Tuesday 23 November 2021

Lord Humungus War Party cast for 7TV Day

So I have been beavering away at my cast for the event this weekend just passed. I'll write up a report later in the week. Just catching up with the stuff I prepared for it. So first up we have the main man himself the Lord Humungus. M'lod is a crooked dice model which I have converted by adding a scoped revolver which was also from Crooked Dice in there conversion bits section with a scope added from some sort of WW2 sniper weapon

Next up is his signature Wartruck. As in my previous posts I kind of went for a similar look as I want to be able to mount models on it rather than going for an exact replica. I want to add on some hostages like in the movie but my attempts at making them haven't been very good and when you start searching the internet for prisoner miniatures it gets a bit to kinky to quickly.

I do have tons of raider types already but thought it would be rude not to tackle some of the unpainted lead pile so also got these four Marauder/Savages done. The guy with the shield I plan to add some sort of signage to but undecided on what as yet. So will come back to him.

3x Marauders with 1x Marauder Wrecker

I literally picked the cast on Saturday morning grabbing one of previous post apocalypse vehicles as a secondary car. Then choosing Stars and Co Stars. We had 50 ratings to play around with so it was quite a lot for an event. Usually they are around 40 ratings. But Vehicles will soak up a good chunk of that.

The Whole Case. I went with the following Apocalypse Profiles.

Lord Humungus (Overlord Star)
Wes (Grizzled Veteran Co Star)
Bullitt (Driving the second truck)
Marauder Raiding Party unit.
1x Marauder Leader
4x Marauders
1x Pyro
1x Wrecker

Lord Humungus Wartruck (Racer with Nitro mod)
Marauder Battle truck (Truck with, Flatbed, Ram plate and Harpoon Launcher) 

Marauder, Lord Humungus and Wrecker

Wes, Marauaders and Bullitt (next to not Iron Bar)