expansion coming in Autumn 2018


The Wasteland Warriors and vehicles you have already seen and are available now.

All the other cool Villains, Heroes and Extra's the monsters are just amazingly painted!

The lovely and gribbly monsters!

Karl was very very kind to gift me some stock as a thank you for helping out! Two of witch are big resin beasties from the Children of the Fields KS which aren't due to be delivered until September whoop whoop! 

 The Strawman and Black Goat resin figures.These are big boy and go on 50mm bases!
Traffic was awful around the NEC and so took me a while to get home but such is the M6 and M42 around B'ham. So a big dirty kebab meet and chips was in order when I got in which I don't have very often but polished off a super day!