Friday 28 June 2019

7TV Day IV Pulptastic! Plans part 3

So work continues on my cast for the Pulp Day with me finishing my Underworld Boss (Villains pack 1) who is earmarked to be my Kingpin of Crime for my Pulp day cast. Its been super busy at work this week so only got around to posting about this guy now and part way throught the week my Crooked Dice Pulp Kickstarter has arrived! Yay the minis are gorgeous and I have popped on some pics below of those. It also means I have the two models I need to get done for my cast the Kingpin and the Hulking Henchmen. This means that my Underworld boss will get moved down to be a mob boss in place of the 'Bull' who I finished already :)

 I went all in and got both Hero and Villain sets and the maguffins on the right were included as part of that pledge.
 L-R Hulking Henchman, Kingpin of Crime, Femme Fatale and Ancient Evil 
 Intrepid Adventurer
 Cynical Gumshoe
 Intrepid Adventurer, Cynical Gumshoe and Jungle Paragon. 
 Degenerate Monarch

 Some excellent objective markers to use as maguffins love the Ark of the Covenant and some other infamous Pulp themed items Golden Monkey, Falcon etc

 All cleaned up and glued to bases some Statuesque miniatures and Artizan Thrilling Tales I stripped.
First batch with some putty down on there bases. 

Thursday 20 June 2019

7TV Day IV Pulptastic! Plans part 2

 So plodding along this week a bit at a time and managed to get finished all the extras off I need for this cast. Still eagerly waiting on the kickstarter minis to arrive (on schedule but excited to receive them).
Mob Boss and Mobsters. Mixture of Pulp miniatures, Copplestone, Hasslefree and OOP Statuesque miniatures

 Leonard from Hasslefree miniatures or Bull as I shall call name him. I got him for Spy Fi really as a bodyguard head thug. I will use him as a Mob Boss (unit leader for mobsters) though in a pinch he would work for a Prizefighter profile as well. If I get the kickstarter minis through he will most likely be used as that and my Underworld Boss miniature will replace him has as the Mob Boss. 

 Inigo Wild from Statuesque miniatures now oop I think. Really cracking sculpt if a little on the slim side. Carrying a semi automatic pistol and brass knuckles. Quite like his name so shall keep it.

 Big Jimmy who is from Pulp Miniatures Freakie Flunkie pack courtesy of Kieron from Cheaphammer!! very kindly donated for my Shiva cast! Thanks mate!

 Mumbles (yes I have been watching Dick Tracey lol) a Copplestone Gangster that I had originally paint all in black as a Nazi thug now stripped and repainted.

 Another Copplestone miniature this time from the KKBB range I have nicknamed this one 

 Officer Murphy a dirty cop taking bribes from the mob. Wargames Foundry London Bobby with a head swap for a Crooked Dice Lawman head.

 Hasslefree Jashun Shaw bottle removed and silenced pistol replaced with a bashed together thompson submachine gun. Johnny 'Two Face' I have nick named him heads he shoots you tails he punches you!  Two Face will be a Triggerman (smg mobster) 

The gang together so far. Just need to finish off my Underworld Boss mini to use as my Kingpin. The car is much later on but looks the part. I am on the hunt for a suitable days gone by vehicle for them to use for a more 1930s theme. I think they are setting the Pulp day event in the late 40s so I might get away with using it. 

Monday 17 June 2019

7TV Day IV Pulptastic! Plans Part 1

Next month sees the annual Wargames Illustrated 7TV day event again up at Wargames Foundry in Newark. The Pulp edition of 7TV has just hit the shelves after its debut and release at the Games Expo so the theme this year is Pulp.

I am still waiting on the Kickstarter that Crooked Dice did of the Stars and Co Stars to coincide with the Pulp boxed set which is due to arrive sometime this month. I have Sky Pirates which I am unsure how to turned into a cast at present so decided to go with a more simple cast idea. Cultists I have but I need some sort of gribblies which again CD are doing some in the near future so want to wait.

Which leaves Gangster types. Again CD are releasing some but I had a good rummage and found some figures that I hadn't painted that would be fit for purpose I found some that I had painted up as spy types which tbh were painted a very long time ago and never really used. So they went in the strip pot. I had the Underworld Boss from the Spy Fi version sitting in the to do box so he would do as Kingpin of Crime in case I don't get time to paint the kickstarter versions when they arrive. Also Jaws I had base on a larger base which never really looked right and he would make the perfect Hulking Henchmen so I broke him off his base and put it onto a standard 25mm round base.

 The motley assortment. Jaws and the Underworld Boss by Crooked Dice, a Foundry Victorian Bobby which I swapped the head with a CD Lawman head. Hasslefree 'Not' Archer I converted into a Trigger man. 
Rear row Hasslefree Leonard, Copplestone Gangster and a KKBB badguy. Statuesque Pulp mini now OOP and then a Pulp Figure Freaky Flunkie

 I cut off the bottle in the left hand but left the top as I plan to paint it as a coin. The silenced Pistol I removed and spliced on a tommy gun from the bits box. I added the fore grip from a spare AK47. 

London Bobby Conversion using a spare Crooked Dice Lawman head. I will use him as a Dirty Cop

Primed up.

Jaws rebased and finished off. He will make a good stand in.

Eyes and skin basecoating.

Getting some clothing onto them

Applying various washes. in the bottom of this pic I found some Artizan Thrilling tales minis that I have also stripped due to there age that might be useful, There is another one with a Tommy Gun so once I have these done may get fast tracked.

 Slowly getting there onto Highlights and finishing off.
 Finished this chap off first who I have nicknamed Big Jimmy!

Picked this up through the Local Library for some Pulp Inspired reading.