Wednesday 13 July 2011

Copplestone Bikers, Copplestone Bio Chem Squad, Hasslefree Lady Soldiers Completed

Finished most my WIP this week. They need to be based but that will be done the weekend.

 Really really enjoyed painting the bikers. Going to get some more from EM4 and Maybe Black Cat Bases Screaming Nighthawks Gang.

These Copplestone Bio Chem troopers where easier to paint than I thought the first ones  I have painted in ten years.

 My lovely Hasslefree Lady Soldiers and my WIP Dionne got to finish her hair and guns. Going to be used as Elite Zombie Hunters or Corporate hit squad or anything else I can think of.....

Please any critism, hints or tips would be great.

Edited........... I have changed the Bio Chem picture as I hadn't realised I cut off a hand and a weapon on the previous picture


  1. I'm afraid no tips because they're bloody well painted as it is, nice work sir.

  2. great job mate i love the ladys,they look like IG

  3. I've no criticisms to make on the paintjobs. They are all excellent. Once you get the bases done they'll really rock.

  4. Thank you guys for the kind comments.

    @ Shinto... They do look like IG I sorta didn't plan it that way guess the scheme is ingrained in my brain. I have a stack of Copplestone troopers and can't decide what scheme to use considering having a go at camo but not brave enough yet.

  5. give the camo a go,first try it out on a mini you dont care about

  6. Nice work. You have been busy!

    Bikers are my favorites of this bunch.

  7. @shinto good idea will have a try on some spare stuff.

    @Lord Siwoc Yes the Bikers where my favorite of the 3 sets to paint. I got frustrated with the Hasslefree figures mainly because the details is so fine and I kept making mistakes. I may strip and repaint at some point but they will do for now.

  8. Really really like the bikers!! Well done... :)