Friday, 2 December 2011

WIP Crooked Dice Minion's

I'm currently painting these up with my hover transports however I have a dilema. I have painted the Hard hats Yellow.....But now i'm not sure whether i should of painted them blue or a steel colour...hmmmmm

They are gonna be like my Artizan guards but with helmets.


  1. They look great. You are doing a cracking amount of painting.

    I intended to paint the few guards I have with helmets in different colours to match their secruity clearance/job function.

    Yellow for low level security, white for workers, blue or green for scientists and red for high level security.

  2. As Shelldrake mentioned.

    The yellow and blue are great together!

    Remember to give them numbers.
    HENCHMAN 578
    HENCHMAN 929
    So forth hehe

  3. The hats should be yellow to match the uniforms..good work by the way.

  4. I think they look fine as is. No need for change, although I do like Shelldrake's suggestions.

  5. they need some more shading n stuff yet. I like the colour coding idea thanks Shelldrake.

    Ha I like the number idea as well perhaps on the base tho

  6. Great looking force. I think they look good as are, but steel would have worked just as good I think.

  7. These look great; yellow helmets for me! That said perhaps the Sergeant at Arms should have a shiny metal one.

  8. Cheers guys I may get some more soon theres a flame thrower and a toolbox guy being released in the new year so they will be worthy additions

  9. I like those a lot. I think the helmets look good.

  10. Cheers Joe. These guys are nearly finished