Wednesday 29 May 2013

Empire of the Dead Lady N'ver do Well

Finishing off some bits that have lingered on the paint table for to long this week. The fifth and final member of Wargames Foundry's N'ver Do Well set, a lady (well maybe) armed with a pistol. Again for no specific faction more of an extra as required. Most likely will be used for a criminal gang when the rules come out for them. I found it quite hard to choose colours for a Victorian Lady there aren't many colour examples that haven't been modernised in some way which then makes me doubt the authenticity of it.

Work is afoot on a few more figures I have a load of soldiers undercoated and waiting dry brushing.
A random agent for 7TV and a Zombie hunting duo are all near completion just need a few highlights here and there and they'll be done hopefully by the weekend.

The rest of the pack shown previously.

Sunday 26 May 2013

United Radionics (7TV)

I have been waiting the past few months for this set of figures to be released. I now have a great set of characters to pit against Hugo Solomon and Pandora King.

First up the Evil Mastermind himself Lancelot Cray an insidious industrialist. Really love the pose of this guy. Gives the impression of 'not giving a dam' attitude my right hand man will give you a slap kind of pose.

Next up is Cray's right hand man himself Lionel an ex-soldier now bodyguard to Lancelot Cray. Again another really nice pose the reaching for this pistol is excellent. I may well get a few more of this figure as I can envisage some good conversions for various casts with this figure. I think he'd make a good Hans Gruber from Die Hard as well more the face than the clothing though.

Finally the last from this set The Man In the Lead Lined Suit a researcher who survived a terrible industrial accident, and who now can wield the power of radioactivity for his master.I tried to get like a glowy effect as if he is about to shoot a radioactive blast from his left hand but it didn't work out as expected. Its ok I'm not sure if it would of looked different if his suit had been a different colour perhaps.

 I may strip and repaint him but I will leave him for now. If anyone has got any suggestions that would be great.

Sunday 19 May 2013

Spy or Die Trying Kickstarter

Make your bid for global domination or fight to save the world in Spy or Die Trying, the game of base infiltration and espionage

The Game

Spy or Die Trying is an asymmetrical board game that pits agents of the Peace Enforcing Nations (PEN) against the might of the Secret World Order (SWORD)
If you join the SWORD, you’ll command a fortified base, complete with fanatical guards, mad scientists and trap-setting technicians to eliminate uninvited guests. Your objective is to develop a doomsday weapon and defend your secrets. Because in just 60 minutes the world could be yours!
SWORD minions, concept artwork by Aly Fell

 As an agent of the PEN, you can play alone or with 2 other players. You must infiltrate the base, collect intelligence about the doomsday weapon and escape. You’ll be outnumbered and hunted, and you have only 60 minutes before the base goes into lockdown, sealing your fate and the fate of world! All you have is your wits, your unique talents and (of course) some cool spy gadgets to help you accomplish your mission.

PEN Agents, finished art by Aly Fell
Found this kickstarter the other day and it looks like it will be a lot of fun. You can get miniatures to replace the counters that come in the game  They look rather good and the set and figures are at a good price.

Give it a check out the gameplay videos are good.


Prototype of the Game Board
Sample of the game art.

Some of the Miniatures.

Some of the characters and there backgrounds.

Anna Chekhova
Nationality: Russian
Former occupation: Assassin
Specialization: Combat

One of the KGB’s youngest operatives, Anna has been trained to kill since she was a child.
After being employed in a feud between Party members, in which she racked up an unprecedented body count, she became liability. She was only rescued from early 'retirement' by the intervention of the Peacekeepers. Director Shakespeare has taken it on himself to rehabilitate Agent Chekhova while (somewhat hypocritically) putting her lethal talents to good use.

Harry Swift
Nationality: British
Former occupation: Con artist
Specialization: Stealth

Harry has a flair for the dramatic and might have pursued a career on the stage had he not fallen in with the criminal underworld. Unfortunately his criminal activities brought him into conflict with both the S.W.O.R.D. and Interpol.
Recognizing his unique talents, the Peacekeepers intervened, promising to keep his history a secret if he joined them in the good fight.
When he’s not saving the world from evil masterminds, Agent Swift is often drawn back into old habits, fleecing unwitting aristocrats and seducing the occasional millionaire’s widow.

