Tuesday 7 February 2012

Some Books....For a Change

Really not got hardly anything done this week. The other half had a minor operation last week so Its been Daddy Daycare here. By the time I get the time I'm to knackered to do much.

Based all my Hasslefree figure as well as some Copplestone Future wars Police. Done a little basecoating on my British troops for 7TV. That's it hobbywise

Read a book call 'The Dead' By Charlie Higson. Really good read. Didn't realise at the time when I saw this at the library this is the second book. However as I understand it follows different characters I'm going to get the first one 'The Enemy' and give that a go.

From the back

A terrible disease is striking everyone over the age of fourteen.Death walks the streets.Nowhere is safe.Maxie, Blue and the rest of the Holloway crew aren't the only kids trying to escape the ferocious adults who prey on them.Jack and Ed are best friends, but their battle to stay alive tests their friendship to the limit as they go on the run with a mismatched group of other kids – nerds, fighters, misfits. And one adult. Greg, a butcher, who claims he's immune to the disease. They must work together if they want to make it in this terrifying new world. But as a fresh disaster threatens to overwhelm London, they realize they won't all survive..

Also read 'Silverfin'  again by Charlie Higson this is the first in the series of young bond novels and its a fantastic read following a young Bond at Eton and the struggles of school with age old customs.
Convincing badguys. I've already picked up the second in the series 'Blood Fever'

From the Back
- Before the name became a legend
- Before the boy became the man
- Meet James Bond
The dark waters around a remote Scottish castle hold a sinister secret.
One man with a thirst for power will use it - whatever the cost.
- SilverFin is dangerous
- SilverFin is the future
- SilverFin must be destroyed

Zombies: Complete Guide to the World of the Living Dead

 Also picked up off ebay with a stack of other Zombie Novels was this one only sort of skimmed through and read the first half a dozen pages.  Its good so far not so much stories but has a history of Voduo where the Zombies myths come from and its origins.Has some stuff in there about various movies

Looks interesting so far. 

Reviews for it are bit meh depends on what you expect from it really but both reviews on Amazon are from people who haven't read it all the way through so I don't think its fair to judge it on that


  1. Sounds like some interesting books. I like the way you presented them. I hadn't heard of the young James Bond books. I'll have to check that out. I hope your wife has a speedy and restful recovery.

  2. Hope your wife has a quick recovery. Reading is good, but I also hope you get back to the hobby as soon as possible.

  3. Sounds an interesting set of books I'll look out for them!!

  4. Cheers for the kind words Adam and Joe. I'll pass them on.

  5. Hope Mrs. Brummie is on the mend soon and you can get back to painting guilt free! Will certainly be tempted by the young Bond; Higson has made quite a name for himself creating exciting narratives that don't look to patronise children. You can often find some of the best and most imaginative story telling lurking in the shelves of the young adult section. One of my favourites is Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series.

  6. Best wishes to your good wife for a speedy recovery.

    I'll be on the lookout for the two zombie books you mentioned. I can agree with the comments about young adult fiction being very good. That has certainly been my experience in the past.

  7. Thanks for the heads up, best wishes to the SWMBO on her recovery....

  8. Cheers guys. These Young bond books are excellent the baddies are convincing as are the lair's

  9. I have not read any good zombie books in a while. I may look into these. Thanks mate.

    And again, I do hope for a speedy recovery for the better half!