Wednesday 25 March 2020

Burrows and Badgers Shrew Captain Ursula Greytail

First of the new kickstarter arrivals finished and it had to be the Shrew Captain to lead all my Shrew Militia. As you can see she is tooled up with sword, shield armour and crossbow slung across her back.

All my Shrews minus the shrew knight.

Based the last of the kickstarter minis.

Played some Here's Negan this week only solo though just to re familiarise myself with the rules.

Sunday 15 March 2020

Darksword Schnauzer Ranger

Another one finished off the paint bench. I got her bass coated before Christmas but couldn't decide on how to tackle her fur. So this week I decided to just bite the bullet and have a crack at her.

The figure is from Darksword miniatures and fits in ok with my other Burrows figures the head is perhaps a little bigger than I would like but I will just pass that off as floofiness :)

Made some progress on the kickstarter minis nearly 2/3rds are cleaned, based and I got some priming done this morning in the kitchen.

Some are from the previous kickstarter and ones that I have picked up between at shows. But they all needed priming to be fair.

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Burrows and Badgers Shrew Militia.

Spurred on by the recent arrival of my kickstarter pledge its got me enthused about Burrows and Badgers again. A mass clean up and preparation for priming has begun on the kickstarter figures. I have also got a pair of Shrews finished off the paint table that had been lurking and needed finishing.

These are both conversions of the orginal models with the first one receiving a blunderbuss and the second a matchlock cavalier type weapon. Both weapons were picked up on some weapons sprues from alternate armies which I picked up last year alongside some more regular fantasy type weapon sprues.

The blunderbuss was quite easy and simple involved drilling a hole through the left hand and then cutting in half the weapon and pinning it place. I carefully trimmed the trigger and filed it so it slotted over the hand.

Conversion on the right and original on the left.

This one I trimmed away the throwing blade and then like the first drilled and add a pin and then cut the cavalier in half pinning it either side with careful filing to ensure a good fit.

Conversion on the left and original on the right.

All my Shrews together.

Monday 2 March 2020

Crooked Dice Wasteland Gunner

Just a quick post really Mojo is slowly returning. Only managed a single figure last month.  My Oathsworn Burrows and Badgers Great and Small kickstarter arrived the weekend and it's got me excited to paint some of them up.

Some of the gorgeous figures that arrived.

 All of the new minis
The Kite is awesome 

Love the Massice hounds Collie and Bulldog

Mole with Blunderbuss love this guy he is going to be high up my painting queue.