Sunday, 12 April 2015

Random rambling :D

Well missed last Wednesdays blog post (whoops this week seems to of run away with itself) so what has been happening this week? Its been really busy had some days off work with the kids as they are on there Easter break. Weather has been awesome so been good to catch up on all those outdoor chores that you put off until the weather is fine. 

Hobby wise I visited the good gentlemen Pulp Citizen from Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer on Tuesday night and got a wonderful introduction to the game that is Pulp City. It is a pretty cool action packed game and I shall certainly be doing a couple of factions for it. The game if you hadn't heard of it is themed around superheroes with some of the character having nods and winks to various comics/movies/tv series characters and some being quite unique. I have been browsing the site and reading some of the characters backgrounds and there are some brilliant stories in there. Click me to read some. The mini's are fantastically sculpted and getting to see a lot of PC's Painted collection (which is glorious btw) I am feeling inspired to have a dabble at it. The game itself is quite easy to pick up and I think it will be difficult to master you can get a lot of choice in a faction or quite simply by choosing whichever character take your fancy and believe me there is a lot of choice for people to make! They had a very successful kickstarter it seems last year which has begun to ship to its backers recently so at the moment the store seems to be down (no doubt awaiting a mass update!) I have a few minis to get started with though (HUGE Thanks to Pulp Citizen) so I'll get them painted and then can add to them later:)

Painting wise I've sadly done very little I did a tiny bit Monday night (not really worth showing) Thursday saw the arrival of an order from Killer B games new range called Geezers Royale which got me excited to do some more spy fi minis. I managed to get the figures based and base coated Thursday and a fair bit done on one of them Friday afternoon of which I nearly but have not quite finished him. Rather than show them WIP I'll wait and post them when I've got them done later in the week. I'm also doing some play testing for another game (more on that later when its ok to post about it) so have been busy prepping cards and other stuff for it ready for testing.

Last night I spent watching The Big Lebowski for the first time what an awesomely hilarious film :) ( I can't believe its took me this long to view it!) I certainly recommend it! It has me howling with laughter.


  1. It was good to have you over and I am eagerly awaiting your Heavy Metal being painted mate. :)

  2. Now you can see why I aspire to dudeness, although in reality I'm far more like his sidekick Walter.

  3. I must confess... I've never seen the movie either. This despite hearing only good things about it.

  4. More and more figures, eh :-) ? I don't know where you get the time to paint them, let alone play with them (and look after the kids, do house stuff and so on).

    1. You know what happens if you run out.............