Saturday 27 June 2015

Raider 'Ironbar' and KS package arrives :)

Another Raider finished and off the paint table this week. A Copplestone Grenadier sculpt now sold by EM4. I really can't understand why its took me so long to get hold of some of these figures as they are absolutely bad ass sculpts. I have 7 of the Savages including this one in total to paint up but one is a duplicate which I've converted. I am going to the Barrage show in Stafford on the 12th July and Forlorn Hope will be there and they also carry the line :D so I'll pick up those missing Savages and get the Scavengers and perhaps the bikers.

This Raider obviously has a strong Mad Max vibe to it and is very reminiscent of Iron Bar though not exactly alike. This guy is relatively unmodified all I've done is trimmed down his shotgun into a sawn off making him seem more menacing I feel.

 Love the scars down his cheek looks like a proper rough neck.

 A pick of the three raider types so far. The Outrider with rifle will probably join a different group when I've received my trade package of Wreck-Age figures and there will be more figures of the same type.

His Face is awesome really tricky to get a shot of it.

In other news the bulk of Studio Miniatures Z Clipz Kickstarter package arrived yesterday. Theres a couple of minis being sent on later when there back in stock. (The Bandit and the Celebrity Zombie) 

I'm very pleased there awesome sculpts I've already cleaned up and stuck the 'Hobo' on a base its such a fun model and will get put in with my post apoc figures. Theres some pics of the survivors below and some size pics in case people were wondering about the size of them. I have the zombie versions of most of these as well. I'll do a separate post of these as there are some classics in amongst it. Zomtober is going to be ace this year :)

 Some king of rocket/bomb arrow.
 The Hobo rear he has a spare arrow and plunger :D

 The Lover's (him), The Boss, The Sister, The Brother and The Father.
The Loner, The Biker, The Kid, The Detective, The Leader and The Lover's (Her)

Some size shots Hasslefree, Nexus, Crooked Dice.

The Lover (male)  He's a little taller due to some flash across the bottom of his tab it needs snipping off nothing that won't take to long lol but was excited to take pics yesterday :)
 The Brother he has a hand in a fist to be attached. I have a carbine waiting in my bits box to strap to his back for this guy.
The Sister. Again am going to try and recreate the sniper/assault rifle she carries. Not quite found the right bits yet.

Wednesday 24 June 2015


More Post Apocalyptic goodness this week. Clearing down the paint table of a few lingering miniatures. I got a bit lost with the colour scheme for these two. Finally made my mind up and simplified it and got them finished. Both will be part of Raider bands for This is not a Test, Across the Dead Earth and well anything else that requires raider/savage types.

Working on some more Raiders at the moment. From EM4 this time waiting on a package of Wreckage figures to arrive from a trade I did can't wait!

Saturday 20 June 2015

I don't want to set the world ooooooon fire...

Painting wise this week I've very much been in a Post Apocalyptic mood again. Perusing various Lead Adventure Forum posts about Fallout and other things of that flavour I felt I need to paint up a Vault Dweller. The Model Is Ekaterina by Hasslefree miniatures. I originally picked this up for another project then changed my mind. Cracking sculpt paint in standard vault colours packing some pistols and some leather armour :)

I am thinking of creating a Fallout themed gang for Across the Dead Earth there will be no power armour or laser/plasma weapons just a nod to some of the games.

 But I also ended up having a play with some plastic kits and assembled 6 Ghouls :) made from the Male Wargames Factory Surivors and WW2 Us Infantry sprues. Heads are Mantic zombies I had spare and the smalled Ghoul has a Male WGF Zombie head. They need the bases doing and some of the necks need filling a littl as the Mantic heads and bodies lack necks. Round bits of sprue were attached in place to get the positions.


All this Fallout flavoursomeness has had me looking into what sort of rulesets there are that can accommodate homages to Fallout one thats caught my eye is This Is not A Test click the name to view there site. Heres a bit about the game from there website

"This Is Not a Test, or TNT for short, is a skirmish warband game set after the nuclear apocalypse.   Using these rules players choose a faction, such as tribals, raiders, mutants, etc., and fight other warbands, gaining power, equipment, and prestige through each victory and defeat.   Each battle is hard won though as players not only have to deal with their opponents, but also the challenges of the wasteland, through hazards and radioactive monstrosities."

