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7TV Day - Dales Invasion Earth 2019

Sunday 26th May saw me drive up North to the Dales Wargaming Club for my second 7TV day of the year. It was a first 7TV event held by the club but they host all sorts of  different events for different game throughout the years and meet once a month on a Saturday or Sunday for a days gaming. So its worth following their facebook page in case you see anything they fancy or just attending for a game. Its a nice relaxed group and easy to organise games.

Facebook Group Link

It was held in the Whitworth Centre in Matlock Derbyshire and organised by James Aldridge who I have met a few times and previous events and is a big fan of 7TV and many systems (like us all really). It was a relaxed event with beginners welcome and the actual results of the games didn't matter. There were some prizes donated by Crooked Dice and Wargames Illustrated which went to Most Sporting, Best Cast and Best Board.

The Whitwirth Centre is a cracking venue. It has free parking, an excellent and value for money onsite cafe. With some brill looking grounds which I hope to return back with the family with to explore at some point.

The Brunel room where the event was held. (empty here) but as you can see it spacious and well lit.

Wayne Bollands from Wargames Illustrated came along to the day and very kindly bought a great big box of random figures which people could pick up for a donation to the club. More about that later!

Start time was 1000am but as I was bringing a board (and waking up at stupid O'Clock) I arrived for just before 900am. James and Colin Alcock were already there with a number of tables setup. I opted to bring a different table to my usual Post Apocalyptic desert board. The theme was Invasion so I went for a ruined overgrown town look. Taking all my ruins and newly done trees and then had a few bits of scatter. I think I need to get myself a proper ruined city mat for my terrain to go in itt didn't quite suit the green mat.

I took two casts a heroic and a villainous casts as I wasn't sure what the mix was going to be.

For most of the games I used my Lethal Weapon cast comprising of

Rigg's (Action Hero)
Murtagh (Tough Detective)
Police Unit (US Cops)
4 Officers

Some pics of the excellent boards that were available to game on. Most were from James's personal collection and some of the clubs tables

 My own cobbled together table.

My first game was against Carl Packham. It was great to natter and meet up in person again as we hadn't seen each other since the Across the Dead Earth day a few years back. Carl brought an excellent Mars Attack themed force comprising of an Otherwordly Invader, Marauding Monster as stars supported by an Alien Spearhead containing a War leader, warriors and of course the alien heavy with his his dis-integrator gun!

We rolled up a random scenario and rolled up The Race. This was a race to grab the objectives and meant extra plot points were allocated if we turned over two cards meaning 4 to each player.


A Goverment motorcade carrying scientists and their research documents regarding the Aliens has been ambushed by an alien attack craft. Just before the convoy is destroyed a lone scientist gets out a distress call on the radio getting through to a group of local Police survivors.

Stating how vitally important the documents the convoy is carrying are to defeat the alien menace. The Police lead a desperate rescue mission with all the officers spare officers available.

The Aliens also hearing the distress call send in a phalanx of warriors and a chief scientist to find out what these Earthlings now by harvesting the brains from any humans in the area.

The cops advance through the ruins Rigg's with the Police Unit on the left flank and Murtagh and a loan officer on the right.

Spotting the aliens also advancing towards them the Police cautiously advance and take cover preparing their pistols and the single shotgun they carry again the aliens deadly weaponry. The Aliens advance forward capturing a survivor for analysis. An Alien with a very large weapon advances down the street Murtagh stands up and cricks his neck and blasts him with his service revolver down the creature before it can unleash the power of its huge weapon.

A ball of kinetic force comes from nowhere and blasts the Police sergeant back down the street leaving him breathless on his back.

The Aliens sift through the wreckage finding a survivor and extracting his brain for analysis. The Police charge forward pistols blazing at this disgusting sight. Murtagh wounding the alien war leader and the commander of the alien Squad. A huge hulking beast scuttles up and over the ruins and prepares to charge into the LAPD.

A blaze of light causes the wreckage the LAPD were hiding behind to just vanish leaving them standing in the open. Murtagh is unable to react is wounded by the Alien War Leaders strange looking pistol, The warriors blaze away thinning down the Police numbers then the beast charges into the officers by the car bring them down one by one leaving only Rigg's and Murtagh to face their wrath.

