Saturday 23 July 2011

Happy Happy Happy

Yay finally my copy of 'No More Room In Hell' by Iron Ivan games arrived yesterday and I collected it today woohoo. I'm hoping to have a flick through so I can see what dice etc I need as starting from scratch I realised I don't have any LOL.

Whilst in my favorite shop I also picked up some 'Dixon Miniatures' Yakuza  thinking they could be a gang of survivors or an enemy. I only bought the one pack depending on how well they paint up I might pick the rest up.

I seem to be addicted to modern gangster types. I was reading about all the different types of Yakuza groups on a wiki page yesterday. Was fascinated may have to do some gang warfare type games.


  1. Excellent post, look forward to reading you're next update!

  2. I'll be interested in hearing more about these rules...

  3. Banzai! (A Japanese Yay! in the spirit of the Yakuza figures your bought) the rules arrived :-D The mechanics of this set are very easy to play, and if you would like copies of the character play sheets I made let me know, as they are very useful and help speed up play and let you remember things.

    I hadn't thought of looking at dixon miniatures for survivors, so I will be interested to see what they look like.

    Yakuza and Triads make for interesting reading.

  4. They are really quite good and they same seem small but then they are Japanese so you would expect that. LOL

    I got Pack 5 KOKURYU-KAI with guns

    I'm trying to work out what weapons to give the one with arms folded as he has nothing.