Friday 27 May 2016

Batman Miniature Game. The Animated Series Green Arrow

Well my order arrived last Saturday containing the new Expansion for the Batman Miniature Game called 'The Flash and The Arrow' the book expands the original with new rules for speedsters like the flash, New Teams like Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey and includes new expanded equipment lists for the existing crews. I have begun reading it and at a glance it is another gorgeous book filled chock to the seams with art and background.

Also as part of my order was a couple of characters Arkham Knight Azrael, The Black Flash and The Animated Series Green Arrow.  Sadly Azrael had a piece of his cloak missing so he has had to wait a bit while the missing bit gets sent over from Spain from Knight models. I have to mention they were very quick to respond to me email so top notch so far.

The Black Flash was free with the book and is a limited edition piece. Its a bit of a controversial miniature as you can't choose this one to join a crew like other limited edition figures have been (Alfred and RedHood Joker) he only arrives on the table if a speedster fails a paradox roll and a certain event happens on the failure chart. It seems odd to have a ltd edition piece that you technically will need in order to use speedsters.......

Anyway as indicated in the post title I have assembled and painted the Animated Series version of the Green Arrow.  Who was relatively quick to paint as they seem to have a little bit less detail than the normal batman miniatures. TAS Green Arrow comes in four pieces his quiver his body and his arms. I found him quite simple to put together a little bit of filing on the ball joints for his arms was required to get a good fit but nothing to major. I really like the boxing glove stun arrow he is loading onto his bow I am going to love shooting some Owls with it in my next game of BMG.

TAS Green Arrow give me a much cheaper leader for my Green Arrow crew allowing me to take him, Arsenal as a sidekick, Black Canary and Huntress as free agents then still fit in 3 cops. I am hoping to pick up the TAS Black Canary when it released as they will make a nice pair together.

Friday 20 May 2016

Just an Update

Just a bit of an update really. Commuting a lot at the moment working on a project which is not leaving me much time on the hobby front or too tired! I have only picked up the brushes once in two weeks now and only for a quick 30-45 minute session!! 

I am hoping to have a crack at some stuff this weekend and perhaps try and get a figure pushed out. I have a couple more batman figures started Lady Shiva pictured below and Copperhead.

There is going to be an Across the Dead Earth event in July and I need to find some time to get some bits finished. Mainly more ruined terrain to take to the event but I also want to finish off a new gang so have made the selection and got some figures primed ready for painting.

In other news another Batman tournament at Titan Games in Lichfield is planned in July as well thankfully it doesn't clash with the Across the Dead Earth one. I need to have a look and decide what crew I want to take to it. The new expansion for the game has come out and is due to land any day now. So I will have a dig through and starting building some lists with the new items and equipment.

So just a check in I've had some downtime this morning so have had a catch up on everyone's blogs. Hope everyone is well! Catch you all soon hopefully with something finished!

Sunday 8 May 2016

Batman Miniature Game Black Canary.

Another quick post before the weekend is over. Finished off this weekend is Black Canary another Free agent who can be used for both Green Arrow and Batman crews. Black Canary has hidden deployment and has a Sonic Scream attack which uses a template and those affected are rendered senseless as well as taking damage.

I really like the model the only couple of annoying things is again the tactical rock which i've disguised by adding more rubble. The second is the way the arms join the body. Basically they were removed for mould making in an odd way and there was no obvious way of connecting them easily. In the end I glued them on as best I could after some filing. But I then had to pin and fill the gaps after they broke off once first being assembled.

Black Canary is also a member of the Birds of Prey. In the expansion there are some new rules for 'teams' of heroes which won't follow the normal rules for building a crew. I don't know as yet how it works but the images that Knight models have teased so far includes one of picture of the Birds of Prey fighting the Suicide Squad. So Black Canary can join the already done Huntress and Katana. I want to pick up Bat Girl at some point another member of the BoP and also someone who can be in LAW and Batman Crews.


Saturday 7 May 2016

New York Bop Kickstarter by Ghetto miniatures

Its back! Ghetto miniatures are re-launching there 70's gang warfare game again! New York Bop.

 Its almost funded in the first week as well! I'm backing and looking forward to getting me some awesome looking figures to use in New York Bop. I also think I shall be taking using them in 7TV and in my post apoc games and they will make brilliant zombie apocalypse survivors to.

As you can see there are far more sculpts ready this time around. Each gang consists of 8 individual sculpts. I love them all but i am really looking forward to Satan's Skinz and the Black Cobra's! I am particularly excited about some of the gangs that could come if the kickstarter is successful enough  Really iconic of the 70's the Black Panthers!

Some pledges also include a pdf copy of the rules. At the moment the kickstarter is to get the mini's made and out for sale and then a second kickstarter for the rulebook at a later date.


Some size comparison pictures with various other manufacturers.

Can you dig it?
New York Bop Kickstarter page.

Sunday 1 May 2016

Batman Miniature game Katana

Busy work schedule has meant not much going on in Brummie towers. I managed to get one figure finished this week as well as a little bit more work on some post apoc ruins.

First up the BMG (Batman miniature game) Figure I finished this week is Katana. Katana is a Free agent and shows up in various comics with Birds of Prey and her own story arc. I really love this character she is armed with a soul taker Katana which carries the soul of her dead husband within it. I have recently read her comics and they are pretty dam awesome.

In the BMG Katana is Free Agent available to both Green Arrow and Batman crews and offers some close combat support doing blood damage with her sword which is nice as a lot of these crews tend to do a lot of stun which you can heal. Katana also packs some shuriken for a little bit or ranged punch and has some nice little buffs and debuffs she can do with Precise Blow and Feint traits. 

Terrain wise I returned to some my Mantic ruins and added some more texture to the bases ready for painting. It needs sealing again with black paint/pva.

I also picked up some cheap trees from China and have begun to have a little play with them. I need to mock up some standard tree bases rather than the post apoc themed one below.  I think they look quite decent.

The 10cm tree

 The 8cm tree

Also picked up a cheap Topiary ball from Home Bargains for £2 the leaves are quite small on these. I plan to snip it off and to some of the ruins and onto the car above.