Sunday, 14 May 2017

Batman Tournament Titan Games Lichfield

Been meaning to write this up since the beginning of the month but alas not had the time due to many real life reasons.

Anyway went to my first tournament this year at Titan Games in Lichfield.  It was a good turn out with 14 people turning up with a good variety of crews.

As mentioned in previous posts I was fielding a 350 reputation $1500 funding list.

My Chosen crew is the Suicide Squad (team)

Harley Quinn (squad)(boss)
Rick Flag
Deadshot (squad)
Katana (squad)
Captain Boomerang (squad)

My first game was Looting vs a Two Face crew run by Mark. This was my first outing with the squad having not played with any of them as part of other crews either. It was a learning experience. Flags multifire is great but only if those dice roll better than 1s and 2s. Same for Deadshots Bullet time lol

I won this game 43-10. Highlights were Rick Flag taking loads of punishment off Two Face goons and Two Face himself. Deadshot got onto an ammo objective and gunned down goon after goon with his custom MG.

Harley ran over and baseball batted Deadshot then did the same to the Riddler. It didn't go all my way. Two Face Tommy gunned Captain Boomerang KO'ing him but fortunately he passed his endurance roll and got back up.

In the end I nearly wiped out Mark's crew all that was left was the Riddler limping off and here the game ended.

Next game was against Liam Callebout a newcomer to Titan I think but a regular tournament player down South and winner of the Worlds Tournament a few years back.

The Suicide squad were facing  an Arkham Knight Nightwing led batman crew utilising the bat signal, ammo and titan objectives.

 We played Dirty money which has two neutral central objectives as well as all our normal ones. This was a tough one there were two narrow lines between buildings lots of lamp posts. This game didn't go as well as the first.

Captain Boomerang fluffed his damage rolls on a lamp post. Allowing Deadshot to be halted and preventing from getting his bullet time off again Azrael. The dice gods deserted me this game ever opportunity to get out some damage with my ranged weapons or attacks and the dice just said nope.

Deadshot was nobbled by Nightwing and then stabbed to death by Azrael. Cyborg flew over shot up Rick Flag with his plasma cannons and flicked on the bat signal.

Harley and Katana tried to beat up a female cop and the Quick Reaction Team guy with riot gun. But whiffed there attacks.

This was a major loss 51-9 to Liam. I really struggled to counter the high mobility and attacks from Cyborg and Nightwing

Round 3 was against Kris Burton who was fielding the new Arkham Knight leader model and Deathstroke. This was going to be a tough game. Arkham Knight is a fearsome sniper is very mobile and has some nasty teleport tricks which still allow him to shoot at his full RoF.

Both AK and Deathstroke also have Undercover meaning the deploy after everyone else.
I managed only to take out the militia brute and the RPG guy. Harley tried to get close to Arkham knight but was gunned down. Deathstroke beat the crap out of Deadshot after he took down the Miltia Brute with bullet time.

Rick Flag again whiffed his shooting rolls. Getting Sniped in return with Katana bodyguarding him and then failing to dodge. Round 4 I was struggling for VP's and now the explosive collars came into play. Randomly rolling between Captain Boomerang and Rick Flag(flag is immune but still included) but alas the dice rolled up Captain Boomerang and off his head blew.

Flag was KO'd by Deathstroke managed to recover but then failed the runaway test at start of round 5.

I forget the exact VP score for this one but it was 43-4 to Kris ouch.

Overview is that the squad are really fun to play. They struggle against mobile beaters like Nightwing, Cyborg and Deathstroke. Arkham Knight is filthy lol.

Against Henchmen heavy crew the squad can hold there own and do really well. I need to rethink the composition of the Squad and look at getting some distract options in there to lower defenses on characters like Deathstroke.

It was a lot of fun. I came away with a tournament Card of Sgt Winslow (Based on the cop from Die Hard 1 who is first to arrive at the tower) which is perfect as I am starting a Law Force crew next and have a spare model to use for him so.

It was a good turnout overall and another is planned for July date yet to be confirmed.


  1. It was a good day, and I certainly felt very rusty - we need to get some more games in for sure. :)

    1. Yeah I enjoyed the day despite being proper battered in my 2nd/3rd games. Definitely rusty and need more practice vs more tougher lists.

  2. Replies
    1. Np's got some miniatures in the works as well.

  3. While Comics are not my thing the tournament does sound fun. Therefor I could be persuaded to even join in. But so many irons in the fire that I will skulk back to the shadows and think of what could be.

    Great report, really does make me want to play!

    1. Its a lot of fun. There are some very cinematic and comical moments.

  4. It sounds like a blast and great that the squad got an outing.

    1. I enjoyed playing with the squad the more elite type teams are a lot of fun as you can do so much more with them.

  5. Good report and it sounded like you had a great time win or lose.

  6. Sorry you didn't score more victories, but hopefully, you'll learn from the experience.

  7. The squad in action at last. All the other squads look good too. Lots of talented gamers at this function.

  8. Your big mistake was winning your first game by too much. It gets you out of your depth before you've warmed up. :)

    1. Yes indeed dude. Lesson well and truly learned. Law next though or maybe Bane and Bird.

  9. Sounds like a great day out. Getting games is the key, winning them is just a bonus.

  10. Great report mate. My batman gaming has really taken a hit recently. Feel so out the loop if you don't keep up with the new rule books and releases.