Sunday, 29 June 2014

Across the Dead Earth. The Jester's I.A.O State Squad (gang)

The State I.A.O.

“The State” considers itself, but is considered by few others, to rule the Dead Earth in the Formally-United Kingdom. Based in empty, echoey halls with shattered windows and vegetation breaking through the floor and walls in New Venice, London, the State “protects” and heavily taxes those who still live in the bombshell of the old capital city. Whatever else you can say about the State, it does control a great deal of the military grade weaponry in the country, and members flock to swell their ranks, hearing that loyal and established members are rewarded with accommodation in luxurious mansions decked out with museum pieces and unspeakable riches from before the war, with running water and electricity. And slaves.
The I.A.O, or Information Acquisition Operatives, are medium ranking State operatives who have proven of enough worth to be provided with weapons and uniforms. They are despatched to every corner of the F-UK to spread the word of The State and The State’s law, to bring towns, traders and enclaves under State control and to eradicate and kill Gang members, and more than anything else to spy on the other Gang’s and factions.

First up is Jester the Leader of this Gang.

Cpt. “Jester” Jackson is a ruthless career soldier who is loyal to the State totally, at least so long as she serves as a means to his ends. His disdain for human life is legendary and there are even rumours that he has had a hand in the deaths of superiors in an effort to expedite his rise through the ranks.

His call sign – a shortening of “Deathjester”, the name by which he was known as a Grunt – doesn’t come from any love of one-liners or witty repartee, but from the smile Jester breaks into when he watches his enemies dispatched, no matter how cruelly or bloodily.

Skelch the gangs Sharp Shooter.

A State veteran of several years’ service, Skelch is the ultimate professional. A grizzled and hardened sniper, Skelch stays cool under fire and obeys orders. Less politically motivated than some of his pears, Skelch followed his father into the military tradition upheld by the State, and believes what he does must be right, because otherwise the Head of State would not order it. There is therefore no question Skelch’s loyalty or commitment.

SIWOC the gangs Scout who is just a badass in general.

Siwoc picked up his name from an off-hand utterance which became a catchphrase in his first squad (“Situation is…world of chaos!”) Assigned to Jester due to his hatred of the Gang lifestyle and way of life, Siwoc wishes to bring
order to the chaos around him. Precise, quick witted and showing an amazing alertness to tactical opportunities, Siwoc makes for the perfect eyes and ears in the squad.

Squint who is the gangs Medic.

Squint is an exceptionally talented and intelligent young Dr. who uniquely amongst the Choobies of New Venice’s underground, descendants of the legendary Seven Sisters – those who remained hidden underneath the war torn world for decades - saw the opportunity for learning, and was spotted by State officials, soon graduating from his scholarship as a Dr. Being so low born, though, Squint could command no respect amongst the strictly hierarchical families of New Venice and the State, and so joined an IAO squad to become a man of rank. Squint is focused and single minded, knowing that to obey orders is to raise his status in this world.

 Yoshi Heavy (Yoshi's career choice may change )

Yoshi is on a one man war to rid the F-UK of Gangs and bandits, having witnessed the death of his close family in a Gang raid as a youth. The State protected and raised Yoshi, instilling in him and almost religious fervour and hatred for the Trade Guild, non-aligned towns and most of all, the Savages. Yoshi also despises the Inquisition, seeing them as questioning the might and authority of the Head of State.

Now a family man himself, Yoshi would stop at nothing to defend New Venice, seeing it as his home and castle, and the world which protects both he and his family.


  1. I think these are the best figures so far. Thanks for Showing them Simon.

  2. I like most of them a lot. The sniper seems to be holding his weapon in a strange way, though?

  3. These figures look amazing! love the background for them as well.

  4. They are sweet, I will start reading the rules when I finish Pulp Alley, Im trying to find 20mm figs to fit the game, any ideas?

  5. The rules are quite easy to get to grips with. I promise you that ;-)

    Can not wait untill we have the miniatures!!!

    1. No Nor me.Now i'm back I need to paint me some Red Claws :D

  6. Those are my favorite so far as well, you can never go wrong with a uniformed force :P.

    Don't hate me Simon, but Johnny's miniature is by far the best :D :D

    If Yoshi is a "heavy", will he get some sort of a rocket launcher to aid his SMG?

    1. LOL Yeah everyone loves Siwoc until they get hurt and then they need Squint to come and patch em up!

      Not sure what's happening with Yoshi yet. There are plans for 'upgraded' figures so I think he'll get something later. As a a starting gang the sniper is enough of an advantage without giving them the LMG/RPG as well.

  7. hola+
    Magnificas miniaturas
    un escuadrón buenísimo
    el de las dos armas ,me encanta
    un saludo

  8. Very nicely posed and sculpted figures.

  9. Tjey look very much like the Hasselfree soldiers they have been putting out. Thay are nice looking figures.

  10. Some very nice looking figures.

  11. I like Siwoc just for the mask alone!

  12. Theeeeeere's Johnny! These are really nice scuplts

  13. These are definitely my favourites so far.

  14. small, but oh so dangerous! :)