Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Copplestone Men in Black (Agents or bodyguards) and Corporate Babes 2

Finished my Copplestone Men in Black last night. Will be used as government agents, Corporate security etc. The one in the middle is my favorite. I may even get a second pack at some point because I would like to add a silencer to his pistol.

I only have two of these to show for know. I have one other started but i'm not sure on what colours todo the clothing.


  1. The one in the blue dress is excellent.

  2. The suits look great, you've done a real good job of painting black, which doesn't always come out right for me. As for favourite, I think I like the man second from the left best. Maybe it is just my affinity for sub machineguns. I also like the ponytailed fellow, just for variety. I didn't realize he had long hair until your picture from behind.

    The katana wielding girl is nice, but its hard to top the gal in the blue dress (or is it all due to her SMG again?)

    Can't wait to see more.

  3. Nice one Brummie; a good job jobbed.

    I'm sure I'm going to have to get the MiBs now

  4. @Angry Lurker Thank you, I seem to prefer painting curvier miniatures (boobies)

    @Adam Thanks and haha maybe somthing todo with your avatar picture lol

    @Cmnash cheers and you know you want them

  5. they look great, the men in black can be used for a lot of diffrent things

  6. Bews! Sorry.... Good work on both girls and the suits.

  7. @Shintokamikaze and Lord Siwoc. Cheers guys I am thinking about getting some more guy in suits possible from the kkbb range of copplestone.

    Theres so much stuff I want at the moment I can't make my mind up

  8. @brummie i have the same problem,so many sets i could use, its hard to decided, but i have all my rules and playing aids on the way, i can now put 100% cash to minis

  9. As I already said, Man in Black are one of my fovourites squad :D

    Really like the blu tie, a touch of elegance :D

    Good girls too! :P

  10. @Shintokamikaze. I need dice, terrain and some vehicles.

    @Zerloon thank you!