Wednesday 31 July 2013

This week = Tattoo fun

Not much to show this week. Returning to work after a week off seems to have been such a chore lol.
I've under coated/base coated 12 Alien Drones and the Queen they'll hopefully finished by the weekend once I pop onto the LGS and pick up some Gloss varnish. I've also started a few more Dixon Yakuza that have been sitting under coated in the lead pile for to long. I saw some awesome figures over at the Bushido site which I'm resisting for now but the figures are painted exquisitely the tattoos have got me started and there is a great tutorial on there site which got my fired up to do some more work on my own Japanese themed minaitures.

 I've revisited these fellas and touched up there paintjob which is now nearly 2 years old. There intended use has change some what so I've removed the leaders weapons and have reduced the tattoos. Theres still plenty more work to but I think he looks better already with a less is more philosophy applied.  I have another four in the works another thug with tattoo's as well as a Copplestone Castings lady who'll be receiving a tattoo as well but more on her when they are all finished. Theme wise I'm thinking of a criminal (Yakuza obviously) but for 7TV instead. I need to think of a suitable figure for the leader though one that looks devious but not as thugish as these guys.

The trousers have been base coated where the weapons have been removed so that needs more work to blend it in. There won't be as much black tattoo showing on the final figure and the snakes have been re-done since this picture the other night. Crappy mobile camera pictures unfortunately.

If all else fails he'll be stripped and restarted.

Friday 26 July 2013

Khurasan Exterminators Part 2

Well what a week really big storms hit the UK Monday night/Tuesday Morning. Whilst watching the storm pass by drinking a cup of tea at 7:30 am a bolt of lightning hit the lamp post outside our house about maybe 18 feet away. That was a shock I'll tell you big blinding white flash a very odd sensation in your stomach and sparks flying off the lamp post. Scariest storm ever for us bit to close for comfort. Luckily power was fine but Cable TV and Internet was knocked out coming back on Late Wednesday evening!

Proved useful in the end was nice to just have the radio on caught up on some reading and started and finished all the remaining Exterminators and based the lot. Happy days!

Onto the pictures I now have 20 Marines finished and 2 Sentry guns. These are all the current packs that Khurasan do for this range. I have seen some snippets off new additions but they've not been released yet.
I shall have to get a few more basic squads mainly to get some more riflemen. I have quite a few special weapons its seems.

Onto the pictures! Thanks must go to Mr.Harold of Clear Horizon 15mm Sci-Fi who helped me decide on how to base them. Basically Black with a light dry brush of Grey the clincher being it would work in a Space ship environment as well.

I've taken a few scenic pics and the some of them in the packs they come in from Khurasan. The sentry guns come with packing crates but i'm not sure what to do with them yet as they won't really perform an in game function as I see it so they will get painted up and used as scenery.

Sentry Guns deployed and seeking targets.

Exterminator Sniper takes position and monitors for enemy patrols

Sentry Gun Pack

Left to Right Missile Launchers x2 , Commander, Plasma Rifles x2 and Sniper

Left To Right Smart Gunner, Medic, Wounded, Smart Gunner and Medic.
I left the cases unmarked so I can use the medics as riflemen as the case could be anything.

The Basic Squad, Sergeant, Flame Thrower and 2x Smart Gunners. More of these will be need to provide more riflemen.

The Whole Force so Far ready for Varnishing.

What to paint next..... Hmmm got Queen cleaned and Assembled and the 3 Predators. 20 Drones are still sitting in there packets but need to raid the piggy bank for Pennies for bases.

Monday 22 July 2013

Khurasan Exterminators Part 1

Title says it all really with the cooler weather this weekend my enthusiasm increased to get these guys finished. Superb little figures by Khurasan Miniatures. Full of lovely little details they really do surprise me that they are 15s. Thanks for the painting tips on the previous posts i've tried to take notice and hope these look slightly better.  They still need basing howeverI really can't make up my mind with what colours? Any Suggestions?

The next ten have been started as well as two sentry guns and will be well on there way to being finished by the weekend fingers crossed.

Being as the weather is so nice again today I took some pics out in the garden for a change. On another note i'm really chuffed with how these guys look as I have had these a while and was bit apprehensive about paint 15mms figures. The bug has bitten and there will be more.

Thought I'd drop a before pic in.

Wednesday 17 July 2013

AVP Project is go !!!

Well I have started my 15mm Aliens Vs Predator Project. It includes Colonial marines and when I can decide what figures to use Corporate mercenary's as well. Some other Alien races may participate not decided yet the galaxy is a big place and you never now!  (Khurasan have some seriously cool Tigers and I quite fancy some GZG Aliens/troopers as well Armies Army Neo Brits!

