Thursday, 16 May 2019

Burrows and Badgers Mole Warrioress and Mouse Nun

Continuing on very much with the Burrows and Badgers minis this week I have got another pair finished. The Mole Warrioress who I have named Gwern and a Mouse Nun who I shall use as a mage called Lilith.

The Mole  who I intend to use as a knight has had a freehand emblem painted on her shield  copied from the Beaver that I have to gpt in the queue. 

It is not quite central but I am still please with it. More practice in where to start is need I think.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Burrows and Badgers Mice

More work continues on my Burrows and Badgers pile. I want to field an all mouse warband next time we play the game so have selected some more mice and got them on the paint table.

Sir Garrick the mouse Knight. Sir Garrick will be my second with the voice of Command skill.

 Tobias the Marksmouse.

Flossy The Dormouse archer.

My all mouse warband managed to squeeze in 7 mice into it for 350 pennies. 

Friday, 3 May 2019

Burrows and Badgers Squirrels and Scatter Terrain

I appear to be burning with enthusiasm for Burrows and Badgers at the moment and this week has seen me get three more figures finished from the leadpile. I have a game at my local store planned to get a run through proper of the rules and want to them a Squirrel heavy list as they are some of my favourites from the various books I have been reading from the Redwall and Mice of Camelot series.

First up a Squirrel Magic user (a witch according to he website) whom I fancy could work out as a druid type warrior or ranger as well at a pinch. I went with a blue dress more to tie in my Squirrel Knight to the group a bit.

 A Squirrel Rogue or ranger I tried to stick to neutral colours with this and the ranger below tying them with the witch through the same cloak colour and the red fur with the knight.

 One of my faves from the kickstarter that arrived a few months back was the Squirrel Ranger. I really love the sculpt. I may pick up some more of this one and the rogue and do either Grey or Black Squirrels versions. I'd like to convert one to carry some javelins but the Rogues pose is probably better suited to that one.

All four of my Squirrels together

My 350 penny warband for Thursday nights game. I went with Royalists so two additional members of my warband may increase their strike stats by 1.

The Squirrel Knight is my leader with Heavy Armour, Polearm and Taunt skill. I increased his Strike stat for the game.

My Second is the Ranger I have given him Fast Shot and loaded him with Bodkin and Broadhead Arrows.

The Barn Owl counts as a Medium Raptor and is quite a formidable warrior so I just gave him some Heavy Armour and increased his Strike stat by 1

The Rogue I gave two weapons giving him +2 bonus to his strikes and throwing daggers for a bit more range punch. I also increased his Strike stat by 1

The Magic User I loaded up with a mage focus (+1 to cast rolls), A mage pouch to carry herbs (Herbs either help cast a spell some automatically and sometimes to augment  or add on more utility to your spells) For spells I chose Cure (well to obviously heal) and Haste ( to give the target an extra action) nasty If I can pull it off with my second and Fast Shot.

Scatter Terrain
 I chopped up some more of my grass samples and I am a bit happier with them now. I dug out some other pieces from my collection that I felt would fit a Fantasy theme. So all my trees, a shed from 4 Ground, some hedges and my LOTR Ruins.

I need to get some big buildings or hills I reckon to block LoS and force movement a bit more. The grass will count as difficult terrain.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Burrows and Badgers Barn Owls

The painting muse has turned back around to Burrows and Badgers this week. This time finishing off a pair of Barn Owls. One of which I have modified by adding a slightly different style helmet. These are both from my first order from Oathsworn miniatures leaving just the Shrew Knight left from that batch to do. I am not sure what scheme to do his beetle yet so will start on the kickstarter batch next as I quite fancy doing a frog and another mouse.

I went for two very different colour schemes for the feathers on both of them.  I started with tau ochre on the right hand owl followed by a strong tone wash. I then did several drybrushing layers adding a bit of bone to the ochre each time finally using bone on its own. I then washed it with soft tone.

The other owl I started with Ushabti Bone, washed with soft tone then lots of drybrushing again adding a bit more white to the bone each time. I then did pure white feather tips.

I've also been knocking out some more scatter terrain out of my fake grass samples I picked up a few years back. I am not 100% sold on them but they will do to help cover the table.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Crooked Dice Scientists

For every new bunch of figures this year I am going to try and clear out some my older started ones. This time I have got a trio of scientists from Crooked Dice who have as primed and with a little bit started for a good 18 months or more. So whilst I was in the mood to paint white I cracked one with these. They are such nice sculpts with lots of lovely little details like pens, rules, and other little bits which I did notice until I started painting them.

These will be great for 7TV obviously and can be used as various profiles so very useful to flesh out casts and add some cool abilities.