Monday 9 March 2015

SDZA Dino Mutts and American Agents 01

Well had a break from painting on Thursday night and decided to make a start assembling and prepping some figures that I recently bought from Nexus Miniatures for the game Superhero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse. I picked up several packs but I'll do a WIP of the others next week as I only finished basing half of them and want to post them all together.

The Mutts are Dinosaur/mutant hybrids caused by the initial outburst of the R.D.S virus (Re-active De-evolution Syndrome) and as such are twisted creatures. At the moment there are two types available Herbivore and Carnivore versions. I intend on picking up a couple more of these and converting them to give me a bit more variety. The Carnivore (right hand side) is one piece the Herbivore comes with a separate staff arm.

A size comparison with an average sized 28mm human.

Next up the American Agents  these where both sculpted by Ian Mountan. Named Wulfe Sculder and Katherine Mulley these are a great pair of figures and inspired by a certain tv series :) They are both single piece however Wulfe comes with a hand/pistol on his tab so you switch over the torch if you like.

Said pistol now resides in my bitz box :)

Anyway my Previous posts on these guys where the resin first wave found

F.O.N operatives 1 & 2
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British Agent 01
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British Agent 02
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Copied from the Facebook Group.

You can find pics of all the below minis available by Clicking HERE

Currently available so far and you'll need to send an email for your order (whilst nice shiny pics are uploaded to the store)
I have the following S.D.Z.A. (Super-Hero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse) Miniatures here - now, at the Nexus Bunker - now this is a purely pre release thing, and shipping will possibly be a little higher later on when everythings released properly and I find out I haven't charged enough LoL! Either contact me through here or direct at Nexus Miniatures ( for more details.
01 - F.O.N. Operative 01 (Psychic Hero) £3.50 Each
02 - F.O.N. Operative 02 (Beastly Hero) £3.50 Each
or £6.50 for a Pair
03 - Extra F.O.N. Heads Set 01 (The Wolfman and the Visor) 99p Each
04 - F.O.N. Trooper 01 (comes with F.O.N. Trooper Accesory Sprue I as Standard for now) £3.00 Each
05 - F.O.N. Trooper Accesory Sprue I (Aggressive Head, Rifle, and Stun Stick) 99p Each
06 - Mutt 01 (Carnivore) £4.00 Each
07 - Mutt 02 (Herbivore) £4.00 Each
or £7.50 for the Pair
08 - Uni-Tech Security Officer 01 (Cap and Pistol) £3.50 Each
09 - Uni-Tech Security Trooper 01 (Helmet, Visor Down and Rifle) £3.50 Each
or £6.50 for a Pair (and yes, you may buy "pairs" of Trooper 01)
10 - Uni-Tech Security Heads Set 01 (Bare Head and Elite Trooper Helmet) 99p Each
11 - Revolutionary/Merc 01 ("Porky" Ironsides, armed with UZI) £3.50 Each
12 - Revolutionary/Merc 02 ("Do Gooder" Marcus, armed with Uni-Tech Blaster Pistol, and separate Camera) £3.50 Each
or £6.50 for a Pair
13 - D-Ranger 01 (Codename Helios) £3.50 Each
14 - D-Ranger 02 (Codename Galicia) £3.50 Each
15 - D-Ranger 03 (Codename Joey) £3.50 Each
or £10.00 for all Three
16 - D-Ranger Helmet Sprue 01 99p Each
17 - Doctor Makalay (Brotherhood Leader) £4.50 Each
18 - Pisacha (Rogue Prime Assassin) £4.00 Each
or £8.00 for the Pair
19 - American Agent 01 (Wolfe Sculder) £3.75 Each
20 - American Agent 02 (Katherine Mulley) £3.75 Each
or £7.00 for the Pair
21 - British Secret Agent 01 (60's Jacob Nexus) £3.75 Each
22 - British Secret Agent 02 (80's Jacob Nexus) £3.75 Each
or £7.00 for the Pair
Shipping -
UK - £1.80
E.U. - £3.50
Rest of the World - £6.20


  1. Those are fantastic! I'm sorry my dino isn't done yet, I had problems with its horns and wanted to sculpt them myself and I got stuck mid way :D

  2. Looking forward to see some painted zombie dinos :)

    1. I'm not sure i'm getting any dinosaurs as yet. Though there will be more mutts and there will be truebreeds which will be big muthas :)

  3. Hola
    Magnificas se ven estas piezas
    un saludo

    1. There fantastic J.D my friend Drew is really pleased with how the range is taking shape.

  4. Oh, those dino-mutts look great. Can't wait to see how you paint them up.

    1. Thanks Dean deciding on skin tones at the minute. Thinking either blue/green fro the herbivore and maybe red or orange for the carnivore.

  5. I like the American agents. But dinosaurs with clothes on are not my cuppa. But I will enjoy seeing them with a lick of paint.

    1. I think there great and very useful. I like the mutts more and more. Especially when I can have them being hunted down in post apocalyptic ruins.

  6. This range is growing on me, Simon. I may yet succumb to it.

  7. I really like the American agents dude!

  8. Ian Mountain's sculpts are great, aren't they :-) ? I'm still to be convinced by the mutts, though.

  9. Whilst I don't like the dino scylpts, the humans figures are very good and useable for many genres.

  10. Dino mutts, very cool minis, I have never seen any thing like them before

  11. Best of luck selling these miniatures, and I am certainly looking forward to seeing them painted up. :)