Wednesday 30 May 2012

Henchmen and Agents finished and upcoming bits.

Finished various bits that have been lingering around on the paint table. Finally got the last figures from the Henchmen and the Rogue Agents packs so I've re-taken photos of the complete packs.

I also picked up a 1/43 Police mini for my 7TV games from ebay for a few kids. I think its a little bit big but I think it looks ok.

Still WIP are my Hasslefree Ken's to go with my Sheriff as his deputies. Hitting the paint table are some more KKBB figures from Artizan Designs and Copplestone Castings packs 'British Freelance Operatives' and 'Trainee Agents'. I found an old can of GW white primer which after experimenting last night still seems in good condition I might have a bash at one or two these figures starting with a white undercoat and see what difference it makes.

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Musings in the month of May

First of all apologies not been upto much hobby related shenanigans for the past week or so. After returning from our little holiday we had loads to catch up on and before I knew it last week was over and I had not shared anything on the blog. Its quite hard to imagine that this is blog is nearly a year old. Other things to celebrate is that I gave up smoking a year ago as well. Doesn't time fly!

Anyway onto hobby related things picked up the paintbrush last night and got some paint on the last two figures from my rogue agents and henchmen pack. Done a bit more on both versions of Hasslefree Ken.

Looking for 70's themed vehicles I managed to pick up a 1/43 police mini van off ebay so i'm hoping it will fit in quite well with my 7TV stuff. What i'm going to use it for I haven't decided yet. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Saying that though Crooked Dice are planning to release some Police at some point so perhaps they can be used with it.

Speaking of Crooked dice plans are a foot to release some more minions my favourites Hoorah! At the moment there is just a picture of the dollys but there are plans for various arms to be release, Rifles, SMG, pistols and truncheons so all good!

At the moment i'm thinking about what figures to use/convert into the various bond villains/henchmen just for fun of course! Nick Nack is the hardest one to find a figure for so far. I just can't find the figure that looks quite right.

I already have in mind what figures and the bits need for Tee Hee, Mr Kidd and Mr Wint, Jaws (thanks to Crooked dice for the Head sprue's they are awesome) and various others are in a state of flux. Hopefully I will have something to show next week all being well.

Friday 11 May 2012

Rogues and Henchmen and Sand castles

This is my first scheduled/timed post as I've been off on my Holidays this week to sunny (hopefully it has) Weymouth with the SWMBO and the kiddiwinks. I'd hoped to have all the figures from both these set finished. But had a bit of brain lock at the last minute and couldn't decide on colours for the two remaining figures. So as you read this I should be woken by the sound of the seagulls and trying to get the car packed for the Journey home later today.

From the Coppleston KKBB range  the Henchmen pack we have 'Oddjob' and 'Red Grant' really great sculpts yet again and practically paint themselves. Not sure about 'Oddjob's' skin tone but the shaved head round the back seems good. Just got 'Rosa Klebb' from this pack to finish off.

Not sure who these guys are based on exactly. They are from Copplestone KKBB range again this time the Rogue Agents pack. I deliberately left the guy with hats eyes black to give the impression they where in shadow to make him appear more sinister. Any ideas who these two are based on? The one left still to be painted from this pack I believe is supposed to be Scaramanga but i'm not sure as he also looks a bit like Largo (The Man with the Golden Gun or Thunderball) I have plans to use some of Crooked Dice heads to recreate some more of the various villains and henchmen.

Thursday 3 May 2012

Thoughts on 7TV so far

Played my first game of 7TV tonight a solo affair just to get my rusty brain back into playing games again. This is my first game in ten plus years and I enjoyed it Immensely

The Set-up
For a start off I kept it simple quite simple.

2 x 2 playing area with scattered containers (translate Butter tubs)
Roughly equal ratings (points)
Two teams of Security Guards (good/villians) from rival factions (tba) square off over
Deployment was 6 inches onto the playing area.

Initial thoughts on Playing the game

Rules where quite easy to pick up. Game play seems very fast once you get going. Not all your force will activate each turn as only half of your force rounded up can activate/move etc each turn (certain skills can help with this but not used those yet).

What I struggled to get into my head was moving and shooting with each activated model before moving onto the next one. I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to rules very much everything I've played previously was 'your go my go' and phases where everything moves  shoot everything etc. I'm sure I'll get used to this.

I quite liked the fact you could fire then move with a model makes the game seem very dynamic.

Summary Of the Battle.
Both sides advanced on each other and traded fire down the left side of the table. The Good guys made lots of hits but hardly made any wound rolls. The villains made 50-50 of there rolls and over four turns reduced the good guys to 75% of there force at which point I ended it.

Sides and Deployment
13 Villainous Guards vs 10 Good Guards mixture of SMGs and Pistols.  Both sides split into two groups and deploy on left and right flanks opposite each other

Brief Blow by Blow Account

Turn 1
Good Guys win Initiative.

Good Turn
Left group double move up left flank

Villains Turn
Guards on left split and move up right flank and centre advance cautiously.  Left flank group open fire taking out 1 good guy.

Turn 2
There was a tie for initiative Villains win as good went first last time.

Villains Turn
Left group of guards open fire and take out 3 more good guys. Some guards double move down centre.

Good Turn
Remaining Guard on left flanks spray bullets hit but fail to wound. Couple of guards on right flank move towards centre.

Turn 3
Good Guys win Initiative.

Good Turn
Guard on left opens fire hits again but fails to wound (again) then back away into cover
Central Guards open fire on Villains in the centre and take out 1 (yay) 1 Guard advances up right flank
Villains Turn
Group in centre return fire and take out another Good guy.

This reduce good to below 50% as there where no stars a dice is rolled and that number of models are removed from play I rolled a 1 reducing the Good side to 4 in number.

Turn 4
Good win Initiative.

Good turn
1 Guard managed to take out 2 Villains from the left flank. (about time)

Villains Turn
Central guards open fire and take another good guard. Another guard charges the good guard on the left flank in melee and take him out reducing the good to below 75% at which point I decided to end the game.

End thoughts where and Plans for Next game.
More scatter terrain, barrels crates. Terrain needs to be positioned to block some lines of sight especially on the smaller table. I think I will play a few more small games with lighter armaments just pistols as SMG's burst fire and with good dice rolls can decimate small forces quickly. Then need to add some Stars in for the next game to get head around morale better.

If any of you play 7TV any tips would be great.