Friday, 25 November 2011

KKBB Field Agents (Artizan)

Got some more bits finished last night. The other two agents from this pack to go with Sgt Palmer.

Still no idea who the guys on the left and right are. I imagine they could be from any number of spy fi films.

I have my McReady from the Thing painted but the photos i've took are shocking so i will taking more pictures of him before posting. I might even save it until the 2nd December when the 'The Thing' prequel is released


  1. I like these a lot, good paintjob!

  2. You've got a growing set of these excellent figures, lovely work.

  3. Nice figures, they look great.
    I've seen the Thing prequel, and it is entertaining. Probably more so if you are still familiar with the original.

  4. Thank you fella's.

    @Adam I watched the first one the other night I forgot how creepy it was in place