Thursday 29 March 2018

Alpha Squad Mercer

Whilst I am in the mood to finish off figures on the paint bench I have got another Alpha Squad figure finished. Again he has sat a while part done on the paint bench. This is Mercer an ex Cobra Viper and the only known Viper to of defected to the Joes and survived. Mercer is a member of the Renegades a group of individuals lead by Sgt slaughter they don't answer to anyone but themselves and are a bit of a loose cannon.

The figure itself is the Green Beret from Rogue Miniatures repainted in a suitable scheme. The advantage of doing Mercer is to test out a colour scheme I hope to use for  the Cobra Vipers that I plan to do at some point. Interestingly the card art never matched the action figure. The hairstyle was correct but the colour was sort of a strawberry blonde. The figure I had and in the cartoon he had brown hair so that is what I went with. Googling some images I can see later figures all had brown hair as well with the later ones adding a beard and changing the hair style. I use to have a flat top as a a hairstyle growing up as well so it was kind of like having a mini me.

I had Mercer as a kid and he also had a role in GI Joe the Movie in storming Cobra-La alongside the other renegades and the other new recruits. So had that bit of extra character compared to the other Joes I had. I want to make the remaining two renegades Taurus and Red Dog. Taurus I think I can make from a Hasslfree figure with an added beard and some new weapons. Red Dog is far trickier and I am pondering the choices for him.


Monday 26 March 2018

Alpha Squad AWE Striker

Well very nearly an AWE Striker. The AWE Striker was my first Gi Joe toy vehicle as a kid and there fore is high up on the nostalgia list for this project. 

At the time of starting this conversion  project I had searched high and low for a suitable model kit or car to make this vehicle but unfortunately at the time over a year now. There was nothing remotely like it.  So I decided to make my own version of this vehicle. There have been several  versions of AWE Strikers all following the same sort of design elements. Later versions had slightly different weapon systems on top which had working firing actions but the vehicles more toy like.

So biting the bullet and making my mind upto to have a crack at making my own. The original vehicle is a Disney/Pixar Cars The Radiator Springs 500 1/2 Die-Cast Idle Threat toy car. Some pics and description of what I removed are below.

Some WIP of the vehicle before started. Tyres were removed to allow ease of painting. I removed the tyre top and the rubbery roof. I then infilled the roof and front grill with some cut to shape blister pack to fill in the gap.

The roof Cannon is a cobbled together weapon consisting of a Bazooka and traffic cone from Wargames Foundry with some paperclips to hold it all together and painted black to represent the power cable. 

However there is now a 3D printable version but I am still not sure about them yet as a lot of the features on it would be quite fragile and I am still not sure about the material.

This is my first ever proper vehicle that I have finished. Not including any wrecks i've done before. Its been an interesting experience. I have another diecast to turn into a VAMP so that will be the next project to tackle now I have a bit more confidence with doing them. I still need to make and convert the driver Crankcase which I am still sourcing parts for at the minute.

 I hadn't really done any full shots of my Alpha Force so far but as I hit 22 figures last week and my First vehicle this week I thought I would break them out for a photo shoot. There are still plenty more to come for both factions.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Alpha Squad Quick Kick

Been in a bit of a funk the past couple of weeks been really busy and not felt up to much. I have started work on the Devil's Outcasts for Street Wars but not got past doing the skin and eyes and base coated some of the clothing. Looking around for something to finish the other night I spotted my Quick Kick conversion which was probably 75% done.

I started this one sometime last year but procrastinated to much over how to make the shurikens to go in the sash. There fore it got put to one site and left. In the end for ease I decided to paint them on and make do that way I think they look quite effective. The base model is White Tiger from East Riding Miniatures Golgo Island Legends range. White Tiger is sculpted by Kev White and is also sold in the Hasslefree Miniatures Martial artist section of their store.

 I added the sash using paper coating it in super glue to seal it. The sheathed katana was out of my bits box but If I recall correctly is from Hasslefree Oakley who comes with several items to make him in different ways.

Paint scheme wise I stuck pretty much to the cartoons colours with the belt having a blueish hue to it. But his out fit varies massively from comic, to cartoon to fan art.

Quick Kick was another of my firm favourites he was one of the few early Gi Joe figures I owned as a kid. But he was a ninja dude he had a backpack that sheathed his katana and he came with nunchucks!

One of the funniest fights in the cartoons where he lacks somewhat any arctic gear as he rescues Alpine and Bazooka from angry sea lions and has a dust up with Storm Shadow

Sunday 4 March 2018

Funky Skull Games Street Wars NYC

Yay its arrived well a few weeks ago it did but only just had chance to write it up after giving the rulebook a good read through last week. I sooo can't wait to get this all painted and get some games in with it. Its seems like its going to be lots of fun.

