Monday, 18 February 2013

LOTR Dwarf Army For Sale

Well I've decided to sell this project on as I want to concentrate more on my other projects. I'm selling this LOTR Dwarf Army.

Its mostly unpainted with about a 25% undercoated with a few painted/basecoated


24 Plastic Warriors set (8 bowmen, 8 two-handed axe 8 Axe and shield)
5 Metal Iron Guard
19 Metal Khazad Guard (3 broken axe heads but included)
2 Metal Banner Bearers
3 Metal Captains
5 Metal Kings
10 Metal Archers
12 Metal Warriors (4 Two handed Axe, 8 Axe and Shield)
5 Metal Gimli's (photo shows six but the Breaking of the fellowship version is not included)
Balin, Dain, Murin and Drar
Mithril Dwarf on pony and on foot (I think its Mithril)

I'm looking for £130 ONO plus postage to wherever.

Postage insured/signed for to the USA is £25.00 and £17.00 to Europe

If anyones is interested or knows somebody who please get in touch.
Contact me through departmentx007ATgmailDOTcom


  1. Best of luck on the sale of these indeed. They look good mate.

  2. They are cool, i have 2 lotr armys and a 40k army i might get rid of

  3. They do look good. Best of luck with the sale.

  4. Man, oh man. I wish I had the money, wish I had the time to finish 'em up, this is an awesome deal and a great looking army. Wow, I like this a lot, good luck!