Kimberly Parker
Nationality: American
Former occupation: Detective
Specialization: Science

When Harvard graduate Kim joined the Federal Bureau of Investigations she thought her troubles were over; finally someone would look beyond her breasts and acknowledge her academic potential. Unfortunately her unparalleled grasp of cryptography, engineering and psychology were also overlooked by her peers in Washington. When a transfer to the Peacekeepers was offered, she jumped at the chance to finally put her talents to good use – fighting evil all over the world.


Nationality: American
Base of Operations: Caribbean
Specialization: Atomics

‘Claymore’ was a respected physicist who had been working on an atomic program for his native Haiti when the dictator François ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier came to power. After his wife was killed by government thugs Claymore fled to Miami, became an American citizen and was forced to turn to crime to survive. To his own amazement he rose through the ranks of the underworld like a rocket. His intellect, natural charisma and ruthless pragmatism forged a criminal empire that stretched down the east coast and deep into Latin America. As a crime boss he destroyed his rivals and spurned alliance proposals until the SWORD approached him with an irresistible offer: they would finance his research if he would help them ‘liberate’ the world’s underdeveloped nations. Claymore has an unshakable hatred of superstition, derived from Papa Doc’s use of Voodoo to terrorize Haiti into submission.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

First 7TV Game mini AAR

Played my first proper game last night.

Welcome to the sleepy village of 'Cutbanks' where 008 Agent Craig Daniels is following a tip off is trailing a underworld facilitator rumoured to be doping horse's. Little did he know there was going to be a 'chance encounter' with underworld agent and his security staff in the sleepy village.

Chose to play a chance encounter to familiarise myself with the rules again. 3x3 board (well section of dininig room table). Deployment was rolled randomly with the Villainous side deploying in a 1x1 square in the centre and Craig Daniels 008 (Bond thanks for character stat drawn up by Doctor Warlock)  deploying 4" onto the board.

008 Craig Daniels 80 Ratings

Guard Force 63 Ratings
9 Guards (all with pistols, 2 smgs and 1 commander)

Lost track of turns but here is a summary of the action.

Both sides advance some of the guards hearing the sound of car engine proceed to investigate.

008 first shot a guard between the eyes and then charged into melee against another but fluffed his to wound roll.

008 then got pinned down and then a big scrap ensued as more guards gradually arrived and tried to subdue him at one point it was 4 to 1 but 008 took them all out.

Unable to capture 008, the guard commander order the smg guards to fire into the melee between 008 and the last guard, though random allocation both hits ended up hitting 008 and then rolled double 6 to wound.

008 took out the last guard in a heroic surge, flung two knives at the smg guards but missed.

008 won initiative advances towards the remaining 3 guards and takes one out in melee. Is then sprayed with bullets by the last smg guard which miss! But then the guard commanders final shot with his pistol takes 008 down with 6 followed by a 6 to wound.

I really enjoyed and it has geared me up to play a few more games. Can't wait to get my United Radionics guys painted up.

Sunday 12 May 2013

The latest thing from Q branch; called a radio.

As soon as I saw the greens on Hasslefree Facebook page this guy was just a 'MUST' get! I love Bond films anyway and Skyfall is by far the best Craig Bond Film. This 'not' Mr.Craig sculpt is as always fantastic work from the super talented Mr.Kevin White. It really is a fantastic sculpt and captures the character portrayed perfectly.

So saving up some dosh and taking advantage of the Salute offer (those not going) I ordered Alexander, Finn and chose another version of Morgan as my freebie only to decide she would make quite a good sidekick for Alexander.

The blue turned out lighter than I wanted but I still really like it this has got to be my all time favourite Hasslefree sculpt.

Scale Comparison shot as you can see Morgan is a short lady though she's not wearing heels either!

Friday 10 May 2013

Artizan Field Agent

Sorry for not visiting your blogs much this week short staffed at work so its been a lot busier than normal.

Just the one figure finished off another generic agent type for 7TV not sure who the model is based on answers on a post card.

Figure is from Artizan design KKBB range there Field Agents II Pack couldn't decide on a colour scheme and decided to copy the artwork he is another figure whose been sitting in on the work bench for far to long a time so glad to get him finally finished off. I have done some work on some other 7TV figures more on that the weekend when I finished the off last few bits on them.

Sunday 5 May 2013

Update of 7TV in General.

