Saturday 23 April 2016

Batman Miniature Game Gotham City Police Sets 1 & 2

These are the henchmen for the Batman, Green Arrow and LAW crews. Pretty much basic cops.  Both these are lovely I really like the style and poses of the cops in these sets. The cops all have different rules O'Connell the tall chap has a Tazer and Agent Ron has a pistol. The other two cops are quite similar with just the odd trait making them slightly different.

The only annoying thing about these two sets is they both contain a minion. A minion is an unnamed character who you can take upto 3 of in a gang. The first set has the bald cop and the second set the female cop is the minion. I just wish would re package them so you could buy the minions in a single pack.

My Green Arrow crew ready for there first game!

Sunday 17 April 2016

Batman Miniature Game Arsenal

Greetings everyone Salute weekend in the UK. Sadly not going but have been enjoying the many facebook pics and posts.

This week I finished off Arsenal or Speedy as he was formally known as. Sidekick to Green Arrow he brings his explosive arrows to the party.

The crew so far it has plenty of mobile firepower. Looking forward to fielding these in a game soon.
Next up the GCPD!

Sunday 10 April 2016

Batman Miniature Game Green Arrow (Comic)

Sorry folks been super busy during half term and working away and have been neglecting the blog a little bit. Things have settled down this weekend a bit.

Anyway hobbywise i've done bits and bobs over the past few weeks. I've started my next crew for Batman this time more of hero centred one in the form of a Green Arrow crew. The cool thing with this crew is I can swap out the ket characters and turn it into a Batman or Law themed crew later down the line.

I know very little about Green Arrow background apart from the basics but its something i'm doing some research into.

First up is Green Arrow himself this version is from the comics and is a sidekick in the crew but can also be taken as a boss. I shall probably pick up the TV version (leader) and the recently released Animated series Green Arrow gives your more choice and different play styles. I am not sure what pieces he came in as I got him used and he came assembled. I think most likely both arms and the base certainly are separate. I'm not to fond of the tactical rocks they put on the base of some of these characters. But not sure how I could change them.

The Comic version as I understand it is more a mobile shooter compared to the TV one which is more of a turret type character.

Next up for this crew is Green Arrow's only Sidekick so far (This may change with the new Flash/Arrow expansion being released next month) called Arsenal as he is now called or Speedy as i'm told he was referred to. I have finished him but the photo's aren't great so will retake them and stick them in a post later in the week. Supporting the heroes will be a bunch of normal police officers and they are being painted in a batch so as to try keep the uniforms a similar colour.