Rigg's steals his courage and fights back against the Hulking monster bringing it down in a flurry of kicks and punches. Grappling it to the ground and break its neck in a leg lock. The two detectives then see another Alien with a large weapon turn the corner of the street and decide to beat a hasty retreat.

This was a pretty cool game but losing all my extra's to the Martian's superior weapons and me forgetting to save a plot point to use as an extra dice for my ax test meant the LAPD Detectives beat a hasty retreat.  Saying that after totting up points it was a close finish with me taking out the Huge Beast netting me a chunk of VP's to scrape a draw.

Game 2

We finished out first game quite quickly and decided to roll a new scenario but leave out objectives this time. We rolled up the hit and decided that it made sense that the Aliens were trying to capture a VIP which turned out to be Axel Foley who was visiting from Detroit.

The cops deploy in the ruins with Axel on aa central position with Riggs and Murtagh on either side of him and the officers in uniform fanned out in front.
The Aliens approach cautiously down the left flank.

Riggs leads the boys in blue to engage the enemy.

The Aliens advance cautiously

Shots are exchanged but the hard cover prevents any casualties. A freak teleportation incident switches a warrior with  cops places. The Alien is quickly gunned down by Murtagh who is not surprised and mutters about being 'too old for this shit!'

The cop is surprised but seeing an Alien in front him with a huge weapon charges in and takes it down with a few blows from his trusty nightstick.

 but the cop is revealed to be an Alien Duplicate and switches sides at a crucial moment axing the Police cast. Riggs and Murtagh dig deep and hold on. Riggs takes down the large alien beast with the aid of some pepper spray and a flurry of martial arts kicks to the face!

Somehow Axel sets the sleeve of his cost on fire and blunders around trying to put it out.

We had a lunch break the onsite cafe made sandwiches to order and had a good choice of food at good prices. Then we all split off for game 2 of the day well 3 for me.

Game 3

This time I paired up with Kieron from the blog  Cheaphammer we hadn't played in a good while so we set the might if skeleton and his minions vs the LAPD.

Skeletor had raised a military airbase to the ground in search of some launch codes for some nuclear devices he had learned about through Evil Lyns dark magic. Responding to the disturbance the LAPD arrive to Investigate.

Kieron's most excellent Skeletor themed cast. Won best Cast

We rolled up the Escape and decided it made sense that Skeletor having exhausted his magic on the air base attack but know in possession of the codes he needed was now going to escape the arriving LAPD.

The LAPD advance onto the base and begin searching for survivors.
Skeleton's force still spread out searching to escape the base. Hearing the sirens arriving all around they head towards the airfield.

The LAPD cautiously advance forward.

Skeletor and his minons cautiosly move forward (slowed down by a countdown card)

Skeletor and Panthor move up into cover being some form of wheeled human transport. The muscly Panthor accidentally leans against it causing it to roll out the way revealing Skeletor in the open right in front of Rigg's. Seeing this demonic visioned creature Rigg's does what he knows best in this sort of situation and blazes away with semi automatic pistol gunning down the strange blue creature (a combination of Countdown card moving the wreck, Stealing the scene then drawing another Countdown card giving Rigg's an extra shoot attack meant that Skeletor was riddled with bullets and removed from the game I spent a lot of dice on the last attack to take Skeletors last wound it was worth it though!!).

Sergeant Hooker and two Officers advance forward and start trading shots with Trapjaw as he advances slowly towards them.

Beastman, Clawful and Tri Clops charge towards the sandbagged position but can't quite get themselves over the defenses to get at Rigg's

Evil Lyn aims a sorcerous blast at Riggs but he manages to roll out of harms way.

Panthor sprints over to help Trapjaw.

Panthor brings down the first officer drawing first blood on those who harmed his master.

Trapjaw giving up on shooting at the cops charges in with the aid of Panthor

Beastman with the aid of a bit of magic makes a flying leap across the battlefield and sets about the Police with his vile whip.

Evil Lyn, Clawful and Tri Clops make a run for it with the codes.

Murtagh and another Officer come to the aid of the officer beset by Beastman. Weakening him with the rain of blows.

Beastman fights back bringing down an officer

Panthor knocks down the Sergeant and makes a sprint for the edge of the base as Trapjaw moves in lays the beat down on Sergeant Hooker

Knocked down and unable to defend himself properly succumbs to the onslaught of Trapjaws crushing blows.