Well Had the house to myself last night and I was so intending on playing of some description. Only after a day off playing with the kids and taking them swimming I couldn't find my mojo to set it all up and play a game. I did get it all down off the top of the wardrobe just  didn't get it all set up.

So with Crooked Dice releasing there United Radionic Characters for 7TV and them arriving on Friday. I decided to write up some cast lists so I can play a few games and get a better feel for the rules.

Talking of Character here is a sneak peek of the 7TV stuff that is on the work bench at the moment did a few conversions and puttied the bases ready to be under-coated on Friday night.

United Radionic's Lancelot Cray at the front, Lionel his Right Hand man to the left. The man in the Lead Lined Suit to the right a Failed Experiment.

Hasslefree's Alexander and Morgan make a good Spy duo I feel and they are just lovely sculpts. (Finn in the background will be a zombie hunter and the Butler is for EotD.
Size Comparison picture for Colgar6. Crooked Dice, Hasslefree Morgan, Hasslefree Alexander and then Crooked Dice.

Various generic agent type characters, middle one is unconverted but the left and right ones have had head swaps. Rear row is some more minions not decided on colour scheme yet.
So havign prepared the next batch of mini's I had a sort through what I had got painted already. WOW I was so surprise when I got them all out 91 various miniatures painted and finished! Heres a few pics of the whole collection. (there is 92 as I've just realised my Professor Beattie figure is missing I suspect he's in a Zombie Survivor box somewhere!).

I call these Assistants as they can be use for any cast Villainous or Heroic!

Various Villains and there Henchmen.

Hero ae the heroic Agents and there Allies. Soldiers for rescue missions and thwarting evil doings!

The Generic Security types with a technician at the front next to the flame thrower specialist.
Cast wise I've done a few different version as for know I'm going to be using the named characters from the cast lists. These are only small lists at the moment as I need to round out the Heroic Casts a bit more with Soldiers etc.

United Radionics 200 Rating list

Lancelot Cray (Insidious Industrialist)
Lionel (Faithful Lackey) Cray's Right hand Man.
Security guards (x12) 11 with SMG and 1 Pistol.
Photo's aren't great took these very late last night. Note stand in for Lionel and Lancelot Cray.

Department X 200 Rating list (there two versions of this list as the main characters are expensive)

First List (more members in this one)

Hugo Solomon (Flamboyant Agent)
Soldiers (x7) 2x Rifle 4x SMG 1x Corporal and one soldier has Stun Grenades)

Second List (quite a small list really but the characters are awesome)

Hugo Solomon (Flamboyant Agent)
Pandora King (Angel of Justice I think)
Soldiers (x4) 2x Rifle and 2x SMG

Now I've got some casts ready I need to come up with a couple of scenario's to test them out and learn the rules better.

Hope your all enjoying the May Day Bank Holiday weather seems to be holding out so I'm off to go play in the garden with the kids.

Friday 3 May 2013

Empire of the Dead Vampire Faction part 2

Finished of the rest of the faction this week. First up is the Graf who is the leader of the group. This miniature has become a firm favourite it has lots of nice little details that where interesting to paint up. Torn clothing, lacy shirt cuffs the sword in particular has lots of nice details. Still not sure about the flesh tone for vampires I may have to try something else on the ones that come in the kickstarter. I tried to use colours that where used on all the models mainly the dark green but wanted the three characters to be individual as a lord and lady vampire would be. (Well in my imagination anyhow Read 'Anno Dracula' by Kim Newman recently as well which didn't help lol).

Next up is the second character the Consort sort of a Get or Lesser Vampire type still quite powerful in combat. Again another interesting miniature to paint lots of nice little details such as the ribbons in the hair and the bow at the rear.

The final character from this faction 'The Guardian' he is the one who is responsible for the Graf and Consort during daylight. Again lots of little details stand out the sword and the torn cloak tassles of hair.

Final group shot of the whole faction together.. 

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Empire of the Dead Vampire Faction part 1

Finally got rid of the lurgy to get a good painting session in Saturday night and Sunday. Finished two bat swarms and the three Thralls from the Vampire boxed set. The bats where quite easy really various drybrushes of browns and greys followed by a dark wash and another lighter drybrush of grey and they where done.

The three Thralls where basecoated, I ended up changing the colour of the ones grey/blue jacket as it was throwing me off and was much happier with the three once it was done.

Changed the jacket on this the grey was to much.

The first five members just the characters to do next.