Sunday 3 February 2013

Paint Scheme Dilema

Now I've mentioned in previous posts and on various other peoples blogs that I'm going to be doing a 15mm Sci-Fi project this year. I've probably already said its going to be an Aliens Vs Predator themed one following the PC game more and the books so there will be quite a lot of stuff that perhaps different to what expected from the films.

Anyway my dilema is I have these lovely figures from Khurasan to use as 'not' marine's however I'm stuck. I can't decide on what colour to do the guys webbing or gloves.

Here is what I've done so far on a handful. The black bits will be metal eventually with the same camo green gun casings.

Any suggestions folks?


  1. Hmm. So far the figure is very light in colour. If you're keeping it that way then I think I would use a darker shade of brown for the webbing & gloves.

  2. I'd go for a warm brown, like a VGC leather brown, or the old snakebite leather, washed down with a warm brown ink

  3. I have snakebite leather thats a good idea. They will be given a wash of brown once i've got the base coating done so should darken them a little bit.

  4. To me the brown and green are similar tonally. Therefore I would go for a contrasting tone. Either black, highlighted by very dark blue or very dark brown OR a lighter "desert" colour.

    But the main thing I would think about is the battlefield you will fight them on.

    Whatever you choose I know you'll do a good job and I look forward to seeing it.

  5. These are really nice figures, and I agree that a sharp contrast would be better than something, as stated above, that is tonally similar. Contrast is good at this scale, but as I am a notorious colour scheme nabber, perhaps my input won't be too original! I know you'll make a good job of it though!

    1. Yep, dark green would be okay I think, or maybe a 'leaf' green with a darker wash?

  6. Replies
    1. No reason that a very dark green would not work. I personally would be thinking "Dark angels green" mixed with black, then highlighted with more dark angels. But that's just me. Your choice will be equally as good.... if not better.

  7. Thanks for joining and commenting it helps. I thought about using the same green but didn't think it would stand out. i'm in for a paint session tonight. Depends on whether I convert some figures for 7TV though instead as I have loads more characters to do.