Wednesday 13 July 2011

Upcoming Miniatures on my Desk

Now i'm getting into the flow of things I have quite a few packs of figures to get through before I purchase my next batch. At the moment I have.......drum roll

Base painted/undercoated

Foundry Street Violence SV011 - Swat Team Alpha
Foundry Street Violence SV012 - Swat Team Takedown
Copplestone Future Wars FW26 - Bad Guys in Suits

Prepped (scrubbed/moldlines removed)
Copplestone Future Wars FW18 - Cops with Handguns
Copplestone Future Wars FW19 - Cops with Shotguns

Stuff Still to start which is a much longer list
Copplestone Future Wars FW1 - Hostage Rescue Squad
Copplestone Future Wars FW11 - Female Troopers
Copplestone Future Wars FW13 - Jungle Troopers
Copplestone Future Wars FW14 - Bareheaded Troopers
Copplestone Future Wars FW22 - Jungle Troopers Characters
Copplestone Future Wars FW20 - Citizen Militia 1
Copplestone Future Wars FW7 - Mercenaries (Sweaty Mercenaries on pack)

Foundry Street Violence SV037 - The B Team (grrr I got this pack off ebay MIB only to get it and find out it had 2 Murdocks and NO B.A ......).
Foundry Street Violence SV054 - Backstreet Militia

Need to get some Zombies but can't make my mind up about which to get. I'm looking at numbers at the moment and its between Wargames Factory or Mantic's Zombies to begin with.


  1. i would get one or to packs of both mantic and wargames factory zeds,the mantic ones look ok,but its better to mix them up,and add some fine metal zeds later.Im looking forward to seeing that pile of lead painted

  2. Yes I am plan on getting some groovy metal ones later. I want some cheapo ones to practice paint
    jobs on and to get some practice games in when my rules finally land

  3. If you're stuck between Mantic and WF for your choice of zombies, I'd go with Mantic because they are better sculpted. I'd suggest getting a pack of Mantic ghouls as well. Both sets are interchangeable, giving you more options.
    It looks like a daunting task when you're just starting out but take your time to avoid burn out and build your figure collection slowly, unless you like playing with unpainted minis!

  4. Cheers Vampifan I was kind of being drawn more to the Mantic ones as I have seen them in the flesh. Will get both ghouls/zombies when funds allow and the painting pile is less big :)

  5. I went with the mantic ones as they were cheaper for me, and after getting two boxes I was able to get 60 zombies on the table very quickly.

    These zombies represent the slow shambling type in my game.

    I am now thinking of getting a box (or two?) of the WF ones so I can have 'fresh' fast moving zombies on the table as well.

  6. Cheers Shelldrake. The Mantic ones are winning me over. I plan to get some Studio Zombies at some point.