Thursday, 6 December 2018

Hasslefree Cobra

Another movie themed character finished off and out of the leadpile. This time from Hasslefree miniatures called Cobra who is obviously based on Snake Plisskin from the movie Escape From New York. 

Now I have two intentions with this fellow so I did his combat trousers a different colour intentionally. Obviously firstly it is going to be used as Snake Plisskin secondly I am a huge fan of the Deathlands series of books and aside from the main weapon this would make an excellent proxy for Ryan Cawdor the leader of the Post Apocalyptic band.

Fab mini now he is finished but man was he a pain in the ass to paint. Some areas of the face were hard to get to due to the pose and I struggled to get his arms aligned when assembling him. Got there in the end I just had to take extra care painting his left eye. I couldn't of done it in pieces I don't think with how fiddly he was to glue and hold it.

A bit of information Deathlands. It is a book series written by a variety of authors under the pen name of James Axler. It takes place roughly one hundred years after a nuclear apocalypse decimated the world on January 20th, 2001. The books revolve around the travels of Ryan Cawdor and his companions as they discover the secrets of century old government experiments and experience the joys and more frequent horrors that roam the wastes of the former United States of America. Welcome to Deathlands, where death lurks behind every corner.
On the morning of January 20, 2001 the climax of the Cold War set the post-apocalyptic stage for the series. The end game began with a pre-emptive strike on Washington. Underground nuclear bombs were detonated from within the basement of the Soviet embassy, by an elite group of Spetsnaz operatives, destroying the central command structure and political system of the United States. For an indefinite period of time a nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union devastated both countries and subsequently the entire planet (but little details are known outside both countries). All manner of genetic contagions were released infecting the survivors of the firestorm with horrible illnesses. The remaining survivors lived harshly during a time of prolonged nuclear winter known as Sky Dark. The geography, climate, and ecosystems of the world had changed dramatically. What was left of the United States came to be known as the Deathlands.

100 years later civilisation begins again: brutal, short lived, morally confused and crazed from mutation. Between the many hot spots are small plague pits ruled by power hungry individuals who have no limits in order to establish their rule and expand their influence. These individuals are known as the Barons. Their rabble pits are known as Villes and Baronies. Civilisation unknowingly resembles the Dark Ages. Trading resumes between the Villes: Jack (a regional currency), Jolt (a hallucinogenic mixture of Mescaline and Heroin) and slaves are the primary forms of currency. Life is a strange mixture of ancient history and limited technology that is scrapped from the 20th century. Military technology is the most prized possession of all; success is often measured by the number of bullets he or she possesses. A man named Ryan Cawdor leads a group of companions across the Deathlands. Ryan has extremely secret knowledge of the 20th century. The understanding of hidden underground complexes, known as redoubts, that contains Teleportation technology. He and this companions guard this knowledge with their lives. The technology is called MAT-TRANS.

Each novel usually begins with the companions arriving at a frequently unknown redoubt by MAT-TRANS. If the situation is impossible or hostile the companions can use the last destination feature of the transporter to return to the sending location. If the redoubt is unknown then the companions usually explore, looking for weapons and supplies which they rarely find. Sometimes they are lucky and find a working shower or stored food which they always utilise or take. The story picks up speed once the characters leave the redoubt and explore the surrounding countryside. Frequently the companions are captured or forced into a confrontation with the local barons. Each novel reveals a little of the characters' history, motivations and the regional location where they arrived.

 One of many book covers.
The one movie that was done which I would love to get hold of. Its a bit cheesy looking and has very much a B movie look and feel but I don't care.

I have ideas for other companions. I have bits coming to make the infamous Armour J.B Dixx and I have the bits to assemble Mildred the doctor who was a in cryo sleep and woken in the apocalypse. I am unsure when to place in the time line as time goes on companions come and go in the early ones there is a high mortality rate and many get killed off or leave.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Rogue Miniatures Riggs and Murtagh

So first up in this month hero theme is Riggs and Murtaugh of course from Lethal Weapon (Also a Christmas movie Die Hard fans) These are sold by Rogue miniatures. (There are issue with the website currently but you can contact them through there Facebook Page to Order)

These are both really nicely detailed sculpts to paint from the details on Riggs Jacket to the little touches like the belt holster, wedding band and tie pin on Murtaugh. At first I thought Murtaugh was perhaps a bit to tall but looking it up he is 6 ft 4 inches!! So fits well really.

