Wednesday 28 August 2013

August comes to a close

Wow where has this past week gone? Oh my the kids go back to school next week will have to get back into the daily grind of the school routine which will be totally weird as my youngest starts nursery as well so the house will be child free for most of the mornings will be SO really strange!

Hobby wise not done a great deal at all been to tired in the evenings and have bene chilling out reading! The bank holiday weekend was spent out on day trips Sunday out to Bridgenorth for the day wandered round an outdoor food market a nice meal and a walk around the town and Monday celebrating the other SWMBO birthday went to Stourport (packed) and took the dogs out with us stopped in at a pub on the way home for some nosh. It was a great weekend to be honest very relaxing the weather was good and was nice to goto some of the local countryside haunts in such good weather.


Last night was the first time I picked up the brush for over a week have made some good headway with the human cleric character as well as basecoating the skin/fur on the two hounds. I have picked up two more additions to the party (more Demi-Humans) but more will follow on those as they are painted. I can see me getting all these adventurers as I'm really enjoying painting them.

Have started watching game of thrones as well only watched the first two so far. Can't make my mind up on it yet but I'm warming to it.

Still waiting for the Empire of the Dead Requiem kickstarter to land. All being well they will start shipping next week. Pledges are being shipped from bottom to top so mine being at the upper end but not having added many extras I'm hoping mine will turn up some time mid September I really can't wait to be honest.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Snorri Stoneheart

Finished my second party member this week.

Snorri  is a mercenary fighter of the Fist of Iron Adventuring Company. Since listening to his Uncle Tharzon's tales of ancient treasures, daring battles against Orcs, Goblins and other strange creatures when visiting the family hold. All Snorri has ever wanted to do was become an adventurer. Snorri has spent many years training with his two handed axe and wandering around the family hold hunting goblins he is now old enough and has decided to leave the family home and seek his own path. His proud father Grommel Stoneheart understanding his son's wishes and thirst for adventure has gifted him with his old suit of heavy plate armour to protect him whilst his mother has gifted him with an an ornate warhammer that belonged to her grandfather nick named 'Crusher' Snorri now joins his Uncle and the Fists of Iron on there latest adventures.

Again another cracking sculpt nice change to break out the metal paints and have a play as most stuff i've painted in the past has had minimal metal on really.

Snorri and his Uncle Tharzon

Had a go at doing a different style base with Snorri did some missing flagstones. I quite like it and may do it on a few other figures.

Work has started on the hounds and Cleric will do more work on those.

Sunday 18 August 2013

Tharzon Hammerfist

First Otherworld miniature finished. Gorgeous figures and really nicely sculpted.

Tharzon Hammerfist, Captain of the 'Fists of Iron' Adventuring Company.

Dwarf Mercenary by Otherworld Miniatures (not on website yet part of the indiegogo campaign)

Friday 16 August 2013

Ohhhhh Dredger!!!!!!!!

Finally got this guy finished just a small interlude between adventurers. He's is my Dredger type character from the Sherlock Holmes film. The new ogre from Wolsung would be even more perfect but typical it came out 4 weeks after I purchased this one to convert.

Very nice sculpt very few mold lines. I used the spare bowler hat from the Circ du Noir Apeman and fitted it to his head with a little bit of shaving to get it to sit right. The golf club had the tip snipped off so now its just a walking cane. Not sure what weapon it will be yet either a sword or a bludgeon perhaps. The base is from Fenris games one of there Innsmouth Cobblestone ones that I one from a Facebook Competition.

As I write this I should of got down an EotD figure just to show scale as this guy is quite large.

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Uh Oh New Project Started! Dungeon Delving!

Indeed I have butterflied to another project oh my! Basically because of this press statement released by Otherworld Miniatures/Crooked Dice miniatures. 
 Otherworld Miniatures will be publishing a new set of fantasy skirmish rules to support their range of classic gaming miniatures later this year.
Written by Karl Perrotton and using the Crooked Dice Action Engine mechanics, the Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish rules will capture the feel and fun of the classic role-playing games in a fast and frenetic skirmish format.

Richard Scott from Otherworld Miniatures says, "We have wanted a good set of rules to complement our miniatures range for a long while. We love how the Action Engine plays, so partnering with Karl on developing and adapting the system for us was an obvious choice".

While unashamedly a skirmish rule set, the RPG-lite nature of Action Engine rules means it also includes elements in homage to the classic dungeon bash. These include traps, treasure hunting, henchmen, magic and a huge number of profiles for you to build and tailor your factions - whether it’s a tribe of Pig-faced Orcs, a Drow patrol or a classic adventuring party.

Karl Perrotton of Crooked Dice Game Design Studio says, “After the release of ‘7th Voyage’, Richard suggested adapting the rules for old school dungeon crawling. I've been a fan of Otherworld Miniatures for years, and it seemed like a great opportunity to work together on a shared passion.”

Play-testing is already underway and design and production will be happening over the summer, with release planned in late 2013.

Production of the hardback rulebook will be funded by a crowd-funding campaign which will also include some great offers on Otherworld Miniatures. You can track progress via the Otherworld Miniatures forum.

Otherworld Miniatures –
Crooked Dice Game Design Studio -

Consequently it has me in the mood for dungeon delving and fantasy gaming. The Cool thing is I am already familiar with the Action Engine. So it should be easy to pick up. I also really like the sound of the traps and encounters etc. The Otherworld miniatures are lovely sculpts as well as being a bit more realistically proportioned.

I'm going to save up some cash for the Indiegogo campaign or by whatever means they choose how to release it.

In the meantime I have some heroes to paint up and they can bash some undead in the form of my mantic zombies! I will probably have a bash at the 7th Voyage rules for it in the meantime as its core is based on mythical creatures which obviously borders in to Fantasy Land.

The Start of band of adventurers all Otherworld miniatures
Various gribblies to dungeon bash, need some sort of suitable leader an evil wizard perhaps.

Sunday 11 August 2013

Mantic Zombies

Having had a sort out and re-shooting photos of my various miniatures I have just realised I never took photos of my Mantic Zombies once finished. Bit of a lazy post but I did take new photo's yesterday so :P

Re-vamped the old blog as it was looking a bit odd and mixed. So Here we go enjoy the pics.

Wednesday 7 August 2013

7TV Yakuza

I decided that these don't really fit the Zombie Apocalypse genre though they might be useful if I ever get round to playing ATZ as perhaps a gang or something. So instead I think they might be more useful as a criminal cast. They certainly need some kind of mastermind to lead them I need to have a think about it and find a suitable miniature or perhaps the other way round maybe.

As shown previously the first band of Yakuza I did a few years ago have been spruced up and fixed a few faults here and there now I'm a bit more experienced and steady handed :-D The tattoos I'm still not sure about they are better I think than before but still need something that I can't quite put my finger on or lack the skill to do at present.

The Group as a whole.

The new Additions (well been in the leadpile a while)
I think I'll take more pics when the light is better outside.
The new Tattoos Front

The Tattoos rear

The tattoos on his chest and stomach

Snake coiled round her leg. (Stole this idea off a guy called Tom on facebook his was much better thoough)

Sunday 4 August 2013

Pictures in the Sun

Had a lot of fun yesterday re-taking pictures of my miniatures out in the sun as they certainly seem to come out nicer than a lot of the indoor ones taken.

Heres a selection of various figs. A lot came out blurred I think it must of been because of the cloud cover moving quite rapidly as some where fine yet others pants?