Friday, 7 March 2014

The Wyre Protective Game 1 'Loot' (Part 1)

Scurve looked down the valley though his scope at what damage nature's wrath had done to what was once a heavily wooded area. The smell of disturbed earth assaulted his nostrils as he contemplated what his gangs next move was going to be. 

It had rained incessantly for nearly a week forcing the four of them to seek shelter in an abandoned ruin as the ground had became to slippery and impassible to move onwards. It was far to risky to go back the way they had came either they were stuck for now and had to wait it out.

The rain had stopped  Scurve decided to give it an extra day for the ground to become a bit more manageable before heading onwards. A good job they had really as shortly after breaking there fast a deep rumbling and snapping sound was heard from a far at first but steadily came closer and closer the ground now saturated from all the heavy rain began to give way in a massive landslip forcing the gang to retreat from there shelter as massive chunk of the valley collapsed and rolled away.

Scurve was now using his scope planning the best route down into the valley to get across to the other side cursing there recent luck. When out came a break in the cloud cover a patch of a sunlight shone down into the dell and at the bottom  of the valley the glint of metal was shining all over the place.

Whsitling to the others to get there attention. Come on guys lets go take a look maybe we'll find us something valuable and get us some liquor and some more ammo.

Two miles on the opposite side of the valley......

Jess led her band of raiders through the forest they were out on a scouting run checking the area to see what damage the rains and recent land slides had done and checking on the herds.

Approaching the crest of the hill Jess looked down into the valley below spotting the disturbed earth and metal glinting in the daylight. Giving hand signals to the rest of the group they moved off to investigate.

Arriving at the Dell in the bottom of the valley the four scouts noticed all of a sudden it go deathly quiet no crows cawing or the usual buzz of insects chirping. Sensing something was amiss they all drew there weapons and began to move as quiet as ghosts.

First game of the campaign played on Tuesday night rather than just having a scrap I quite fancied trying out some of the different scenario's and decide to have a stab at a 'Loot' game.
The object of this scenario is to try and collect as many loot counters as possible and return them to your start zone.

Sounds simple enough it wasn't quite a stock as per the rulebook game as I tweaked it slightly to fit in with the background that had popped up while me and my girls set out the terrain.

I had the two gangs coming across an old road with wrecked vehicles on that had been previously buried until the recent natural disaster uncovered them. I chose three normal cars and 1 lorry ably assisted by the mini me Carmen we randomly selected loot counters from a pot (each have there own points value on) and then putting 2 on each car and 3 on the lorry face down so we wouldn't know what the gangs would be picking up. It would cost an action to search the lorry (well pick up a loot counter) representing them rummaging through the wreck looking for useful stuff then carrying it off to there camps. (normally you probably wouldn't use this many counters but as this only going to be a short one I figured what the heck).

Base camps are the gangs deployment zone. (Which has made me want to make some camp fires and stuff) once returning the loot I moved the loot counters off to the stat sheets so I could record who had found what.

Points are awarded for removing enemies from play and if done up close and personal this is doubled as it represents the gang member looting valuables, ammo etc from the downed party. 

The old road uncovered by the flood with a line of wrecked vehicles.

The Stour Raiders camp.

The Razor's Camp.

Turn 1

Both gangs now realising the could be plenty of loot amongst these ancient wrecks both advance cautiously so they can begin the searching.


Bran and Raven head towards the right hand cars whilst Scurve and Bear approach the truck hugging the cover afforded them by the large rocks and bushes.

The Stour Raider's split up with Herb and Redrum approaching the central car and Jess and Dixon making a move for the far Right car.

Turn 2 

Red Rum sprints upto the central car ready to search it for loot. Raven advances and takes a pot shot at him but theres an ominous click as her guns jams on her.

Herb moves forward and takes a shot at Raven but the arrow fails to reach her (Out of Range). Bran then moves up to the bushes and rips off a burst of fire from his machine pistol at Herb but the recoil spoils his aim.

Dixon moves over to the truck and pulls himself up top to take advantage of  its height. Bear moves into the hard cover provided by the rocks. Jess moves to the nearest car wreck grabs some loot and moves back to her position behind the rock. Scurve braces his hand cannon and takes careful aim at Dixon but the shot goes wild and just blows a hole in the undergrowth.

Turn 3

Bran moves further along the bushes and lets rip at Red Rum with his machine pistol blasting him over the pain knocking him unconscious. 

Herb moves across the old roadway and hits Bran with an arrow from his bow but fails to penetrate Bran's jacket.
Raven cleared the jammed pistol and fires a shot off at Herb but clearing the jam has thrown her aim off.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Dixon sights down his crossbow at Scurve but the bolt harmlessly clacks of the large rock Scurve is sheltering behind. Bear moves up to the truck and grabs a loot counter (Pic 1). Jess drops off her loot at camp (pic 2). Scurve moves to the other end of the rock loosing another shot at Dixon on top of the truck blowing Dixon off his feet and causing him to loose conciousness he gives a sharp whistle to Bear and points back to base camp with his loot and Bear moves towards him (pic 1).

