Friday 24 July 2015

What's Occurring???

Been a nightmare week this week. Little one still not right has tummy ache that comes and goes but always at night time so not slept much this week. Dog has got at an ear infection and car broke down for the third time in six months and been in the garage most the week. Managed one paint session on Tuesday evening but have been to knackered the rest of the week, Got some base colours on two more Penguin Thugs for the batman game but little else.

So you've probably noticed the blog has changed :D Fancied something different and it ties in with some project switching which I'll go into now.

Had to have a heart to heart with myself this week. Storage is beginning to be come a problem  and looked around at what projects I have and what terrain I have for them etc. I've decided to let some stuff go. 

Firstly 15mm AVP this has been touched for 18 months if not more I can't find rules I am happy with for it and I have no terrain at all. These have been traded and I got a nice set of Second Edition Goliaths which will come in handy for Post Apoc gaming. I have also decided to drop Empire of the Dead for the same reason I have no terrain for it and so its all up for sale or for trade for Necromunda stuff.

I have 16 Escher gangers enroute as part of a trade with a Lead Adventure member. Some of the sales has funded my purchasing of some More Goliaths (First and a few more Second), Orlocks (first and second edition sets) I'm also negotiating some purchases with other friends for some more figures.

A lot of it has sold and what has been pleasantly surprising is that a lot of the painted figures have gone first over the untouched figures I was expecting to hold onto them and have to strip them!
Here is a link to whats left anyone interested PM me via LAF or leave a comment.

I have a very fond memory of Necromunda I had them all including Outlander (all First edition) and sold them all when packing in the hobby. We played this game to death in school and with my gaming buddies. Its is bit archaic in comparison to more recent skirmish types games but to be honest I would like to have a bash with the original rules again just once for old times sake. There seems to be a few thriving Forum communities and facebook groups for it.

Miniature wise I was having a sort through and found a single Ratskin that I had kept because I'd painted him back in 1996/97. I have taken a photo and decided its time to strip him and give him a new paint job. Having stripped and rebased him for now its reignited my passion for these GW classic figs the majority being single pieces cast they are really lovely sculpts.

His older 1996 paintjob :P

Here is all shiny and Chrome looking :D

I also have been looking at Confrontation the pre-cursor to Necromunda that was released in White Dwarf. I could remember seeing a few of the Hive Gangers in the catalogues but didn't realise they had done a few single piece casts which are amazing looking!! I shan't be collecting these ones there nice but they are super expensive!!

Axiom has done a superb job on one.

Theres more pics on his blog which has some awesome Rogue Trader, Inquisitor and Necromunda themed.

For more pics of the figures have a look at this collection page.

Which it then struck me that playing Across the Dead Earth would fit well with Necromunda figures. So I am going to try and collect as much Necromunda stuff as I can and get it painted this will be a big undertaking but will see what I can do.

Terrain wise my post apoc stuff can be used for it and I have bought some MDF terrain off of ebay rather than use the card/plastic bulkheads that were originally part of the game. Its an industrial set that someone has already painted so should save me some work.

I am currently reading through the Community Edition of the Necromunda rules as this has changed slightly since the Original and the second edition and is currently what is being updated and played with. Its over at and is free to download you just need to sign up to access the downloads a simple and easy process.

I am seeking out second Edition Goliath weapon sprues. If anyone has any for sale let me know please.

Saturday 18 July 2015

Radioactive Refreshments!

Been a mixed bag this week. Started out great with a game of Across the Dead Earth with my good friend Pulp Citizen . Played a loot game and tried out all my terrain (some unpainted) which was nice to see how much it covered the table. I think personally a couple more taller buildings are need so once I have got all this Mantic stuff done its something I shall look into.

The little one was bad with a stomach bug on Tuesday evening which quickly went around the whole family by Thursday night and we all been unwell. All seem to be on the road to recovery now but its meant an unpleasant few days.

Finished for Tuesdays game and were planned for a post on Wednesday which I never got around to doing here is are the Radioactive Refreshments again by Thunderchild Miniatures. These are a treat to paint up especially as there damaged in the apocalypse. Rather than free handing some signs on the sides. I had a go at printing out some posters and weathering them a bit to appear old and worn. I went for Nuka Cola ones well because Fallout is cool :)

In other news. The Shattered Crown kickstarter is nearly at 100 backers and approaching the 7k mark of  its 20k goal. If your thinking of backing now is the time to join with 8 days left to go!!

Also a Across the Dead Earth is having a Summer Sale!!

Gangs reduced to £12.50 and the combined deals reduced grab youself a bargain!!

Saturday 11 July 2015

Chilling Raiders.

Another manic week in the Brummie household have been busy most nights this week with one thing or another. Finally got in a painting session Thursday night and finished off another Raider. This time the models is from Scabies Punks from Wargames Foundry's Street Violence range. I had started this guy way back when the Across the Dead Earth game was going into production and I had the Redclaw minus Fatboy and this guy was going to be a stand in and later on an addition to the gang. well Fatboy arrived before I could get him finished so he has languished on the paint desk for around 12 months now! TBH he was quick to finish mainly the clothing, weapons and metallic area's requiring work.

The characters name on the Foundry suitable is Mongo Smash which I think I'll keep :) The buckles down the guys leather trousers drove me nuts lol. I will get the rest of the pack done at some point as they are also primed and ready to go.

