Tuesday 4 April 2023

7TV Post Apocalypse Road Warrior Day


So 18th March I went to Board in Brum for a 7TV Apocalypse day. We played 3 games throughout the day. Following a narrative set by the organiser Wayne Bollands the 3 games had extra rules or slightly modified scenarios from the Producer guides.

Casts and Crews

So it was only a small event with just 8 players which was a shame really. However it was great meeting up with the regulars to roll dice and chat geek stuff :)

My hastily put together cast the night before. The building work going on has just disrupted my hobby time to much to get anything done. Its nearing completion in the next few weeks or so. I used my Across the Dead Earth 'State' theme miniatures with some vehicles I already had done plus a random HF Survivor as my leader.

This was probably my favourite and I think nearly everyone's cast of the day. Themed around the various Mad Max Villains. The vehicles with their lighting effects it was an awesome looking cast.

Shaun and his Heaven and Hell themed cast.

Kirsten had a super Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast with customised profile cards.

James had this brilliant cyberpunk type cast of which I think the War Machine steals the show. Though I love the racer and bikers

David Brown's Survivor cast

Tavis's Scavenger cast. With mounted and dismounted bikers.

The boards that people bought in to game on. 

Tavis Hill as usually brought along an amazing looking board!

A Wasteland Bazaar

Ruined town. I think this was a store board. 

Shaun Pike's fab ruined town board.

David Brown's Wasteland Scrap Yard

Game 1
This was against David Brown's Survivor Cast It had a truck a group of survivors and gang of bikers. The objective was to loot as many tokens as possible with destroyed vehicles/vehicles also being able to be looted.

The Cast consisted of a Monster Hunter, Bad Lieutenant(maybe wrong on he co star) Survivor Unit, Biker Unit and a truck

My Scout deploys on his own on the left flank with the intention of grabbing the loot and sniping at the survivors in the scrap yard ahead

The monster hunter and Survivor band scout through the ruins snatching up loot. The Biker gang whizzed down the board coming to a stop near the right hand building. The Truck pulled upto the central building the Bad Lieutenant jumped out and snapped up some loot.

My Truck stalled (countdown card disabled it and all its occupants for a turn)
The attack buggy whizzed forward and let rip with its Heavy machine gun. Killing several bikers and wounding the biker boss

The truck rammed into the buggy causing minor damage.

 The Biker Boss left his bike and ran in to the building snatching up some loot

Finally getting the engine going my Truck rammed into the enemy truck destroying it and injuring most of the occupants. My Grunts and Natural Leader disembarked. My Scout picks off one of the survivors who was peeking next to a barricade.

My Grunts open fire and gun down the Bad Lieutenant. My Leader loots the destroyed truck. The buggy drives over to the destroyed and abandoned bikes the Grizzled Veteran and Gunner loot the bikes.

A Survivor runs out to retrieve his wounded comrade but its a trap and is also sniped by my Scout. The Grizzled veteran charges into the building and cuts down the biker boss with his combat knife. The remaining bike is looted. Dave failed his ax test and his band retreated to lick their wounds. 

Dave managed to grab 4 out of the 5 objectives however I managed to kill his co star, ax his cast and loot the 4 bikes and truck. Resulting in a win for me. I had some extremely good dice in ths game when I need to. The loss of truck ended being a boon as the plot points I gained from all the models affected boosted my dice rolls in the following turns.

Game 2
This Episode was simple. Your band was out for revenge or wanted to settle the score with a rival gang. It was all out attack on the Fury Road. This was against Tavis's band of marauders/survivors

Our bands deployed in opposite corners from one another.

My Bugg whizzed over and let rip with the HMG at the bikers. Killing a few riders. The Scrounger leapt onto a now spare bike and the bikers all roared off attacking the aggressive little buggy. There sawn off shotguns proved to be quite brutal killing the my Grizzled Veteran and the gunner and wounding the driver.

A biker swung his bike chain as he drove past ignite some leaking fuel which caused the buggy to explode and kill the passenger. The bikers ducked and weaved away from the explosion.

A massive explosion rocked the truck. Killing several occupants. The Scavenger truck whizzed forward letting rip at my truck blowing it up and further wounding the occupants.
The Bikers drove up the flank and picked off the survivors.

Games 3 
This was an escape episode. My cast deployed in one corner of the board and had to escape off the opposite corner. This was again Mark and his fab Marauder Band. In the first turn you could only make a single move action and you couldn't steal the scene. 

Both Mark's vehicles roared onto the board. Both letting rip with their rocket launchers. Heavily damaging the truck and killing several occupants. Fortunately the buggy survived unscathed.

The buggy sped off across the board. Its ability to ignore terrain and a massive 18 inch move meant after stealing the scene it left off the opposite board edge in 3 turns. The Truck block the path and everyone disembarked and took some shots at the pursuing racers prepared to sell their lives dearly.

I think this game may perhaps of been better if everyone had been on foot. Perhaps in corners on the same side the board. Then had the vehicles nearby that then had to be mounted etc. The Rockets where quite nasty and I was glad when they missed the buggy as the truck received a proper pasting from just one salvo. With the blast effect hitting occupants on a 5+ and causing d6 damage it nearly cost me a two thirds of my cast in one shot.

It was another great day playing 7TV and having a good natter amongst friends. Kirsten and Mark both won prizes for their casts voted on by members of the 7TV Facebook group. The next 7TV is in June in Nottingham and will be a Pulp/Spyfi themed sci fi event. We all had to pick a miniature out of a bag and depending on who got which figure will influence certain parts of the next event.

Tuesday 28 February 2023

I am still alive post......Just busy!!

 Hi everyone apologies its all been a bit quiet here on the hobby front. Real life has been in the way. We've had a new addition to the family, well I say new but we had him New Years Eve and he is 4 months old this weekend. So meet Frankie he is a Lab/Dogue de Bordeaux and we are enjoying having a pup in the family again and its cheered up our older dog Alfie no end having a companion. Frankie has grown super quick and is keeping us all on our toes!

Then the other thing is we are extending our extension and replacing our kitchen which started out really well but has hit a snag where we can't work out were the waste/water pipes enter the house under the extension meaning we are having to lose the kitchen 2 weeks in rather than 8 weeks in!

I've been trying to get some stuff done for a 7TV Apocalypse event on the 18th March next month however all the above has kind of impacted on my hobby time. I was hoping to get a Deathlands themed cast around the man known as  'Trader' and his companions. I've already got a military buggy done for my Joe project which I plan to use and my intention then is to paint up a Hummer with a few weapon systems on to carry more of my cast

So the two on the left will just be members of the crew. We have JB Dix then Trader himself. JB wears a Battered Fedora so I sort of reshaped the hat on this Hasslefree sculpt. Trader always smokes cigars and carries an Armalite AR15 so the old version of Hannibal Smith with an appropriate paint job and painted on beard/stubble should do the trick.

Trader from one of the Graphic Audio covers

The Armourer or JB Dix as is known as in the books.

Ryan Cawdor I did ages ago as dual purpose mini

A Crooked Dice Hummer I had in the stash. I plant to get it painted and just pin on a missile pod and a sort of light autocannon. I'll have these removeable so I can swap out different weapons on them.

Let see what the next few weeks bring!