Wednesday 20 October 2021

7TV Post Apocalyptic Event Part 2

Just an update really. Been a busy month and things have not progress as fast as I would of liked. Lord Humungus's Wartruck is steadily getting there. I've done some bits of painting on the figures but nothing is finished yet.

I've added the truck floor and added some skirts for the wheels.  I've also added in a ram/plate to the front. Still not sure about adding on victims to the front. 

The engine block has been tidied and glued in place. As you can see I can still fit on a driver and 2 passengers.

I've build the rear part and assembled a spoiler. Next up is to trim out the sides of the rear section. Then do add in some piping and other detail bits.

Mean while I've also been cleaning up tons of Fantasy minis for the 7TV event in February next year. Won't be painting any of these for a while as I am not sure what theme I'm going to follow. 

Monday 4 October 2021

7TV Post Apocalypse Event.

 November 21st see the Dales Wargaming club holding a 7TV day. If your up that way and fancy coming along or joining their regular monthly meet then here is a FB Group Link.

The theme this time is Apocalypse including vehicles which is a first since I went to the Wargames Foundry one a few years back when we were playtesting the rules. Its a 50 rating game so should be a good total to include a couple of vehicles and some a couple of stars then a few extras. 

I have one vehicle already which I took to the previous event but fancied bashing together a vehicle for the event. Looking through my collection of unpainted minis I found the Crooked Dice version of the Lord Humongous and a bunch of Savages and Warboys that I could use the event as an excuse for painting them. But first what vehicle to build?

I went through my lead pile finding a buggy, Super Cooper, Hummer and an interceptor but none fit my idea really and to flesh out casts for these would require me to spend more cash which I am currently saving to pickup the 7TV Fantasy set. So sticking to use what I have I have decided to have a bash at building Lord Humungous's Battle Wagon. My only criteria is I want to be able to have models on it. So It may be less realistic but more practical.

Digging through my vehicle collection I found a couple of these Russian Diecasts (which were in poundland for a while) which I've never really done anything much with. They had got slightly damage mainly the canvas tarps coming off. So I disassmbled them both and the cut one of the base chassis in half. I then used some plastic bits to make a new flat bed to build up the wagon from 

I have made a rough engine block shape using a block of putty and then using the same plastic to cover the block and then added the biro ink refill as exhausts.

I've also finished off my bikers base and primed him ready for painting.

I think I prefer the central position as it allows me to put a figure at the front. 

I've added the grills at the front that the prisoners are tied to in the movie. Still not sure what I am going to do about that part yet!

I plan to add a layer of card over the top and trim in the skirts and then make the front foot plate/ram.