Sunday, 24 May 2015

Zombie Game homebrew rules

Well planning a zombie game with my two girls on Tuesday as I have them all to myself and they were very interested in mine and Leon's game we played last week.

I have drafted some simple rules with ideas from various rulesets. It will be kept simple as they are 5 and 7 so will see how I get on with these as they are. If its to simple I can always add in ammo and stuff and make it a bit more complicated

At the moment they will have 4-5 Survivors each armed as the models are equipped. They will take it in turns moving there characters 1 at a time and I will play the zombie player.

Each turn A player will pick one of there characters and they will get to activate once and perform any of these two actions. They will use a character each the zombie player will activate one of theres and so on until all have been moved.

Either Move upto 6"
Search a vehicle or location (building) (I am going to make a simple card deck with med kits and numbered food value which are to be traded in for maltesers)

At the moment for shooting and simplicity I've made the following chart for weapons.

Range is in inches, Dice is the number of dice rolled per attack and the to hit is the target number to score a hit.

All guns will add a noise dice to a pool each turn the dice will get rolled and zombies will be generated on the table on a roll of 5 or 6. Noisy weapons add extra dice to the pool.

Blast is to represent the burst of pellets or larger number of bullets fired.

Dice are rolled and for each success rolled on the dice a hit is scored against anyone in the radius.

Hand to hand weapons are at the bottom this has been just kept easy. When moving into base to base contact they will get a free attack as part of that action.

The Chainsaw I'm considering having the dice rolled against all those in base to base contact.

Zombie rules.

I will move the zombies after the girls have moved one each of there characters. They can only make one action except for tanks and gun zombies who get two but can only perform one of each action.

The girls just need to get there team of characters from one side of  the table to the other to a Vehicle or Truck or something. Spawning wise I will stick 2D6 zombies randomly across the table at the start and each turn will spawn more zombies depending on noise created by players and I think 1D3 or 1D6 per turn depending on numbers on the board.

I will stat up an army unit that can roll on and help out if it goes a bit awry for the girls but I'm hoping it will playout ok.

What do you folks think?


  1. Looks good. Funny enough, I wrote up a set of Zombie rules too a year or so ago (not quite finished), which including searching etc.

  2. This sounds like it will be a great day!

  3. They look fine to me. Just as long as you and your girls have fun playing them nothing else matters.

  4. They are just about simple enough for some club play as well. They should work well. Quality family time fighting the zombie hordes in Princess dresses, what could be better.

    I'll get my "Frozen" Dress all ready just in case I can join in. (You never know)

  5. They look good. Nice and simple. Flexible enough to probably adjust on the run if required, but no doubt it will be loads of fun.

  6. They seem pretty good dude!
    Great idea to keep the youngsters entertained. Zombicide is our goto holiday game, the kids love it.

  7. Looks good, but I wonder if a 5-year old really cares about the difference between a pistol and a high-power pistol, or a small zombie and a regular zombie, or some of the other distinctions that you've made?

    Also, beware having victory conditions that explicitly or implicitly encourage the "gotta have 'em all!" mentality. If finding food items translates into a Malteser reward then I suspect there will be a tendency to concentrate on that to the detriment of "get to the other (safe) side of the table" :-) !

    1. Well It doesn't really matter to Leila but my 7 year old Carmen twigged onto the different armaments straight away and had an even mix across her group where as Leila had one character armed with just a doll......

      The VP conditions where quite easy they both had to get to a truck with a milky way bar inside. They didn't know what was in there just that it was a goody of some kind. I'll explain more about the simple search deck tomorrow. When I write a post about the game.

  8. Oh my, that is quite a cool image - took me a few seconds to figure out - thought it was a jacket patch at first :) I can myself trying out these types of rules - after playing the gladiator rules recently.

  9. First rule of gaming: Have fun! And this looks like it could do it! Looking forward to hearing the results!

  10. I might add Malteasers as Loot to demo games of ATDE...