As far as model count goes the game needs only a handful of models per side. A few cops to add that extra bit of fun during the games. One of games this is limited by the fund (points) level you decide upon of which you recruit gang members and purchase weapons from. For campaign games you may need a few more to play. The gangs you can currently purchase come in sets of 8 figures.

The rules at a glance seem simple to pick up you gang members are rated on what dice they have for there stats D6's being the baseline and going up from there.

Stat tests are rolled on a number of dice calculated by the given stats value plus any modifiers etc . Successes are any dice rolling a 4 or more with 6s being a critical in certain circumstances like wounding a target.

In combat its slightly different with both sides rolling dice and the highest score winning the close combat. Damage is then rolled for with the type of weapon determined extra dice for special rules skills etc vs the targets toughness dice cancelling out damage with successes however critical's always count and can't be cancelled.

Players roll off to see who has initiative for that turn. Then each member must pass a Funk test in order to activate that turn. Once all your gang members have activated play switches over. With a few exceptions a gang member rolling a 2 or 3 means they can't perform all there actions but can still move however on rolling a 1 initiative switches to the opposition whether you have activated all your models or not.

Movement is pretty standard and includes rules for different types of terrain and obstacles. Buildings as a rule can't be entered. But fire escapes can be used to get to rooftops and can be fought over moved across. Buildings can be used in certain scenarios to be broken into for loot or to be vandalised by your gang as part of your objectives. There are rules for climbing over obstacles and jumping between buildings etc with successful dice roll tests determining the outcome.

There are close combat and range combat actions as you expect. But some cool ones like Vandalise,  Break in, Steal, Search for a bottle or brick which you can then throw.

Weapons rather than each having individual rules are grouped into several categories so Large weapons including your baseball bats, hockey sticks, iron pipes. Small weapons such as steal chains, kosh's, clubs and brass knuckles and finally Sharp weapons which are your various knives. Depending on what category they fall into determines how many dice you roll to damage your opponent if you win a fight.

Ranged weapons aren't that abundant so only include molotov's, bricks/bottles and pistols.

The rulebook includes 8 different scenarios for games from a Rumble (standard fight), Rescues, Attacking a HQ each with various objectives for loots/weapons to be found. It includes rules for campaign play which I need to have a proper read of .I think they will be fun and hope to try out with Pulp Citizen.

There are obviously rules for creating your own gangs and recruiting your members so I can see some interesting gangs being put together. The back of the book also describes several other gangs which I hope will come out in the future giving a lot of more choice in miniatures as well as theme.

As well as gangs you can recruit MVP's (Most Violent Player) sort of thugs for hire and includes some cool cats to add muscle to games or scenarios.

 The Paper parts of my pledge the rule book. Black Cobra and Devil's outcast gang member cards (included with the gangs figures) alongside event and weapon card decks (which come with the rulebook).

The book is laid out nicely with awesome thematic full page artwork and full colour photo's of painted gangs and terrain. At just under 90 pages it is not going to be taxing to remember. I am looking forward to getting some games in.

All the figures come on 30mm lipped bases but as I intend on using mine in various other games I am planning on using standard 25mm round slotta bases. This doesn't really have any effect game wise as base size isn't stipulated by anything. Each gang includes 8 figures plus the associated stat cards for the gang.

I've spent most of this week removing the odd mold line of which there was very few. Basing and adding putty to them all.

 The Black Cobra's I am probably going to take these to the next 7TV day as a sort of Kung Fu Brothers cast. Pulp Citizen is planning on getting his done first. Whilst I am going for the Devils Outcasts.

Here they are I love The Devils Outcast figures Tremor (the guy with chain round his neck) is the boss and one of my faves from the range. I plan to use these alongside my biker gangs for Post Apocalypse gaming.

This guy was free as part of the pledge I chose. This figure represents Randal 'The Saint' St James leader of the biggest group of Pimps in NYC The Black Saints.

You can pick him up in the store and makes for a thematic piece for either objectives, custom gang leader or as someone to use for rescues or other custom scenario's

Besides gangs the only thing you may want to add is a few cops as though not necessary. There are rules fro break ins or when shots are fired that they can arrive and interfere with both gangs. There are plenty available to purchase I intend on getting a few packs from Crooked Dice as I can imagine a raid on a gang by the Police could be a fun custom scenario.

There are also Acrylic token sets for both Objectives and for various Statuses I didn't pick these up as the status ones are designed for the 30mm lipped bases and as mentioned I plan to use 25mm bases.
I may have to have a rummage for some standard ones or if need be put a special order in somewhere for my own personal ones.

I am on the hunt for some 70s cars now. Perhaps a school bus or some other themed pieces.

There is a growing Facebook group with over a 100 members which has some awesomely painted gangs finished already (Dam fast gits!). There are plenty of ideas for cars and terrain as well. I am looking forward to seeing more from all the members as well as sharing my own gangs and terrain Facebook Group Link

They are now all available in the store