Saturday 24 September 2016

Batman Miniature Game Starter Set.

Exciting times are a foot for Knight models and the Batman Miniature game. A new two player starter set has been announced for pre order! Its based around the recent Suicide Squad movie. You get two factions the Suicide Squad (one of the teams from the Flash and Arrow book) and the Leto Joker and his cosplay dress henchmen. 

The box contains 13 metal miniatures but if you pre order (either from Knight themselves or from your LGS or other Batman distributor) You also get a free Batfleck version of Batman! There is a Second version which comes direct only and includes a Bombshell version of Harley in it for an extra 10 euros. It doesn't interest me personally but seems popular with many collectors.

Included in the set is a couple of die cut buildings which are reversible and stackable! Very useful I am hoping they release some more of these buildings as I'd gladly get a tables worth.

The full contents are list below and contains enough to get you up and going and playing the game. Nothings been mentioned about whats contained exactly in this book. The fans are hoping its the complete Batman rule book combined with the Flash and Arrow one.

I've pre ordered mine and can't wait until the end of October when they start shipping.
Pre-orders are open until 12th October and shipping commences 26th October.  I can't wait and its my Birthday the 28th! I shall have to wait a bit longer as I am getting mine through Game Geek which is run by a good friend Andrew Bruce.
The Game Box content: 
- 13 highly detailed white metal miniatures (two complete factions:the Suicide Squad and the Joker’s Crew).
- 13 character cards.
- 112-page full-color Batman Miniature Game rulebook.(containing the complete game rules and a themed Suicide Squad campaign!)
- 2 full-color die-cut card buildings.
- 4 die-cut Lamppost markers.
- 4 die-cut Sewer markers.
- 8 Take the Lead counters.
- 7 Objective markers.
- 4 six-sided dice.

Some better pics of the models themselves.

EDIT : Price wise varies depending on the retailer. Games Geek you will need to contact them to order you in a copy once recieved you will be contacted for payment. Currently advertised at £55 plus postages.

Direct from Knight Models the sets are retailing around 100 Euro for the standard set and 110 for the Bombshell version Plus postage.


  1. The buildings look good dude! Plus lots of unusual characters. Looks good for people wanting to get into the batman game.

  2. As you know I am not a supers fan but even I can see myself tempted by some of those figures they are so nice.

  3. I am so tempted by this, it does look like a seriously good deal.

  4. That set looks great, Simon. I don't see it listed on Game Geek's webstore. Plus, I'd like to know how much it all costs.

    1. Its £55 plus postage (£60.10) If you have a store nearby that stocks it the price is around £60 I think the Outpost (Sheffield) are charging that price.

  5. they all look entirely too ebil for this tender little soul :)

  6. Not my cup of tea, but seems like a good way to get into the game.

  7. I'll pass on the figures, but the buildings sound interesting. Any more data on them would be welcome :-) .

  8. It's definitely a tempting entry point to the game, I can potentially see myself grabbing this in a few weeks when I've got a bit of pocket money free again.

  9. Nice set. Good to see it offers terrain and everything else. Bet it's still bananas-pricey though.

  10. Those are really cool figures, although I'm not a fan of Sci-Fi/Supers gaming, I gotta admit they do look Very tempting, I'd never live it down at Reject HQ!

  11. Whoa ... these minis look awesome. Thanks for sharing. Darn my limited budget!