Thursday, 13 April 2017

Batman Miniature Game Diablo (Suicide Squad)

In the mood to get some more figure finished I plucked up the courage this week to crack on with the last few Suicide Squad members.

These last two have lingered until last mainly due to them both requiring tattoos of some sort painting on them.

Diablo is plastered in them some of which I had to omit mainly because the areas where they were to go are just to small.

The facias one are done to make his head appear like a skull. I really love his character in the movie and the comics which I have recently read he is awesome

Sadly I am not sure how much I well get out of him. Diablo is quite a cheap free agent at 50 reputation he has some really cool rules but what let's him down is his Regrets trait meaning he has to fail a Willpower test everytime he activates in order to attack anything. It's a flavoursome rule those who have seen the movie will know he has to be goaded into Action because of his past.

I like the rule just which it had been reversed so that you had to pass a test in order to make attacks mainly because Deadshot had the leadership ability allowing reroll failed tests and if you had see the film there is a really cool bit where he goads Diablo into using his powers.

Anyway he is done and I shall give him at least one run out for a game. I am hoping we get different version of him when they release the magic expansion. 

I stuck to the studio scheme but chickened out trying to paint the gang symbols on jacket.

Harley Quinn is also finished but I need to re shoot the pics as my finger is in most of them....


  1. Even got the facial tats done too! Very nice mate.

  2. Great work on Diablo and really brave work on the tattoos, I think they look superb.

  3. Nice work on Diablo Simon. :)

    And the blog has had a face lift too!

    1. Well it looked like it had a change, but now it looks like it has changed back?

  4. Splendid stuff, Simon. Love the tattoos :-)

  5. Nice work, Simon. I'm looking forward to seeing Harley.

  6. The flame looks a bit weird, perhaps too red.
    I love the rest of the character though. Excellent work on these tattoos.

  7. The figure looks good and well painted.

    I don't know anything about comics or Suicide squad etc. So take this comment with a pinch of salt. "Are the flames too dark?" If they are supposed to be that shows my ignorance if they are supposed to be natural flames you might try a little more yellow and / or orange.

  8. Nicely done, Simon. Fire and tattoos on the same miniature... both are challenging.

  9. Ohh, sweet work on this one, cool!

  10. Solid work on Diablo and as for Harley I can't wait. Now why would your finger be in most of her photos ... hmmmmm ... most curious. :)