I shall probably continue with more EM4  Raiders as the week goes on but I've also based the Mars Attacks Ruins I previewed a couple of months back. They are no in fixed position and all the accessories have been based and I think it adds a lot to there general appearance. They are also more stable something which in a recent game of 7TV2e we found if you breathed on them they fell over lol

 The Awesome Accessories you get in the pack  I shall still use of the US looking mailboxes but they will be rubbish bins rather than for there intended use. Theres a couple of signs a 'STOP' and a directional one but I think I will incorporate them into a larger terrain piece somehow.

All Primed with a cheap black acrylic paint mixed with PVA. The top ruin's base warped as I ran out of my cake bases and used normal card. Luckily sticking the tray on it over night as it was still drying has pushed flat again. Next step is to add some debris and other detritus to them. I may have to get some putty and fill all the holes in as well. 

Bit more work on some Thunderchild Miniatures  Radioactive Refreshments. I managed to finish off the Creature Feature Comforts. Shown below with Raiders who after a busy day pillaging and looting the wastes need to put there feet up and chill with Nuka Cola and a rat on a stick.

Well thats it for now. I am off to the Barrage Wargames Show in the morning in Stafford with Pulp Citizen to browse and make a few purchases. First time at this show so looking forward to it :) Hope you having a good weekend all :)

Wednesday 8 July 2015

'Fatboy' Raider with Crossbow

Well last week really was a lazy week painting wise. The lovely warm weather and sadly a lot of Hayfever which seems terribly bad this year meant I was really not in the mood for any painting. It wasn't wasted though I did assemble, base and prime all of my Orcnar force for Relics. Which now needs me to make my mind up on a colour scheme!

Managed to pick up the brushes for a few hours Sunday morning after waking up mega early and everyone else sleeping in meant I got one finished and about a single session away from completion.

This raider warband will be quite a low tech one mostly bows, crossbows and a couple of shotguns/pistols. With a good mixture of melee weapons mixed in. This brings me up to a total of three raiders finished and armed with a shotgun, bow and crossbow so far. Theres six left on the paint table a flame thrower, assault rifle, chain and knife and sword and brass knuckles, dual pistols and a second flame throwerI have converted into a sort of gas powered spear/dart gun (Counts as crossbow). Not sure about the assault rifle guy yet but he fits the gang so perhaps I'll keep for upgrades later on.

Friday 3 July 2015

The Shatter Crown Kickstarter Now Live!

Well the Shattered Crown Kickstarter has began and is currently just over 25% of the way towards it target goal and is steadily approaching funding each day. I spent ages trying to find something clever to say about the game. But I am going to pinch a post from the facebook group from a guy caleld Mike Tittenor and these are his thoughts about the game.

long gone are the days when you would wander into a game store and gasp in wonder at a set of rules that allowed you to fight historical and fantasy miniatures battles. (A game store is what we old folk use to call the Internet). They are now quite common and over the years have developed from the rules intensive nightmares that required a degree in accountancy to the buckets o' dice systems that suggest the drooling players have at least a mild barbiturate problem. So in this mature market, it takes something to stand out and be worth looking at. The Shattered Crown is one such. Its pedigree is sound, coming from those fine folk who brought you Across the Dead Earth.

The premise is straightforward: fantasy island with a quasi High Medieval society fighting a brutal and bloody civil war. Ok, nice enough but hardly exceptional, you might say? Then look again. Look at the artwork. Filip Dudek is one of the most talented gaming artists in the modern industry. I can only assume the rules authors have him locked in a cellar somewhere and exchange first rate artwork in return for meals or something. Whatever. Just make sure he doesn't run out of paint down there. The artwork is gorgeous. Get the rules just for that.

There is a figure range going from the nice basic infantry units to the utterly gorgeous....bear riders! They have a range of bear riders! OK, Ok, bear riders, yes, yes, pretty exciting, I suppose but still not unique.

Game mechanics? Pretty simple in the attack, defend, will stats and a rather nice preferred enemy system that boosts certain units against others (so, for example, spearmen are good against cavalry). However, the key point that makes this a good investment is the Command System. This is the bit you'll like. Each unit has a card allocation from a standard suit of playing cards. You can even put the card details on the unit banner so everyone knows that the elite Black Spears are the Two of Spades. At the start of the turn, each general plays his preferred unit's card face down. Both then try to guess the opponent's card. They then roll for initiative. If you guessed your opponent's card, you add a bonus to the die roll. The winner then moves that unit. Repeat until one side runs out of cards. Restart the turn. Now only a drooling idiot fingering his comfort dice with sweaty paws can fail to see the tactical options this gives you in a game.

You need to learn how to use combined attacks, feints and reserve units. You have to tactically beat your opponent, beat him with a stick until he whimpers like a beggar in the gutters of Helles. No longer can he claim he was robbed by the dice! He was beaten by your enormous Tactical Manhood and nothing else! You know you want this game now, don't you? Yes. That's right. Repeat the words. Enormous. Tactical. Manhood. Only from The Shattered Crown.

The Shattered Crown Kickstarter. (click me for KS page)

Heres the promo video.

More of the artwork by the highly talented Filip Dudek

 A unit of Hellesburne  Crossbowmen

 A unit of Hellesburne Spearmen.

A unit of Hellesburne Swordsmen.

First Render of the Khra Stag Rider.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Sire Bilge the red knight.

Totally forgot to post this guy up on the blog. I finished him back in April!! But forgot to take pics and found him last night whilst sorting out my storage boxes.

Here is the Tor Gaming Banished Knight for Relics. A Ridened (goblin type)

I introduce Sire Bilge the red knight. Lost his Kapolop Figgins at the battle of King Jorje's hill. Eaten by an Orcnar Beorn known as Spudicus.

Anyway back to painting raiders!!