Wednesday 21 August 2019

Kitbash Games Granite

So another diversion this week and its another model from Kitbash Games. The character called Granite. Now he is meant to be greyish colour really but I couldn't resist painting him up in a similar fashion to the Thing from the Fantastic Four.

In other news all the models I have been posting for Kitbash Games are now on kickstarter!! At the moment there is an earlybird for the first 72 hours of £47 for 9 Resin Figures


Granite faces off against Lady Cyburn from Pulp City!!

Some of the others that I have already painted. 


  1. The Kitbash supers look awesome under your brushes Simon, and thanks for the campaign shout-out. :)

  2. Great work on Granite Simon, very Thing like

  3. Great stuff Simon 😃
    *can't look at another Kickstarter though lol!*

  4. A lovely bit of paint work Simon.