Tuesday, 10 January 2012

More KGB and Some Great Blogs

I've become a lot more diverse lately with what i'm interested in and now follow some 80+ blogs covering various topics. At the moment i'm resisting some of the periods and trying to stick to my main two hobby topics Spy-Fi and Zombie Apocalypse. But we shall see.......

Anyway here is a few that I've really enjoyed reading.

A great starting blog by a fellow Brummie has some greatly painted Crooked Dice figures in it. A mixture of Doctor Who and Captain Scarlet check it out.

For those interested in the Falklands war another great blog I found is this one whilst looking for British DPM Camoflage schemes. It has some Nicely painted figures, vehicles and terrain. Some good ideas/proxies for some units.

Everyone knows Shelldrakes fantastic Zombie blog and Forums but he also has an alternate blog and he's doing some Vietnam skirmish games. Its off to a good start and will be doing a lot of other projects this year.

Another great blog is Shadowking's he does a great mixture of things from Atomic Cafe, Crooked Dice, Reaper  miniatures and Zombies as well as his own artwork (which is excellent by the way). Go and have a read

This blog is awesome. Lots for everyone here Not only is he a mad Zombie fan he even released a fab 7OMBIETV themed fanzine for Crooked Dice's 7OMBIETV ruleset. Issue one is out now and Issue two is in the works.

Anyway enough of my ramblings here are some pictures of the latest miniatures off the paint table. The pack is from Copplestone Castings KKBB range and is titled More KGB Men. These will be some extra muscle for allsorts of gaming from Spy-fi to my Zombie apocalypse.

 A group shot of all my KGB from Copplestone Castings really lovelly sculpts.
 I find these great to paint the detail is just enough without being to much
 I've included this close up as I've had a play with the pistols instead of using metal paints and black washes to detail them. I've used various shades of grey and it looks quite effective I may stick to this method in future.

What do you guys think?


  1. Great models and you've really done they justice too.

  2. Wouldn't like to come across them in a dark alley!!!

  3. I do love the kkbb range, great paint job! might have to pick these up for a spot of 7TV.

  4. Another great job Brummie. I like the way the pistols have come out. I always use 'gun metal' and a wash; based on your results I think I'll give grey a try myself.

  5. Definitely nailed these. Another lovely group Sir.

  6. Great looking figures, love the leather jackets!!

  7. They look fine to me, Simon. The weapons have come out well. Job's a good 'un!

  8. Great painting and recommendations.....

  9. Those came out very nicely. I like your treatment of the pistols. I will have to try that method.

  10. Thank you Guys. Joe I found it easier to pick out the details using greys for some reason

  11. Really like the guy in the brown leather jacket, grey hair, dude in the middle, did an awesome job on him

  12. Fantastic figures.

    Thanks for the blog plug, and for the links to other blogs which I hadn't seen yet.

  13. You did a great paintig job on these fellows Brummie!

    Keep them coming!


  14. Thanks guys.

    @The Extraordinarii. He is one of mt personal favorites I first saw him as a conversion on a size comparison site. He'd been converted to carrying a coffe mug and a slung rifle. I searched High and Low and the I i found the base figure. I like his bald alterego in the back as well I think its the pose.

  15. Very well painted! I screwed up 2 of my kgb agents.

  16. Had a look through your blog, your painting style is really nice! It is very neat and you do the faces brilliantly!

  17. Cheers dude. I've come on in leaps and bounds since I restarted the Hobbie last year. I learn new things with each batch of figures I get done