Monday, 23 May 2022

Crooked Dice Goblin King

Concentrating on getting the remaining Goblins finished I got the Goblin King on Thorn by Crooked Dice finished. It was a gorgeous model to finish and I can't wait to have him lead his horde at the 7TV Event in July! I also picked up a few Otherworld minis I was after after they recently announced a price increase. So I have another Goblin Shaman to paint up and I got a druid and some giant Owls which I think will get added to my Elven Warband.

The throne is a gorgeous sculpt in its own right it has so many fab details from all the tiny faces dotted about to the Dwarf being crushed a top a bed of skulls. You can't see in the pics below but behind the King himself there is another row of skulls. 

I plan on taking a small board to the event but I don't have much Fantasy specific Terrain so I pick up some generic ruins by Renedra. They were quite easy to trim off, clean and assemble them all just spend a casual evening watching telly while I did it. I am undecided on whether to base the loose wall sections as I don't think they will be very stable during play. 

This is one each of the frames. The walls on the left side are what I think need basing and it will fit in better with the other pieces. I'm hoping once painted they will mix in with my LOTR Ruins

Thursday, 5 May 2022

April Update

 April has been a pretty busy month we have had 3 weeks of building work going on in the house so very little has progressed with the goblins. As the dust around the house has just been unbelievable as nearly ever room upstairs had some work done.

I pledged on the recent Crooked Dice Pirates of Luna City Pulp Kickstarter there are some excellent looking Lion Guard and Lion Shieldmaster's which I plan to use as extras with my Thundercats and eventually Flash Gordon games so looking forward to those arriving. If anyone is interested you can still get in on the kickstarter through the pledge manager on the Crooked Dice Web Store. LINK

I've got two events booked this year. The 7TV Fantasy one in July and a Burrows and Badgers one in October. Talking of which I picked up a few models from the previous Oathsworn kickstarter last month I couldn't join that one due to timings with other projects. But I grabbed the Badger Ranger, Otter Ranger, Cat Huntress and Feist Road Warden of which I love the little Wasp tracker he has in his hand. I've managed to get them cleaned up, based and primed.

Goblins wise. I still need to finish base coating the king and the other 4 models that I need for my 7TV Fantasy Event cast. I am hoping to chip away at these over the next few weeks.

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Crooked Dice Goblins

 Work is steadily progressing with my Goblin Horde. I've managed to get the bulk of the warriors done during this month. I've started the two archers, chieftain and sub chief from Otherworld. The Goblin King is also underway having got his throne finished. Now beginning work on the King himself!

With the warriors I kept a similar colour scheme to my first batch but used more green and red. Mixing it all up so they appear like a rabble but with unifying colours. I used less browns and creams on this batch. Mixing them in with the ones I did previously I think they fit in quite well.

The Kings Throne. Such a gorgeous sculpt I had to paint them separately as there are just so many nice details on the the throne itself. I decided to paint the skulls as bone rather than wood as I think it gives a nicer contrast than all just being wood.

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Crooked Dice Divine Mortal or Xena the Warrior Princess

Just a quick post this week.  I've had Xena (Divine Mortal from Crooked Dice) sitting partly done for ages. So whilst trying to decide on what todo for the 7TV event I got her finished off. I hope we see some more Xena companions as they would make a fab cast for 7TV Fantasy.

Cast wise i've gone for my Goblins and have begun work on expanding my normal warriors to begin with. Then I have several chiefs/sub chiefs and a kind to do.

The Goblin King and the extra warriors. I grabbed a couple of minis from Otherworld as well as they visually fit in nicely with the old Otherworld ones which now belong to Crooked Dice

I'v also got an Ettin from Crooked Dice I might paint but not sure on what colour todo do his skin yet.

Monday, 28 February 2022

Crooked Dice Beastman Heroes 3/4 Tygra and Panthro

 Finally got some decent weather the weekend to catch up on taking some pics. I finished off Tygra and Panthro last week after finally making do with what colours I had available for them both. I am quite pleased to get the last two finished. I have a resin print of the Thundertank to paint but not feeling brave enough to tackle that quite just yet.

