Wednesday, 6 January 2016

First game of 2016

Quite pleased with myself this week. Managed to get my first game in of 2016 on the 3rd January!!
Have been promising a game with my daughter Carmen again since our zombie game played in 2015. Carmen wanted to play a game that was a bit more difficult so decided to try her with Across the Dead Earth.

I kept it pretty simple basic mechanics only, a couple of skills and pretty similar armed gangs so they were fair and even. I left out event cards but will add these in next time.

I took a few pics throughout so here is a small game report of sorts. We both enjoyed the game immensely and Carmen is keen for another game so big Win in my book.

Gangs were as follows.

The Kittys
L-R Angel, Amy, Carmen, Dollie and Daisy.
Carmen, Leader skill armed with Pistol and Knife.
Daisy, Medic skill armed with Shotgun and Knife.
Angel armed with Bow and Knife.
Dollie armed with Rifle and Knife.
Amy armed with Large Axe, Pistol and Knife.

Wez's Raiders

L-R Wez, Mad Dog, Stalks, Fatboy and Furiosa

Wez, Leader skill armed with Crosspistol and Knife.
Fatboy, Medic skill armed with Crossbow and Knife.
Stalks armed with Bow and Knife.
Mad Dog armed with Large Axe and Knife.
Furiosa with Rifle and Knife.

The Game.
Scenario was a loot game more so there was something to aim for rather than just maiming each other. We rolled 2d6 for Loot counters which resulted in 6 these were randomly scattered around the board.

Part of the ruins of the rag market. The gangs setup in opposite Corners Carmen top left mine the bottom right.

We counted the Sofa on Carmen's corner as her basecamp to drop off loot to and the statue in mine was my safe point (Loot dropped here is banked and removed from play)

I'm not sure how many turns we played somewhere around the 8-10 mark as it plays quick.

 Loot Counters were spread out across the table mostly high up with the exception of the one on top of the car.

 Opening Turns.
Both gang advance intent on bagging loot, Carmen climbs the water tower snagging the first loot counter of the game and swiftly legs it returning it to base camp. Stalks claims the Raiders first by claiming the loot on the corner ruin in the top right corner.

Wez climbs to the top of the central ruin snagging that counter whilst Angel the Archer claims the loot from the truck tower. A Few shots mainly between the rifle armed gang members results in Dollie being knocked down but healed by the Kittys medic Daisy. Amy is brought down in by Fatboy's crossbow but is in turn gunned down by the rest of the Kittys before he can finished her off.

Mad Dog grabs the loot in the ruins and climbs back down and Furiosa take there final counter from out of the wrecked car.

A Group of bounty hunters turn up led by the infamous Bunny Bandit obviously after the bounty on one of the Raiders they swiftly join up with the Kittys. They advance upon the raiders and begin to pouring gunfire into the gang.

The bounty hunters advance and there leader guns down Stalks and removes him from play thankfully after he dropped of his loot.

 The Raiders begin to retreat into cover as the Kittys rake them with gunfire.  

 Having taken out Stalks who must of been the target of the bounty hunters they withdraw and disappear silently into the ruins.

 Mad Dog takes Furiosa's loot counter and makes a run for base camp.
 Daisy guns down the raiders leader with a close range blast from her shotgun and he drops the loot he is carrying.
 Daisy quickly gets Amy on her feet who retreats to basecamp with the Wez's loot. Daisy then draws her knife and despatches the raiders leader.
Furiosa is struck down by Angel's bow, Whilst Mad Dog returns to the fray and managed to knock down Carmen with his large axe. Fat Boy and Mad Dog are then gun down in a hail of arrows, bullets and scatter shot ending the game.

It wa a REALLY fun game and Carmen picked up the mechanics easily. Plans are a foot for another game there will be more equipment in that one as I am going to let Carmen pick her gang with figures from my collection and arm them as they appear.

Adding up the loot counters we picked up 3 each and with injury's Victory conditions where a bit odd I could of won as I had 5, 25 and 30pt loot counters with the score being 60pts to 55pts but as Carmen pretty much wiped out my gang I'd say it was more of a victory to the Kitty's as really the Raider's loot I suppose would of been claimed by them.

I've still not done much painting but last night I have based the final few figures I had lingering. I am off to have breakfast with my lovely wife as today we celebrate being together for 20 years! I also have a hospital appointment for some tests this afternoon so will be interesting to see what gets said about my seizure or whatever I had before Christmas. 

 I am hoping to get some painting done tonight so we will see what shows up for Sunday!

I also have this conversion on the go. I plan to add a chain with a spiked ball on the end but know I've come to it I'm not sure which size chain to use. I like the look of the smaller one but am unsure the best way to attach it to the hand. The larger chain would be easier I suppose but I'd do hand gripping just one link and have 3-4 hanging off of it. What are peoples thoughts?


  1. Nice to see father and daughter gaming, maybe take the large link from the top chain to attach to his hand but then use the smaller chain!

    1. Cheers it is great spending time with them as most my hobby stuff is done when there in bed. Good idea I shall add that to the list of methods.

  2. I agree with what Fran said. Kudos to Carmen for her victory.

    1. Yeah i'll have a look at that method. I shall pass it on :)

  3. Great stuff! Good to see the next generation getting hooked early!

    1. Thanks, I hope so :) there will be no pressure from me if Carmen takes to it then great if not then so be it :)

  4. Replies
    1. It was great and we had a laugh which I think is most important.

  5. Great post Simon and lovely to hear that there will be more to come, as you say win-win. As for the conversion I think Fran is on to something. I might be tempted to drill through the fist and put in a pin to act as a handle then attach the chain.

    1. Cheers, yeah Fran's is a good idea and not one i'd thought of.

  6. The time you spend with her now she will remember for always. Maybe not the details but spending time with her dad.

    I can only assume you are a great DAD!

  7. Nice and funny looking game Simon!

  8. That's what I like to see. Get them indoctrinated early. Keep it up! :)

  9. Great game. I hope Carmen wants to play more games.

    1. Cheers lets hope so. Carmen wants to user her not Anna and Elsa in a game as well so some fantasy gaming is on the cards as well.

  10. Smaller Chain, wrap it around the wrist too for extra purchase!

    Glad you get to game with your little'n. Certainly sounded like she had fun.

    Good luck with the appointment mate. Am sure it was just a wee glitch, now self righted and it's all green lights from here!

    1. I hadn't thought about that either good idea!

      Carmen's keen to paint hoping do a bit this weekend with her.

      Thanks Appointment was fine. Reckon it was just fainting but it was good to get some reassurance from those in the know.

  11. Gaming and family time: win-win! :)

    1. Yes indeed! Though Mummy has threatened a girly day is needed to balance it out eek!

  12. Wow! You certainly beat most to the punch, Simon. Great looking game, and lovely players too!

  13. Cool game! Nice start of the year, hehe.
    I'd personally try the smaller chain, but the bigger one would add a 'dramatic masiveness' aspect (that's the one Peter Jackson would use!), so it's all about the result you want to achieve!

  14. Great batrep, Simon.

    The smaller chain is definitely the way to go. Fran's suggestion seems sound.

  15. Do I detect children ganging up on their parent :-) ? Who was that masked Bunny Bandit anyway?

    Use the smaller chain. Possibly add a short, solid handle as well?

  16. Hola
    Eso esta bien una partida animada con la pequeña
    un saludo

  17. Awwww ... that's really sweet. Good on you for trying to get your daughter interested in tabletop gaming. :)