Wednesday 26 June 2013

Poundland Soviet 60/70s Cars.

Popped into Poundland the other day and spotted these cracking diecast cars. They say DeAgostini so I imagine these are from those collection magazines. Great find they appear to be from the 60/70s so I picked up a few for 7TV dodgy props ad what not. Theres quite a range a couple of my 7TV friends have picked up some great vehicles alas not in any of the stores near me.

First up a delivery Van

An Ambulance had to get this one it reminds me of the one in The Ipcress File

Taxi I think.
These where Fire utility type trucks I removed the ladders from the top of the Tarp to use as troop transports. However I the tarp came off the second one upon removal. Can't decide now whether to glue it back on or keep it open topped?

Better shot of the interior to cover? or not to cover? that is the question?

Sunday 23 June 2013

7TV Kung Fu Brother

I was writing up some casts for 7ombietv a few weeks back and was basing them around a travelling Soul band so I could use my 70's Soul Section. It got me thinking because I wanted some extra figures but not armed with guns as such. Soooooo did some googling and came across Killer B's 'Geezers Shut it!!!' range for there 70's cops n robbers type games. They had a lot of useful ideas in there alot of rifle armed militia and then I saw the Kung Fu Brother and that got me thinking.

Now back in January I started picking up the odd pack off figures from Artizan and Copplestone KKBB ranges to use for conversions. See Jaws, Tee Hee and Mr Wint and Mr Kidd by clicking on there names.

Anyway I picked up a pack of Henchmen from Copplestone which has the Oddjob in and I though oooo I could do a head swap with an afro head I had in the bits box. But then I looked at the face and thought maybe I could just add the Afro hair do as the face could work quite well as an African American. So thats what I decided do added an Afro to Oddjob and here he is really quite please how he turned out. The real bonus is I can use my other spare Afro head for another figure :-D

The Whole Soul Section. These have had some touchs up painted in some eyes and what not.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Gifts from Slovenia!!!

Arrived home from work yesterday to a package with Slovenian stamps on it. Opening it revealed a treasure trove of prezzies sent from the Great Gentleman Mathyoo of 'The Necroleadicon' we met through blogger and talk on facebook a fair bit especially  miniatures and differences between our Countrys foods, customs and stuff really interesting. I'm so glad of Blogger otherwise I wouldn't of met such a fine fellow.

Onto the prezzies. I have some Beef Noodle Soup after a long discussion one night about soup, stew and casseroles lol.

A cool D6 with the unofficial Slovenian emblem on. The /\/\/\ is Triglav (three-head), Slovenia's highest mountain that, conveniently has three peaks. Triglav was also a god with three faces. The 2 wavey lines are taken from the national coat of arms to represent rivers and seas. I'm going to use this D6 in 7TV and specifically for the last but not least part of the package.

This funky Lady Guard. It was a figure gotten at Salute 2013 from Warm Acre Games to promote there Spy or Die kickstarter. Unfortunately I wasn't able to back the kickstarter due to cash flow but intend on getting it when its releases. Also I didn't know this figure existed  as there was no mention of this figure so this really is a treasure and the mega bonus Mathyoo has painted her to match my guards! I'm really chuffed and privileged to have such a good friend.

Really Big Thanks Mathyoo!!

I have a gift for him that I've slowly been painting but have only finished half of the two piece set I must get cracking with it now!

Big thanks again Mathyoo it will be treasured and used in my 7TV games as a Villains head bodyguard or such. In fact I think Mathyoo should pick her a name.

Sunday 16 June 2013

Thug, Henchman or Agent.

Whats seems like ages ago I picked up a pack of the Copplestone Castings Gangsters with the intention of adding some more suited and armed characters for 7TV mainly to use as KGB or the nameless CIA agents you sometimes get in the films/tv series. So I picked up the Hired Hit man pack as 3 out the 4 figures are armed with pistols and the last has a tommy gun (he's going to be painted up and sent to a friend).

Here's the first figure out of the pack of four he's certainly more sinister looking in black so will more likely find his way to a villainous cast. Quite a quick paintjob in the end undercoat black, drybrush in grey darken the bigger black areas with a wash of black ink. Block paint the black back on to the big flat areas leaving the grey pickded out by the drybrushing. Then painted the gun/cosh and flesh.

Work is slowly progressing with my Dept X Soldiers theres 11 under going painting at the minute. I have 3 German Shepherds to paint but need to look up how to paint there fur.

More various agents being paint up. John Steed MKII has arrived big thanks go to Clint from 'Anything But a One' for that by picking up for me from Broadside and posting it to me.

Monday 10 June 2013

Happy 2nd Blogday

Wow those two years have certainly flown by in a flash. I've got say blogging is great I've made some fantastic online friends and its kept me focused on painting and playing games. Especially more so this year. I managed to get 4 games played so far in comparison to last years 1! Many more are planned as well plans are a foot for a 7ombietv game, more 7TV and more Empire of the Dead talking of which hopefully the kickstarter will arrive at the end of the summer as this has now been unfortunately delayed until August due to the amount on new factions to sculpt and not to compromise the quality of sculpting which is fair enough :D

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Studio Miniatures Memphis and Ohio

Finished off these two fine looking zombie hunters from studio miniatures ready to kick some zombie ass.
Nice miniatures if a little skinny. Of course they are based on Zombieland's Tallahassee and Columbus and represent them really well. Not sure how they will be used yet besides for shooting up zombies!

Sunday 2 June 2013

The New Avengers: Mike Gambit

As most people now I love all the spy fi type shows from the 60's and 70's Bond, The Saint, Adam Adamant and Lately The New Avengers. I have my best mate Drew Wood aka Doctor Warlock to thanks for this through one of our many conversations The New Avengers were mentioned 'You'll really like this show Si' and what a corker it is to I love this show I could quite happily watch this series over and over til the cows come home and as for ideas for 7TV Gaming it has them in spades! The way the characters interact with each other and the banter is highly amusing.

My favourite character from the show is Mike  Gambit was a secret agent and former Major in the Parachute Regiment and had a short-lived career as a race car driver. Gambit is somewhat of a mystery, his past never being too thoroughly dealt with.  There are already figures for the avengers which I'd done for John Steed and the Emma Peel? version from the previous Avengers series. So I decided todo me a Gambit conversion he's mostly armed with a pistol of some kind but what sticks in me head is a quote from the first episode The Eagles Nest.

'This is a Smith and Wesson Magnum 38 I loaded it myself this morning'
Summary of the Episode
A British agent is sent to investigate a suspicious monastery on a remote Scottish island, but he is killed by the local fishermen. Then Steed, Gambit, and Purdey are sent to look into their fellow agent's death and to continue his investigation. It seems that at the end of the second world war an aeroplane carrying Germany's Greatest Treasure (whatever that may be) ended up there - and the monks turn out to be not particularly religious.

Here is the youtube video of the whole episode the scene If you want to watch just that it starts around 47:30 but by all means watch the whole episode. I love it!

Anyway I had this huge itch to do a Gambit character which just wouldn't leave me be. It had to have a chunky looking revolver as per the Magnum 38.

Finding a suitable head was the hardest part to do. I eventually managed to find one from Crooked Dice (Fop Minion head) though not perfect (mainly the hair being a tiny bit to bushy) but it fits pretty well. The Body is from Copplestone Castings KKBB Range Freelance Agents pack. Painted him up in his commonly worn brown suit with lemon shirt.

Heres a group pic so far I can use these to play some games. Eventually Steed and Peel will be replaced once I've got the right bits to convert a Purdy. I already have an eye on a figure to replace Steed.