They also have there own miniatures some awesome multi part Peace Keepers, Funky looking armed mutants as well as suitably enlarged critters such as large snakes, rats and roaches! I also love Gas Mask Girl such an awesome mini!
 Peace Keepers

Gas Mask Girl

Wednesday 17 June 2015

First Batman game thoughts.

Played my first game of the Knight Models Batman game last night with the good gentlemen Pulp Citizen. It was immensely fun and after pondering the game somewhat today plays in my opinion very much like the cartoons play out with various members being stunned and knocked out. One thing I'm learning is how many diverse enemies Gotham City has as a lot of these villains etc I'd never heard of before until this game came out lol.

It was only a small game I neglected to taking any photos sorry. We played a Plunder Scenario I took all my Penguin Crew (They got quite a bit of extra gear mainly because of Penguin adding on extra cash) vs Black Mask and his crew.
Penguin Crew

Titan Blue Penguin
Royal Penguin (Ammo Clip, Nightvision Goggles and Grapple Gun)
Blue Penguin Shield (Titan Does)
Penguin Emperor


Black Mask Crew 

(Totally forgot what gear PC took as we selected it at the time not beforehand)
Black Mask
Goon 02
Prisoner 03
Prisoner 04

What I picked up about the game

The game itself is pretty cool its always set at night time so you characters only have a certain vision range. But whats cool is you randomly roll up a number of lamp posts at the start that give out a 10cm radius of light. If your character is in that radius then the can be seen from anywhere on the board. Also a quantity of  Sewers are randomly rolled for allowing sort of teleporting across the board but there is a 2 turn delay before your character pops up. Grates can be blocked as well.

Activation is determined by first drawing a token unseen from a bag and the colour determining who wins. They then get to choose whether to move one of there crew first or second etc. That person then moves a member of there crew and play reverts to the other player to move one of theres.

Only weird thing (well something new to me) there is a sort of planning phase before you start each turn where you pre allocate your Will tokens across Movement, Special Attack and Defend these allow you to perform various actions at a cost of said token. This is kind of cool as it makes it more tactical so your sort of restricted by your plan as to what you can do. Certain characters such as the Riddler has rules that allow him to adapt to the turns events as they unfold.

I found it interesting that there different damage types stun and blood. Stun you can recover from over time blood you can't. Taking either damage reduces your Will per so many points of damage you've taken effectively causing your characters to be fatigued. Shooting is fairly straight forward.

I quite like the Blink rolls you get when shooting at people. For every piece of terrain between you and your target you get to roll a sort of save to see if its deflected depending on the type of terrain determines what you need to roll. Hand to hand combat is fun as well depending on how you spend you will you can defend and block peoples attacks (rolling dice of course) which is cool as it gives the impression of people scrapping.

Victory conditions can take some getting your head around. You pick 3 objectives each at the start and these are deployed along a central strip of the board. Different types have different rules (Ammo you spend a Special counter to replenish ammo stocks, Titan Cannister a titan does etc) but possession (Base to base contact) of an objective generates you VP points each turn. Now I won the game on VP last night 25-15 I think but this was mainly down to me snagging to of my objectives early on bagging me 5VP a turn for 3-4 turns and then holding up a great number of Black Masks crew with my Titan Blue Penguin. Don't get me wrong this was my first game and it a learning curve as well as PC trying out different elements for his crew that might be being taken to a tournament this weekend. The game seems to be about scoring victory points and you do score VPs for taking down the opposition but not as many as you get for the objectives. I think in bigger games its harder as you can contest objectives more easier as well as defend your own.

I made my own objectives but you can buy official ones which I think you need for the Official Torunaments.

I shall certainly be getting more into the Batman game I think firstly I'll expand the crew up to 300-350 rep and I'm very tempted to start a Law and Order crew.

Sunday 14 June 2015

The Shattered Crown Hellesburne Swordsmen

Finally finished these guys off this week I have really enjoyed painting these figures despite them being a regiment and not normally how paint things up especially in numbers of this size (for me). The colour scheme I went for was based around natural colours and I want there clothing to look like worn leather. I think in hindsight f I'd have done them again I'd of perhaps replaced the green with another colour as they blend in with the flock I used a bit.

Some shots of the figures singly and from the sides and rear. They come in four pieces body, head left and right arms. At the moment there are sets of Spear, Sword/shield and Crossbow arms. Some mixing and matching of bodies and heads gives you quite a varied looking unit.