Thursday, 28 February 2013

Empire of the Dead Fracas 2 Turns 1-3

Before I crack on with the batrep I just want to mention The Empire of the Dead Requiem kickstarter is doing really well so far 25 days left (at time of writing this) and nearly at the 50'000k mark which is brilliant! I've sold my LOTR Dwarves and have made apledge on the kickstarter fingers crossed for me selling some more figures so I can get more EotD goodness.

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If you haven't checked it out please do so.

Empire of the Dead Requiem Kickstarter. 

Some cool update videos.

WIP videos of the Victorian vehicles they are doing.
Carriages, Time machine Video 
Sculpting video sneak previews of some WIP greens that aren't up on the kickstarter.
Sculpting Video

Onto the battle Report.

I played a second game this week of Empire of the Dead to further test and learn the rules. I have since realised after re-reading the rules that I made a few errors in the first one.

1, Misread the victory conditions (Thanks Scott)
2, got confused with the phases. Close combat has its own phase I was acting it out in the action phase with shooting.

The scenario I played again was 'Fracas' a chance meeting of two enemies results in open battle. First side to reduce the opposition to 25%  of its total number wins or in the case of both falling below in the same turn a draw. I increased the shillings value to bolster the numbers a little on both sides.

Deployment location was rolled for as per the rule book resulting in the two forces facing off opposite each other. I Rolled a dice to determine who deploys on which side.

Lycaon Force.
Pack Master
3 Wolves (Proxied in Bo'sun the Bull terrier as an extra)
5 Wolfskins armed in the following way
Throwing weapons and Knife
 Bow and Knife
Crossbow and Knife

197 Shillings.

Gentlemen Force.

President with Heavy Pistol and Sword.
Vice President Heavy Pistol and Knife.
4 Member's with Light pistols and Swords.
2 Member's with Light pistols and Knives.
2 Member's with Hunting Rifles and Knives.

 199 Shillings.

The scene of the Fracas

Lycaon Deployment.

Beastlord and two Wolfskins in the centre, The Pack master takes the right flank with the 3 wolves and the missile armed Wolfskins and the claw armed one take the left.

Gentlemen Deployment

The President, Vice President and the sword armed members deploy in the centre, A Rifle and pistol armed split into pairs and deploy in the flanks to support the centre.

Turn 1 Lycaon's Win Initiative.

The Beast Lord and Pack Master both there groups forward at a run sniffing the air for sign's of the enemy.

The Wolfskin's on the left flank advance towards the building to find a good firing postion.

The President and Vice President split into equal groups and advance across the road. The Rifle and pistol armed members advance towards the small outbuilding intent on climbing it.

The Rifle and pistol armed members on the right flank advance towards the nearest building intent on climbing it also.
 Turn 2 Gents Win Initiative.

Two members of the club clamber onto the outbuilding to get a good shooting position

Spotting the Pack Master in the distance the rifle armed member takes a shot, hitting him but failing to penetrate his thick fur.
The rest of the membership advance and take up firing positions.

The rifle armed member clambers onto the roof to get a better vantage point, his colleague advances towards the cart.

The wolf pack advances more cautiously into cover weary of the potshots from the gentlemen on the outbuilding.

The Beast lord and his followers advance to take cover behind the nearest cottage.

The Wolfskin's with missile weapons climb onto the roof, The wolfskin with claws and advance to take cover behind the hedge.
The Wolfskin with bow takes a long distance shot at the member in grey inflicting a wound and causing him to become Discombobulated.

Turn 3 Lycaon's win Initiative.

The member in grey recovers from his injury. (I think there should be a roll to determine this rather than just auto recovering from being Discombobulated as it doesn't come into effect unless you roll it when your character has been 'down' and is rolling for recovery). That or state it lasts for one turn.

The Pack master and his pack advance further into the ruined house intent on charging next turn.
The Beast Lord does the same presenting himself to the front in order to shield his follower's.

The bow armed Wolfskin shoots at the Member in grey wounding him and causes him to be Discombobulated again. The Crossbow armed Wolfskin shows him hows its done and removes him from play.

The President and a member fire there pistols at the Beastlord but both misses there mark.

The Vice President shoots his Heavy Pistol hitting the Beastlord with ease but fails to penetrate the beasts hide.

The member in the archway advance into cover and prepares to 'Watch and shoot' (Overwatch)

The member fire his pistol and the Wolfskin hitting but failing to wound (this became a common occurrence questionable quality of there ammunition supply would need to be raised).

The riflemen on the right flank takes aim (+2 to hit) but fails to wound the crossbow armed Wolfskin.

The Riflemen on the left flank shoots at the lead wolf but misses.

The Pistol armed gent shoots at the Pack Master but also misses.

To be continued....................


  1. I've really enjoyed reading about your EoTD exploits up to now Brummie and this is shaping up to be another great bat rep.

  2. Good report.

    I think the discombobulation works OK, especially if you can shoot someone causing this, then charge the hapless fellow with another faction member...

    I suggestion the Gentlemans club reload with SILVER ammunition! ;-)

    1. I agree it works ok but I always seem to roll it up just as the turn ends and then its removed in the following maintenance phase.

  3. I do like the idea of the bull terrier infiltrating a pack of wolves. Do you think they noticed and permitted him to tag along, or were their animal instincts just figuring that he was a slightly small, strange-shaped wolf :-) ?

    1. LOL I'm on the lookout for reinforcements got some wolves coming, but need suitable wolfskins

  4. Great battle rep, its gotten me wanting to do one of my own ;)