Thursday, 20 October 2011

Boiler Suit Guards Vault Security, Multi use sentrys etc

Been a slow week kids have had colds been grizzly lack of sleep blah blah blah. Heres this weeks figures apologies for quality of photos my camera has packed up.

I have two packs of Artizan's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang figures done this week.  Guards and Guards II I really like these figures poses as they are that little bit more animated compared to the Copplestone ones. I will get some Copplestone ones eventually.

Some niggley flash and mold lines in some awkward places but ok overall

I have painted them as Vault security from my made up 'Vault 5' mainly be cause I love the original Fallouts and the story/background of these games.

In the pipeline at the moment is Artizans KKB202 Field Agents. Which if anyone can tell me who these are supposed to represent or what movie they are from I would be grateful.

Also my local store Waylands Forge are now stocking Crooked Dice figures. So when picking this pack up the other day I ended up walking out with two packs Men from the Future and Agent Pandara King. Ha what a sucker for nice shinies.

On the Bench with paint on them is some Copplestone Bad Guys in Suits, Hasslefree Mad Dog, Grant, Hunted Billie and Lab Assistant. Finally some converted Westwind SOTR Russians as wasteland nomad/raider types.


  1. thh one in the middle looks like micheal cain from the harry palmer movies,ipcus file,funerial in berlin,the billion dollar brain

  2. I really like those Guards. I'm going to keep that set in mind if I ever tackle a "evil billionaire attempts to take over the world scenario". And that's not far fetched, I have long term plans for something like that with Flying Lead.

    But for now, I am building an ATZ world, so I can't justify branching off into units like this, yet.

    What are you planning on using them for?

  3. Nice Brummie good work, guards do look good, I like the colour scheme.

  4. Thanks Shinto/Extraordinarii.

    @Adam I first bought them thinking Lab guards/security team dealing with the zombie outbreak at the lab or being sent in to silence an outbreak. As the title suggests they will cross over into a lot of the genres I want to play Crooked Dice 7TV is on my shopping list to get as well.

    Plus painting all these KKBB has given me a little break from my Zombie project.

  5. They are good and a bit more animated, perfect henchmen, the first one could be a Bond (Lazenby) and shintokamikaze was right about Harry Palmer but the last idea.

  6. Nice paint jobs on all of the figures. I particularly like the guard with the old style walkie talkie. It's about the size of a house brick but that's what they were like back in those days.

  7. @Fran Thanks, I don't remember that film but I've only re-watched the first five and i think that movie is next but will re-watch cheers guys for the pointers.

    @Vampifan Thank you. I love the radio on this guy I remember the radios in Fallout 2 I think that you had a mission to repair one but other than that they don't do anything in game.

  8. Excellent, the guards have painted up really well. The guy in the mac is definitely a Harry Palmer character for me too.

  9. Thanks fellas. Need to find some of these movies me thinks

  10. Don't know from what movie they are, but they're excellent painted! And those guards to. I agree about the comment about the walky talky, but don't think they are much smaller now. ;-)