Sunday, 22 June 2014

This Weeks Gaming/Hobby Update

Gaming Wise.

Phew been a bust week. Going off on my jollies tomorrow to lovely Sunny (Hopefully) Devon. Hobby wise this week I've still managed to get a few sessions in. 

Tuesday night I got invited over to Pulp Citizen's Palace of Power and got to see his amazing cabinets full of Painted Pulp City figures and we played a couple of games of Anime Tactics with some of his gorgeous figures from that collection. First game was more of an introductory game to get a feel for the rules and mechanics as its quite different to anything I've played before. First game we played with only a couple of figures each for me to get a feel for the rules and Pulp Citizen won this one.  

For the second game I got to take his Black Sun for there first ever outing on the field of battle they are a lovely collection of undead type gribblies. This game was much harder fought and was very close until the final turn when my big guy Raziel splatted Pulp Citizen's final two characters it was very close and despite Raziel being on full health I had lost two of my faction and the leader Arkham and another Type 005 construct were on there last legs health wise with only a few wounds each.

A picture courtesy of Pulp Citizen's latest post. I only got to use some of the Black Sun on Tuesday as these come out at a lot more levels. I got to use The first three on the left the guy in the centre with the Ravens who is the spell caster called Arkham and the Raziel is the big choppy dude on the right hand side. The type 005 which the back left corner explode after losing there final wound managed to take out one of Pulp Citizen's wounded characters in the blast to. I don't usual like evil type factions but I love this one for some reason.

Hobby Wise.

Miniature wise this week I've been unable to focus much on current projects with holiday prep and what not I decided to do something just for fun. Now back in March Pulp Citizen kindly gave some Pulp City figures as a gift so feeling inspired I dug them out and got them assembled. Hero of Pulp City Ace of Wraiths I sculpted a pavement base as if he's stepping down off the side-walk and firing his pistol (we'll use super hero terminology none of this British pavement lark lol ) Gree Serpent she is a villainous ninja leader type  (forgive me I know nothing of there backgrounds yet) I positioned her crouching on a fire hydrant drawing her sword. Finally we have Doctor Mercury a sort of liquid metal guy who can form objects such as hammers and blades and stuff from his body a bit like the T1000 from Terminator 2 I Imagine. They all need a bit off sanding down in places before they'll be read for paint.

Doc Mercury is not quite finished yet I have just finalised his position on the base and pinned both his arms into place and filled the joins so he needs to be sanded down and smoothed out once cured.

See you all in a week! There will be some Across the Dead Earth posts during next week. I'll respond to comments when I get back or if we get any bad weather.


  1. Oooh look shinnies. Nice to see you will be playing games of Dead earth, I shall look forward to the AARs for them. Enjoy the sun and grab some family time.

  2. We're going away mate. So no hobby stuff apart from reading a few mags etc. The posts next week will be more info about the gangs backgrounds etc.

  3. It was good to get some gaming in, and great to see you starting in on Pulp City. :D

    Enjoy your hols. :)

    1. It was really good. Your collection in your cabinet is inspirational!

  4. And credit where it id due: the pic was kindly taken by my buddy Rob. :)

  5. Happy holidays, mate! Come back fully recharged and raring to go.

  6. These look very nice indeed!

  7. Interesting figures there Simon and I look to seeing them develop

  8. Have a great holiday, Simon- I hope the sun stays out for you as it did for us in the Lake District last week!

  9. I wish you nice weather on your holiday Simon.