Wednesday 17 February 2016

Pulp City Villains Starter Set Review

The Second starter set I picked up was the Villains naturally I wanted adversaries for the Heroes I picked up. You can view the Hero set review Here. Also If your interest in the rulebook review click Here.

For more information and background on the rich and wonderful universe it set pop over to the main website and have a browse.

Anyway onto the Villains starter. It comes in a similar size box to the Heroes Starter with lovely artwork and painted examples of the contents within.

The rear of the box naming the characters and telling you what inside.
All nice and neatly packaged with foam padding to protect the figures.
You get a quick reference and quick play rules sheet with it so you can start playing straight away. 

Character cards for each Supreme in the boxed set, stats on the front and then attacks etc HP etc on the back.

The figures are gorgeous the only real difference is that some of these come in a few more pieces. Nuke has separate hands and Anansi has her right arm. The castings are nice and crisp again very few moldlines. The joins are socketed nicely and It took me a few second to clip off the hand and glue them onto Nuke and Anansi's arm was a doddle to just glue on.

The detail is fabulous and and it is not so much that you feel daunted by it either.
 Nuke a level 2 Blaster

Aurelius is a tank character

Anansi is a rather cool looking Infiltrator.
The Trio Assembled
Based and ready to be primed :)

One thing I love about the Anansi figure is the out stretched arm the hand in particular is wonderfully cast. The fingers are all spread out or splayed? they are nice and firm they don't feel like they would be a weak point like you get with some metal models in the same pose.  Plus they are nicely cast sometimes you end up with blobby fingers or hands that lack detail and these are mint!


  1. Stop it! I'm already collecting for two Supers games, I've been deliberately resisting the call from Pulp City for ages.

    You aren't helping! :)

  2. Shiney! Three exceptionally fine figures.

  3. Another wallet-killing post from the man who introduced me "Across The Dead Earth" and other games which have cost me a mint!! Pack it in Simon, for my credit card's sake if nothing else ;-)

  4. Oh dear Lord, they are even more tempting than the Heroes - I'm doomed!

  5. Oh man, dilemma time, I'm trying to hold out until Salute! So I can save my gaming credits...........

  6. I think I like these better than the Heroes, I shall resist for the moment though there's a big enough unpainted pile here as it is without being tempted further :)