I have ideas now for some 8TV using these guys it would make a fun cast with some regular cops as back up. Just need a beat up station wagon for them to ride around in.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Street Wars Kickstarter: The Mollies

Totally forgot to do a shout out for this one. Street Wars by Funky Skull Games is running another kickstarter to expand the range and get produced the next gang and a few more MVP's These are one of my favourites that I have been looking forward to since seeing them in the main rulebook.

There are pledge levels for various things besides the new gang. If your after some bundles of all the gangs then you can purchase the previous gangs also.

There are some cool stretch goals for MVP Characters

Cards haven't  been included to keep the cost down but will be free to download from the main Funky Skull Website.

Also if your interested in how to play Street Wars then there is this useful video.

Mantic Walking Dead Barricades.

Slowly getting the last few bits done from my kickstarter set. I have had these sitting around since I did the all the figures over the Summer. The main thing being what colours do various bits of the scenery.

So I had a browse around online and at other peoples. Which was actually quite hard to find really. Then just made my mind up on the colours and got them done over a couple of evenings. I've just noticed I forgot to paint white around the red round things on the back of the blue barriers but ah well I'll do that later. Onto funner things!!

Friday, 30 November 2018

Serpent Fantatics Cobra Commander

Not much is known of the background of the man many call the Cobra Commander. What we can only tell is how he works and how he thinks. We know that he has deliberately started political and social conflict in a number of areas. He has amassed an army by recruiting displaced people, promising them money, power and a chance to get back at the world that hurt them. In return, he demands that they swear absolute loyalty to his cause. What is his cause? World domination.

Cobra Commander does not delude himself by justifying his actions as matters of principles or glory. He knows he does it for control and power. He is ruthless, hatred-personified and totally obsessed. A meticulous person, he likes to personally oversee vital projects himself, even engaging in military combat himself on occasion. Not much is known about him, he is a master of disguise and he has appeared as a goatee artist looking man with a son in a coma, in the Marvel comics. His appearance in the 12 inch G.I. Joe line shows him as a man with dark slicked back hair, his appearance constantly changing leaves him assumed to wear masks, even the commander can keep his identity from the people around him.

Next month I am planning on getting a bit of Scenery finished off mainly Walking Dead Barricades and a Post Apoc scatter piece thats been lingering way to long on the bench. Figures wise I am feeling a bit flat on all my normal projects.

So to do something different I am going to be painting up some Movie Heroes and Anti Heroes that I have sitting in the leadpile. Just because December tends to have a lot of movies on especially over Christmas so I think it will be good fun. I have feeling a lot of them will be from the 80's HA!

Friday, 23 November 2018

Serpent Fanatics Zarana

Zarana is a master of disguise just as much as her elder brother Zartan is. Whereas her brother uses holographics and depends on physical aspects of the art of disguise, she prefers to use makeup and method acting to deceive her targets. As a method actor, she deliberately assumes herself in the role of her disguise. She goes to the length of thinking, feeling and reacting as the object of her disguise does. In fact, she was so good at it that she could have been a successful stage actress. Her weaknesses, though, far outweigh her skills. As good as she can act, it doesn't take long before her natural tendencies start to rise out. She is smart and ambitious but short-tempered, cruel and greedy.

Zarana is another of the spare castings I was lucky to acquire from a private collection. I ended up struggling with this one. There are so many variants on hair, uniform, and accessory colours. In the end I went with the card art from the figure where possible.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

7TV Podcast Episode

I know many of you who follow my blog have shown an interest in 7TV2. I was very lucky to be invited on a fellow gaming friends podcast to talk about 7TV and it includes some other gaming chatter. 

If your interested in 7TV please have a listen! Sorry about my accent!!

Land O' Misfit Toys: Home of the Cast Dice Podcast

Link on Sound Cloud