Monday 28 November 2011

WIP Hover Vehicles

I've been toying over the idea of having some sort of hover vehicles for various things. Post Apocalyptic games and spy fi stuff. Now I've not been able to find many vehicles with what was in my head so I decided to do some google fu and came a cross these over at  Matakishis Tea House. I though thats a cool shape so her is my first WIP I've painted them blue and black for now as they looked like I had just stuck comp mice on sticks.

 I want to add some more bits to them mainly some landing skids like a helicopter or something not sure yet.

All i've done is remove the wire and gubbins and mount them on bases. I'm not to sure about the front bit as yet. Its either gonna be some sort of sensory gubbins or perhaps an energy weapon not decided and its not fixed yet so it may get removed and replaced


  1. Hmm, how about using the blue part as the front and covering the mouse wheel with a shark fin? And maybe adding something (weapon pods or small wings) to the sides.

    The basic shape is pretty good, but I guess it's hard to break the scale and hide their true nature.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  2. This is freaking brilliant mate!!!

  3. Brilliant! Have a look a cheap felt tip pen tops they might work as thrusters or weapon pods, either way will be looking forward to updates.

  4. I actually have an old mouse pulled apart in a draw where I intended to use it for a rail car for a kiss kiss bang bang setting - kind of like the rail cars from "You Only Live Twice".

    But, unlike you, I never did anything about it! :-P