Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Torch's and Toasty Goodness

Another Zombie hunter finished this week. Sadie C from Hasslefree another cracking pose love the silenced SMG and the way the torch is held investigating those nooks and crannys. Also carrying a backpack for those essential's (lipgloss, phone, tic tacs etc) supplies. Whilst you know something is going to creep up from behind and grab her.

Had another a go at yellow with Sadie tried another recipe it looks ok just not a smooth as i'd hoped. They are kinda supposed to be tight fitting motorcycle leathers with a dark grey stripe down the sides.

Toastiness mmmmmmm. Picked up these a few weeks back with the7TV rulebook. Some Minion Specialists for my evil mastermind (TBA) to erm expend. Love the character of these figures. Especially the technician. a Nice set I really like the tanks on the flame thrower minion. I plant to get another set but I need to get some more Hardhat heads as you only get one sprue with this set and it only has one of those heads on. I will probably wait until the end of April though as they have some cool new head sprues coming out.

On a whingy note. What glue do you guys use for plastics? I had some of plastic glue from GW I only used it once on twelve dwarves to glue them to there bases only to come to use it the weekend and its all dried up grrrr. Any recomendations folks?



  1. Firstly nice figure, I struggle to paint yellow and have to underpaint it white first. (Unless using white undercoat of course).

    Secondly I use "Plastic Weld" From EMA model supplies. You'll need to go to a really good model shop to get it though (or online)

  2. Cheers Clint I start with black undercoat, bronzed flesh, 50/50 bronze flesh/sunburst yellow then sunburst yellow on its own the adda bit of white for the highlight. For any deep creases i use really water down scorched brown.

  3. Great painting!! That's a nice pair of yellow troos!!

  4. Beautifully done Sir! Love the evil minions who are undoubtedly going to come to an sticky end!

  5. She's very good, the yellow is very nice, great minions as always, I use polysterene cement from the model shop.....

  6. They all look great, Simon.

    I use Revell polystyrene cement that I got from my local model shop. It's lasted ages.

  7. I must concur with Bryan on this. Revell... It is really good.

    And your minis are great! Good work on the yellow, it is mostly a colour that gets me to tears everytime!!!

  8. Very nice Brummie. Pity about there only being one hard hat per sprue though.

  9. THanks guys

    @The new heads look tasty. Also theres supposed to be some more SMG/Rifle armed minions out later in ther year plus I can always trade with some people on the Crooked Dice Forums though :D. It is a little bit of hassle though.

    The Armed/Unarmed Minion deals came with 3 sprues per blister so you could have them all with a hard hats.

  10. Great job on Sadie. That's a very nice version of her, and your paintjob is excellent. I think the yellow leather came out perfectly. Love those minions, too. Can never have too many flamethrowers. :) I use Testor's, the old red-tube.

  11. Like Clint says, Plastic Weld is great, just don't inhale it!

    Crispy Zombies! :)

  12. Sadie looks great, good looking minions too.
    I use any polystyrene cement on hand and I tend to not use anything from GW on principle.

  13. Cheers Ad/Zabadak TBH I bought it ages ago cracked the seal used it once and it went hard pretty crap really

  14. Great looking minies! I love those evil genious' minions :D

    As for the glue, Im using few years old revell's blue glue and works fine. Needle keeps sticking in the cap, but I can easily get it out with tweezers.

    I've read about heating the needle if the glue dries in it, but didn't have to try it yet myself.

  15. They look good all three of them. But my favorites rae the technicians!


    1. Cheers. Crooked Dice are planning some more soon with rifles/SMG so there will be more!

  16. As a Buffy fan I can only appreciate every painted version of her! :D

    Also Crooked dice make some very interesting figures, I must check it soon or late...