Sunday 22 July 2012

Name That Dog! and This Weeks Update

Been busy making terrain this week, made some hedgerows from pan scourers these are still wip but you get the idea. I'm now upto 24 out of 30 zombies finished. the last 6 are built and undercoated ready to be basecoated (tonight hopefully).

The hedges on right are nearly finished they need the bases to have sand added the ones on the left are waiting distressing.

Here is my latest batch of Zombies and the horde so far. I if I get my last batch finished tonight I will get the bases done on all of these and get them varnished later in the week (fingers crossed).

My second order arrived from Square Orange Games great service BTW they have good discounts on a lot of wargaming goods and free shipping worldwide. So I have the Empire of the Dead Gentlemen and Lycaon boxed sets to make a start on (this will be after my first game). Also include in this order was my Canine companion for my Wulfen Jaegars shown in the previous post. Apologies for the pictures this week the battery is playing up on my main camera so some of these are a bit wishy washy from my mobile phone. You can't really see it but his lefy hind leg is actually a stump with a proxy lower leg done. I didn't realise this when buying him but I like him even more now for it.

I've written some of the background for my party which I hope to finish this week I need to fit this chap into the story somehow. I have a few ideas but I need to work it into the story so far better.

I'm stuck for a name for this fellow so I'm going to ask you guys to vote in the comments and by Wednesday I will close the poll tally up the votes and select the name from that.

A, Brutus

B, Boatswain

C, Bullseye

The game might get delayed until mid August as I got some real life stuff kicking off  in the next few weeks and I'm going to lose some of my spare time whilst it gets dealt with (School appeal).

Heres my party of survivors for No More Room In Hell 1888, I have some civilian characters to be painted up but they will only be a few and play a minor role.

Here a wip pic they are the start of criminal gang I'm still sourcing members and bits for them though at the moment these are from Artizan Designs Wild West range. Bat Masterson and Dodge city Marshals. The chap on the right I have modified his cowboy hat into a bola to fit it more into the English theme.


  1. The hedges look great so far!

    The dog has to be Boatswain. I have no idea where you've found that, but Brutus and Bullseye are just too common :P

    And I just have to say it again, NMRIH 1888 was heck of an idea!

  2. Hedges are looking great and will come in handy for lots of other games, too. I gotta go with Brutus for the dog's name (it's an Ohio thing).

  3. Well, I love the figure, and he is a Brutus. First, it's a Roman name, and therefore divinely inspired. Second, Swain my sound cool, but picture in your minds eye a man holding a broken chain in the gloom and swearing out "Damn it Brutus, it's not time to let slip the hounds". I see it very well.

  4. Cheers guys

    Tally so far

    Brutus : 2
    Boatswain (Swain) : 2
    Bullseye : 1

  5. I think you are missing an opportunity with his name - you should call him "Brummie" LoL!

    If I have to vote - Brutus

  6. I'm going to add my vote for Brutus as well.

  7. Nice hedgerows, the pan scourers work extremely well and make very realistic looking hedges! As for the name, because of the patch of colour around his eye, I'll go with Bullseye :)

  8. Cheers

    Brutus :4
    Boatswain (Swain) :2
    Bullseye: 3

  9. I'm going to have to go with Boatswain. Everything looks great BTW.

  10. You've been a busy man. Love the dog especially.

  11. Nice hedges mate.

    And good painting on BULLSEYE!


  12. Thanks guys

    Brutus: 4
    Boatswain (Swain) :3
    Bullseye: 4

  13. Tremendous! I hope my zeds turn out half as good as these when I get round to them. As for the dog it has to be B, Boatswain for me.

  14. Nice stuff. It seems that you're growing quite the zombie horde!

    I've been meaning to try making that kind of hedge from the scouring pads. They look a lot better than one would think.

    1. Why thank you. ME too I was a bit sceptical when first glueing them down but once distressed with a hook sculpting tool they started to look the part quite nicely

  15. There are votes coming in from

    Brutus: 4
    Boatswain (Pronounced Bo'sun or Swain): 7
    Bullseye: 5

  16. Bo'son for me. Sounds like a propper dogs name.

  17. Tally So Far

    Brutus: 4
    Boatswain (Pronounced Bo'sun or Swain): 7
    Bullseye: 7