Turn 4

Bran steadies his machine pistol and lets rip a burp of fire from it at Herb missing completely. Herb nocks another arrow and with what seemed like deadly precision hits Bran with again only for the tough biker to shrug it off as if it was nothing. Raven moves up hoping to take a better shot at Herb hitting him but failing to cause him any harm. Jess hearing a lot of gunfire over to the east sprints over to help out Herb. 

Bear continues running over to base camp whilst Scurve grabs a second loot counter from the truck and also heads back.

Turn 5

Herb draws his Bowie knife and charge into Raven causing a mighty blow which Raven shrugs off as if it was nothing. Bran opens fire at Jess but the spray of bullets are wide of the mark. Jess in return moves behind the bush and lets rip with her shotgun at Bran but despite taking aim is wide of the mark. Raven slips away from Herb and blasts him with her pistol the bullet ricochets off his Bowie knife and he is unharmed.

Bear and Scurve drop off there loot and prepare to go help out Bran and Raven.

Turn 6

Herb once again charges into Raven this time cutting the woman down. Bran opens fire at Herb in revenge hitting him but causing no damage. Jess hefts her hockey stick and charges into Bran who matches her blow for blow but Jess being the more experienced fighter chops his legs out from under him and brings it down sharply on his head taking him out Quickly looting  him of anything of value.

Bear and Scurve both move towards the fight but arrive to late Scurve squeezes off a shot at Herb with Hand cannon but the heavy calibre bullet merely ping's off the wrecked vehicle behind his target.

Turn 7

 Herb gives a Raven a good few kicks to make sure she is out of the fight for good and quickly rifles her pockets for any loot. Moving over the nearby car to begin searching it. Bear sprints over to the truck intent on grabbing some loot but also intent on taking out some of his frustrations on the prone Stour Raider lying unconscious atop it. Jess moves over to the central car picks up some loot and grabbing  Red Rum by his arm starts to drag him back to camp.

Scurve moves over to the car grabs some loot and looses a shot off at Jess the heavy bullet hitting her in the back and blowing her over unconscious.

That concludes part 1 lookout for part 2 on Sunday!

Thanks for reading have a good weekend!


  1. Excellent report mate. Great background write up as well.

  2. Damn quite the adventure there. Though it seems that close combat is better than shooting with all the misses, jams, and pot holes created from the firing :) Very cool mate.

    1. Thanks its fairly even really. All the Razor's knock downs where from shooting and the Stour Raider's from combat. Shooting obviously has the risk of a weapon malfunction the dice rolls if I'm honest where really crazy Raven in the combat with Herb the first time should of gone down as she need to roll under like a 3 to save and rolled a double 1 saving it with what seemed like ease.

      Hitting seem to not be a problem but the saves where just so flukey luck of the dice really.

  3. Nice on Simon, looking forward to hearing more, thank you

  4. Excellent report and I like the blog Makeover

  5. I like it, cant wait till sunday

  6. Great looking game. I love the pan scourers they make great fields. :-)

    1. Thanks mate. much better than just bare table.One of my projects is to make a board once I get hold of the materials.

  7. That looks like you had some serious fun! Looks great, want to see part 2!

    1. Thanks its a great ruleset easy to pick up :)

  8. Great read!
    I also like what you did with all that lichen...the table is looking pretty good for a simple set up! :)

  9. Cool. I like how you use bits and pieces to create terrain to play over on the kitchen table!
    Go to say, reading the scenario has made me think about how a similar game could be worked into Crooked Dice's 7ombie TV, as a solo game. Cheers.

  10. Thanks. I lack much storage so only have boxes on top of the wardrobe to store stuff so it has to all fit in those.

  11. Wow, plenty of excellent detail in this report- roll on part two!

    1. Thanks mate. Nearly finished off part 2 shall definitely post it up in the morning.

  12. Nice batrep man.
    Got some effective terrain. Not enough zombies for me though.

    1. Thanks very much Bob. The Terrain is functional its not really my strong point. I do plan to make a game board and some more post apocalyptic terrain.

  13. Looking forward to part two... very good so far. I hope part 2 has the character sheets updated as it will be interesting to see how characters progress as time goes on. Keep it coming it really is a good read.

    1. Thanks Clint, You shall see all in the morning ;)

  14. Eh? I may have not pressed PUBLISH as I wrote my comment.

    Oh well...

    Nice going so far. Good use of terrain, it really does make a difference. I am liking ADE more and more

    1. Thanks mate, Blogger has been weird all week. a few times I though I had posted comments and then realised they hadn't shown up.

  15. Looks like it was a lot of fun Simon!