Beastman deciding to stick with the original plan disengages and tries to escape the LAPD but they catch up with him and a few swift punches and beatings with a nightstick lays him low.

Evil Lyn and minions continue to make a run for it.
Riggs catches up with the Evil Lyn and takes aim at Clawful gunning him down in a burst of fire.

Not quite quick enough Rigg's fails to catch up and Evil Lyn and Tri Clops escape with the codes.

Trapjaw advance and fires at Murtagh and the last officer. Whilst Rigg's sprints back over to help his fellow officers.

In a blaze of gunfire Rigg's brings Trapjaw to justice for murdering his colleagues!

Murtagh looses off a few shots with his trusty service revolver but Panthor escape the airbase.

This was quite a cinematic game. Unfortunately for Kieron the countdown cards were set against him slowing down movement in his first turn, removing cover from his Star and not stealing the scene when the time was right. Allowed Rigg's to deal with Skeletor before he could get into range of the LAPD and begin using his powers. Although both sides were Axed by the end of the game. Objectives and killing off Skeletor gave me victory over the evil Eternian's 9-4

Game 4

The final game of the day. We all switched around this time I paired up with Dorian Thomas who had brought along a custom cast of Stargate SG1 (using the Hasslfree minis) It was an all star cast comprising of two Stars (one based on a Military Mind) and two co stars. I gave Dorian the choice of playing my LAPD or my Alien cast I did and he decided to play against the Aliens as it was more thematic than playing against the Lethal Weapon boys. Apologies  I didn't get many pics of this game. We rolled up the Ambush and decided the Aliens were doing the Ambushing.

Otherworldy Invader
Inhuman Servitor
Alien Spearhead
War Leader
War Priest
6 Warriors with rifles

The Countdown deck threw a curveball straight away switch the places of both our leaders. With Mekkon suddenly appearing surrounded by Armed soldiers and like wise his Leader O'Neil suddenly appeared in front of the Alien Spearhead. Luckily Mekkon was able to rapidly hover away. Poor O'Neil was blasted by the ranked up Alien Rifles.

The Stargate crew advanced towards the objectives my War Leader had trouble standing up for some reason and kept being knocked down or sliding down the hill. Teal'c was teleported to the forest in the far left corner back near the gate. The Alien Warriors advanced trading blaster fire and bullets. Gradually picking of the Stargate cast one by one taking a few casualties here and there. In the end the cast was axed and it was victory to Mekkon and his insidious aliens.

Dorian was unlucky with the Stars switching places at the start robbing him of the leadership of O'Neil then being in the firing line of the Aliens meant he had to keep burning his way through his Plot Points to activate all his team and then boost his dice. Eventually Attrition wore down his reserve of Plot Points. Where as Mekkon being a spy meant he was able to move away and not be attacked. I lost a good number of warriors and the War Priest but by that time I had picked off 3 of his cast and then Dorian failed his Ax test.

We had a good natter about ways of improving the custom cast and called it a day.

Overall it was fab days gaming. Nice and relaxed in a great venue. I shall certainly try to attend more events. To read more from others who went have aread of the following blogs.

Kieron's report on his blog Cheaperhammer!!!! LINK
Carl's report on his blog Hitting on a Double 1 LINK
James the organiser also has a blog Twisted Pinnacle LINK


  1. What a great event, great day and with bloody great games!

    1. It was a great day. 7TV is not to be taken seriously and for that reason it makes it all the more fun. It has a great group of people who play it regularly

  2. What a great day out Simon, fabulous looking tables and I love the theme.

    1. I have to say they always are great events.

  3. Great event. Nice tables. 😀

  4. Great looking venue and awesome tables.

    1. It was really cool. Can't wait for the Pulp one in July!

  5. Wow, so awesome! Looks like it was a fantastic experience :)

  6. Replies
    1. We all enjoyed it and got some cool minis to boot.

  7. What a beautiful location!
    Sounds and looks like the event was a great success.

    1. It was. Its also a regular club meet. I shall certainly try and go upto it again.

  8. Great report mate. It was awesome to get a few games in with you.

    1. It was a pleasure mate and to natter. Ack Ack!!

  9. What a venue. Tabletop terrain that you played in also looks impressive .

    1. The terrain was great. The food was excellent.

  10. Sound (and looks) like you really had a blast!

  11. That just looks visually fantastic and more importantly, like it was amazing fun!