Thursday 15 September 2011

Kid Survivor, Agent and a Bad guy

A bit mixed this week been painting bits from a few differnt sets as to what takes my fancy.

I've painted up a Kid Survivor whom I've named as Stanley for some weird. I first saw him over at Chez Gnotta' blog on his WIP bench and at Vampifan's blog in his latest ATZ report. He is a Horrorclix figure.

I thought I gotta have that kid catapults are cool. A quick browse on ebay and he arrived 3 days later .
They come as a pair mounted on the same base his sister is still on my bench WIP. I have just realised I have no picture of the rear. But you can see it on the photos below of my other two figures painted.

The other two figures are 'Face' from the Foundrys B team and a Bad Guy in suit from Copplestone castings Future Wars line. Face I've painted as long rage support for my agents posted previously as he his armed with a nice rifle. The Bad guy in suit i'm not decided on his use yet. It maybe that he will represent myself as his hair is pretty spot on. I'm kinda in the process of thinking up names and background so I won't reveal more until i'm sure thats how I want to go.

Anyway enjoy the pics any tips let me know


  1. There aren't that many child adventurers available, especially if you discount Hasslefree, so it's nice that you've found this wonderful little character. I think him and his sister are great figures and I was happy to add them to Team Vampifan. You've done a good paint job on him and the other two gents. Will you be adding Stanley's sister to your group of survivors?

  2. That boy with the catapault is a great figure for representing young males. I avoided the B-Team figures because I don't really want to mix 'famous' miniatures in with my world, but you've done a good job of changing his look.
    I really like the Bad guy in a suit, I think he'd make a great star for ATZ (as you).


  3. That's a great figure and great paint jobs, will you put elastic in his catapult?

  4. @vampfian Thanks you. Yes I know and when I saw him I was like 'got to have you'. Yes his sister is WIP at the moment.

    @Adam thanks. To be honest i don't think he looks that much like 'Face' but he will do for what i've in mind for him.

    @Angry lurker Thank you. I thought about it but he is made from a very soft plastic and I don't think i would have the skill to do it justice. Besides his hands are tiny

  5. Nice Painting brummie, they look good.

  6. Ace job on thes guys dude, going into brum next week so might have to pick up some copple stone stuff ;)

    As for adding string to the catapult you could use some fine fishing line maybe?

  7. Hey Brummie, been looking at your latest post and all the figures look awesome. I agree about the child, you don't see such figures very often.

    Enjoyed also the ladies in one of your previous posts ;-)


  8. looking good there Sir. Are you tempted to put the elastic in?

  9. Thank you all. TBH i think my painting is getting worse lol. What i don't get is they look good to me in the flesh but look terrible when photographed!

    As to the elastic on this guys catapult it is really tiny. I think fishing wire might be to bendy to get right without much glueing of fingers together.

    You guys are making me wanna attempt it. I'm thinking perhaps copper wire because it will be rigid once put in place.

    Will have to mooch and have a play.

    Damn you all the idea won't go away.

  10. Hey Brum, nice work here. Makes me wonder that you had the time to search for the mini, buy it, receive it, modify it and paint it while mine is still WIP on my desk.... I really must accellerate my painting!!! :D
    About pictures, I always struggle myself to get some decent ones but it's really hard. My pal Zerloon has a good technique in taking pictures of the minis but I've never really understood how he do that. Just a couple of hints, don't use flash (ever), try to use the light in an indirect way (point your lamp away from the mini and use something to reflect the light back to it, like a sheet of white cardstock).
    I hope this helps... ;)

  11. Cheers Gnotta. I need to play more with the camera and lighting. I have no portable lamps in our house. I take most of the pics in the kitchen first thing in the morning.

    Get a move on then :0D and get it finished

  12. Hi, for the light the trick is to use more than one light source, I'll write a tutorial about taking photo ;)

  13. Cheers Zerloon I will look forward to that. Sounds like I need an adjustable lamp

  14. Okay, I really the kid figure. What a great addition to any scrappy group of survivors/hunters/gangers/whatever. Seeing your repainted figures makes me want to search the web for one.

    Good work Brummie!