I've finally got a scheme for my Khurasan Exterminators that I'm happy with. The first batch are nearly finished. Painting 15mm has been a bit of a learning curve on the next batch some steps will be missed out which should make painting them a bit quicker.

Here is a couple of quick WIP photos took this morning. theres still little details do bit of metal here and there and suit lights etc. Basing is still a bit hmmmm at the moment. but I most likely decide once i've got the other 10 Exterminators the 20 drones, the queen and my 3 Predators painted. Oh and 2 sentry guns :)

Haven't though of rules but considering maybe tomorrow's war as there new supplement for it has peaked my interest in it.

Any suggestions or tips please pop them in the comments as 15mm is very new to me i've never ever dabbled in this scale before.

Lets hope this weather continues its super!!

Wednesday 10 July 2013

July Update

Well Well what are we upto lately? Not a fat lot to be honest! Had a cracking holiday got back last Friday, weather was glorious for a change and the place was great kids loved it and fun was had by all. Can't help but feel I need a holiday to get over it though!

Hobby front wise not done a great deal. Weather has been so hot and lovely I'd rather be outside enjoying it whilst it lasts! Catching up with peoples blogs slowly and all the other various forums I lurk at.

Reading wise I've been doing a fair bit and have got a few books on the go. Goldfinger by Ian Fleming I'm finding the books superb and this is the sixth one I've read so far. They are a little different to how the films go and It seems quite strange the order that they go in when all I've really known previously was the films.

I think because there slightly less gadgetry its all the more believable. The description in the books are excellent and reminds me why I much prefer books over films.

I've also just re-read Earth Hive by Steve Perry and just started reading book 2 Nightmare Asylum. I've read these books numerous times and I just love all the spin offs of the Alien/Predator franchises.

I stripped my 15m Exterminators that I had started previously and I'm back to researching a camo scheme for them as they weren't looking how I want them to at all. Hopefully I'll start these again this week depends on what takes my fancy.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

7TV The Wild Ducks Military Cast

'The Wild Ducks'

Officially the 13th Commando regiment. but - if you can contact them, and can afford them - you can hire 'The Wild Ducks' a band of soldiers available for those jobs that can't be done by the book. Performing missions usually for Queen and country Captain Charles Mallard otherwise known as 'Drakey'  leads his men on top secret missions. Whether it is to remove from power a tinpot dictator, capturing dope smugglers in South America or Arms dealers supplying weapons to warlords in Africa no job is to small  or to dirty for his highly trained soldiers.

Finally finished my first complete cast for 7TV 250 ratings worth. More when I can also add in Hugo Solomon and Pandora King. These soldiers can then be used for Department X. The figures are nearly all Crooked Dice Minion miniatures packs of Minions I Rifles, II SMGs, III Hand Weapons and Minions Specialist III with 2 extra dogs  the only figure that is not is the Marksman's body whose from Westwind's SOTR British Sniper pack with a Crooked Dice Minion head.

I use two sets of  'Fighting men' beret heads and a Military man head for Captain Mallard (using some of Crooked Dices great range of head accessories). Those without berets I sculpted on folded berets under the epaulettes on there shoulders mainly so I could use the cracking heads that come with the minions.

To show ranks I just added the appropriate markings to the fronts of the shirts. You can add grenades to some of your soldiers as wargear but I didn't think of adding them until way after I'd started painting them. I've made a 4 clusters of 3 round grenades (triangle shape) out of putty and plan on having 2 sets of stun grenades (blue) and 2 sets of explosive (probably will be green) but can't decide on how to add them to the figures yet probably will add a metal clip and that can hook over the models carrying them or perhaps pin into the bases somehow.

Credit has to be landed at the feet of Doctor Warlock who helped me out with the background a great deal. I've posted a link to his profile as he has quite a few blogs under different themes.

This is a scheduled post as I'm off on my jollies this week returning Friday so I'll respond to any comments then. Enjoy your week!

The Whole Cast of 'The Wild Ducks'

Corporal, Captain Banner (military man head added) and Sergeant Murphy.

Minions I Rifles all with fighting men heads.

Minions II with one fighting man head and the rest sculpted on berets.

Minion Specialist III, Fighting man head added and two extra dogs added. (you only get one in the blister)

I really enjoyed painting these 3 guard dogs up especially doing different markings on them.

Marksman SOTR British Sniper body with a Minion head added.

Really wasn't sure what to about the camo nettings so just a few shades of brown. I think you'd call it Urban but its not based on anything real.