Sunday 28 October 2018

Zomtober Week 4

Final Zomtober weekend of 2018. Its been a great month of entries with some really cool minis being painted up and finished off to shamble or try and survive. Today also happens to be my birthday so I've had to scrabble around a bit this week to get my entry finished as I knew this weekend would be a busy one and hobby time limited.

Anyway for this weeks entry I've managed to get the final 3 St Searle's girls finished. I have some teachers to sort out of the lead pile and paint up. But what I have so far gives plenty of choice for a 30 or 40 rating cast.

 Misty, Bins and an unnamed Sixth Former who is a slightly converted Hasslfree figure.

The twelve girls I got finished for this Zomtober.

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Tuesday 23 October 2018

Burrows and Badgers Luna the Bat Mage

Another Burrows and Badgets mini finished off the paint table. Having decided to got for a black bat and painting all the St Searles with the black and greys helped this one a long at the same time.

Sunday 21 October 2018

Zomtober Week 3

Cor this week has been busy and I've really had to knuckle down and make myself spend time getting these done. Its been worth it even just getting one or two steps done at at time has allowed me to get the painting finished yesterday and then varnished/tufts etc added this morning.

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Friday 19 October 2018

7TV Apocalypse Kickstarter

 Just a shout out that the 7TV Apocalypse Kickstarter is running currently. Its a new core box themed around the Apocalypse covering all sorts of Apocalyptic tropes and characters.

You get the core rules, new Countdown, gear and mutation decks nearly 120 character profiles and new vehicle rules and mods.

Some more information about why and what fors :)

So if your after picking up the rules this is whats in the box.

These are the casts that are currently available. More are available to be unlocked as well as come cool freebies if you have Deadset Pledges and above.

Here is whats been unlocked so far and that includes 4 free Character figures!!

 Edit Junior has been unlocked this morning after writing this blog post. Next Stretch goal are the Savages!

Helps If I put a link in!!


Wednesday 17 October 2018

Burrows and Badgers Balthasar the Black

Finished off another Burrow and Badger mini off between St Searles girls. I'd done about 50% of this figure in the last batch of B&B minis but couldn't decide on colours for his clothing. This is the first time I've done this landschnekt type clothing. I quite enjoyed doing once I had the colours decided upon.

Anyway meet Balthasar the Black Freebooter, Sellsword and mercenary for Hire!

Sunday 14 October 2018

Zomtober Week 2

The St Searles theme continues for this years Zomtober and another 3 of the girls are finished off this week. Again these are the smaller Fourth Formers completing all I that I have currently.

Two of them also can be used as co stars. The one screaming her head off is known as Violent Elizabeth and the one gesturing amusingly with a catapult and hat is called Twinkle. There are lots of Stars and Co Stars for this cast going through the stat cards. There are generic Six and Fourth Former extras which these named characters can also be used as. So I can try out differnent combos of Stars and Co Stars and those I can't afford ratings wise for Stars  (2/3rds of your total ratings can be spent on Star 1/3rd must be extras) can be used as standard students.

There are teachers, cooks and other staff members I need to look at I possibly have some spare figures to use for these.

I went back after a facebook discussion with my brother from another mother Johnny Fransden and I went back and the odd tuft here and there and it does break up the grey some what. So a big thank you Johnny for the suggestion!

Next up are the 6 Sixth Formers I have to paint up all Crooked Dice Except one of which is a Hasslefree conversion which I had a duplicate of in the lead pile.

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Sunday 7 October 2018

Zomtober Week 1

Been a busier week at work this week and not progress with my St Searles girls as much as I'd hoped. A bout of coughs colds and flu has dwindled the hobby time down bit by bit. I've managed to make good head way on the first six 'Fourth Formers' But only managed to get 3 out of the 6 fully finished.

These three are all from Hasslefree Miniatures. Alyx, Katie and Molotov Rose (This version of Rose was sold by Mantic years ago but is now back and sold by Hasslefree miniatures)

Having watched the remake of St Trinians I decided to paint up Alyx as an emo adding a splash of purple to her hair and then using a blue wash on her lips.

The two small ones Molotov Rose and I painted 5 years ago issue but felt the paintjob's where a bit dated. To be honest I don't think they have ever been in used in a game either from memory so I decided to strip them and paint them up in the same batch with the all the other St Searles girls.

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Wednesday 3 October 2018

Burrows and Badgers a Shrew a Sparrow and some Mice walk into a bar.

Last week was very busy and I'm still catching up with putting things up on the blog. I didn't do much painting last week apart from assembling the St Searles figures and getting them based but the week before that I still managed to get a fair bit of painting done in between things. I got a bit enthused doing a bit and ended up finishing several Burrow and Badger figures. They really do feel like the paint themselves.

First up is Honey of the Redhood a Mouse Maiden I love this figure she has if you look closely a chainmail underskirt on. I wonder what is in the basket?

Slinker Mouse Thief

Perhaps one of my fave B&B models whom I have named Swift claw the sparrow scout.

Grint the Shrew Warrior.

 Lady Nutmeg the mouse shield maiden.

My collection of Mice so far. I have one more to add but there are tons in the range still to get! Got to Catch them all!

All my Shrews all that I have left is to paint my Shrew Knight. (I think there are few more to buy though)
The Collection so far.