I've got a 7TV event coming up in July. Its for 7TV Fantasy again so I am planning on taking one of three casts for it. At the moment its a toss up between the Thundercats which I would need to do the Tank and count it as some sort massive creature for as there are no models for Wilykit, Wilykat or Snarf as yet. 

Second choice is a Goblin themed warband I have probably around half this cast painted already and have a good chunk of figures ready to be painted to bulk the warband out. I must admit this option is sitting at the top of my list at the minute. I grabbed the remaining Goblins that I didn't have from Crooked Dice before Christmas as well as picking up the new Goblin King on Throne. I also picked up some of the new Sculpts from Otherworld Miniatures. so have got around 13 figures to paint but. They will look excellent enmass. I can't comment on how they will play though they are numerous but weak.

Finally an Elven Warband of which I have a single figure ready for. I am also am waiting on a Games Workshop made to order for Wood Elf Sentinels and Lady Galadriel so that adds waiting time on I love the LOTR Wood Elf sculpts and also added in some of the unarmoured Elves from Rivendell to give me some more sculpt choices. I would probably want a great eagle for this band which would give me an excuse to paint up the Red Kite model from Burrows and badgers as its only equipment is a breast plate which wouldn't look out of place amongst other ranges and the big bonus is I already have the figure.

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Hasslefree Dwarves

 Man the weather has been awful of late. I always seem to be at work when its decent weather and its dull. grey or stormy when I am home and have time to take some pics! I managed to snap a few this morning though as per the norm it is brighter as I am writing this post! 

For the 7TV day earlier in the month I needed to paint up some more figures as most my Fantasy stuff I have that is painted is sort of a bit scattershot and nothing had a consistent theme. I'd picked up a few bits from Hasslefree/Crooked Dice last year and it was a bit of toss up between Dwarves or Goblins. However Goblins would of meant painting 13 figures vs the Dwarves 6. With time being short the Dwarves won out!

Annoyingly I have misplace the shields for two of the Dwarves I put them somewhere safe so I could paint the backs of the figures but for the life of me I can't bloody find them! I will have to sort out some replacements as the ones in my bits box were to big unfortunately

These two should have shields on there backs but have been misplaced in fact this pic is blurry so will be replaced when I get five!

Friday, 11 February 2022

Board in Brum 7TV Fantasy Day

Greetings folks long time no post! Been a busy start to the year in my work life lately and have struggled to find free time to catch up with blogs and posts. I've done a little bit of painting here and there and last weekend attended a 7TV Fantasy Event at my local store. It was a great turn out with 14 of us playing 7TV whilst an Marvel Crisis Protocol tournament was held in the other half of the gaming hall. It was good to see old friends and met some new ones and have a good natter and roll some dice.

The event was run by Simon Coldrick the store owner as unfortunately Mike Strong couldn't make it. We played 4 game through out the day with a dungeon type game after lunch where each of us all brought along a co star and had to get the centre of the dungeon and escape.

I need to get some pics of my cast but I am never around at home when the light is decent. Hopefully one of the weekends coming up and I will take pics of the Dwarves I got finished for the event.

My Dwarven Throng led by Queen Bjork with her Hammer Maidens and their retinue.

Some but not all of the boards we got to play on during the day.

This was the dungeon board we all started in the outer ring and had to work our way through the dungeon before each ring filled with poison gas. Every turn you rolled for traps and you had to kill monsters and watch out for other players.

It was a lot of fun after a bit of back stabbing we were off and worked together and my Hammer Maiden managed to escape first! Managed to avoid other players and I killed a zombie and wounded a werewolf. Didn't get chance at the final big monster but it was brought down in a combined effort.

Some of the casts I missed a few as they were still being used in games so I didn't get pics of all of them.