Friday, 1 March 2013

Empire of the Dead Fracas 2 Part 2 Turns 4-7

First part of the battle can be found here.

Quick recap both sides have cautiously advanced towards each other. The Lycaon;s are preparing to charge  and the Gentlemen's fire power has failed to cause much damage on the fast approaching beasts!

Turn 4 Lycaon's Win Initiative.

A wolf attempts to charge the member behind the log pile but as it moves around the corner the Member snaps a shot off with his pistol bringing it 'down'.

The Bull Terrier advances towards the arch.

The Pack Master Charges the Member on the outbuilding with pistol. Winning easily and taking him out.

Another Wolf charges the member behind the logs but is lain low by the skilled gent is taken out.
The Beastlord charges the Vice President the Vice president striking some blows but failing to penetrate the beasts hide.

Tthe Wolfskin with throwing knive's charges another member throwing a blade at him  but misses as he close's in. Clashing blades the member overpowers the Wolfskin but fails to cause any wounds and they remain locked in combat.

The Wolfskin with Claws charges the member by the cart ripping him apart with his claws taking him out.

The Wolfskin Crossbowmen trades shots with the riflemen but both miss.

The Wolfskin bowmen looses an arrow at the President but misses.
Turn 5 Lycaon's Win Initiative.

Maintenance Phase.
The wolf shot 'down' recovers and becomes Discombobulated making a move into cover. (the rule works here).

The Pack Master charges the riflemen inflicting two wounds causing him to be Discombobulated.

The Wolfskin with knife charges the member behind the logs who shows his superior skill with the sword and the Wolfskin is 'down'.

The Wolf advance through the arch and charges into the gent inflicting two wounds and causing him to be Discombobulated.

The Wolfskin with wolf claws charges the President the combat is tied but the Presidents superior swordsmanship win thorough. Sadly failing to cause any wounds.

Arrows, bolts and bullets are traded but either miss or fail to wound .

The Combat between the Beastlord and the Vice President end with him being ripped apart and taken out.

The combat with the throwing knife armed Wolfskin results in him being taken 'Down'.

Turn 6 Gentlemen Win Initiative.

Maintenance Phase .
Wolfskin with Knife remains down.

Wolfskin with Throwing Knives becomes Discombobulated and crawls away.

Riflemen recovers and remains in combat with the Pack Master.

Wolf recovers from being Discombobulated.

Member on left charges Wolfskin with Throwing Knives unable to defend himself properly he is taken 'Down'

Member behind log pile charges the Beastlord. inflicts two wounds and cause the Beast to become Discombobulated.

The Riflemen eventually scores a damaging hit and takes out the Wolfskin with bow.

The Wolfskin Crossbowmen hits the riflemen but fails to wound him.

The Wolf that recovered charges into the combat with the Beast lord and member  that was behind the logs and takes him out.

The President beats the Claw armed Wolfskin causing him to become Discombobulated.

The Pack Master beats the riflemen with ease taking him 'down'.

Turn 7 Lycaon's win Initiative.

Maintenance Phase.

Reduced to 50% of there starting number with another member down the Gentlemen concede the game to the Lycaon's

Lycaon's Win!!

Wow what a game it really turned around on turn 3 the gentlemen's fluffed wound rolls from shooting. Resulting in far to many Lycaon's getting into combat where there superior abilities began to tell after a couple of turns of combat. I think if it of continued they certainly would of broke the Gentlemen in the next turn

The Gentlemen removed from play including the Vice President.

The only two Lycaons Removed.

This guy (Watson miniature but used as a normal member) was suitably heroic and deserving of man of the match. Taking a wolf out with a snap shot and laying about with his sword taking a Wolfskin 'down' and beating the Beastlord in combat causing him to  be Discombobulated. Only to be then taken out by another wolf.


  1. Discombobulated - what a great word!

    Well, I have to admit that I was rooting for the Lycaons from the start, so I'm happy with the result. What a great batrep, Simon. Very entertaining.

  2. Love it! Sounds like fun was had by all! HUZZAH!

  3. Great report there Brummie and looks like lots of fun

    1. I had a blast, definitely going to play some more games. Need to get my Vampires and Brotherhood painted!

  4. Discombobulated - hmmm I had to look that up!

    Good report Simon enjoyable read.

  5. What a match. Well played sir, I'll recount these exploits at m'club this Sunday. ood batrep(s) very enjoyable. I like the idea of a MOTM.

    1. Thanks I though he deserved compared to how poorly the rest of the gents did. The Lycaons all did there own bits.

  6. Boo! the Gentlemen were robbed. They should have resorted to throwing some sticks to distract the dogs! Or a couple of cats for the doggies to chase.

    1. Possibly or perhaps they needed a steam suit or two

  7. Great climax to what must have been a very fun game.