Monday 26 September 2011

Survivors with Pistols or Sinister Agents

Good morning folks finished my first two packs of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang from Copplestone. Lovely sculpts they are to and a pleasure to paint. First up we have the KGB men these are all armed with pistols and will make a good addition as lightly armed survivors.

Next up is a pack of Top Agents again armed with pistols they ooze characters and will fulfil a number of roles from lightly armed survivor. To perhaps an hidden agent in some kinda of corporate laboratory. Really like the poses on these fellas and again where really nice to paint.

Stuff upcoming is two more survivors, KKBB Freelance agents.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Not being Idle

Just that the weather has been pants for taking photos managed to get some ok WIP shots this morning.

Picked up some hobby stuff this week. Some clay sculpters form a local art shop, a load of D10 dice.

Thanks to Shelldrake I saw his Copplestone Kiss Kiss Bang Bang agents hes using in his Zombie Apocalypse as armed civilians.

I picked up a pack of KGB men, Top agents and Freelance Agents. I've nearly finished  3 of them two KGB and and a top agent. The rest are based and undercoated and the flesh started on some. I've tried a different way of doing the eyes and all though they aren't what I would call perfect they do seem better.

Here are some WIP pics anyhow they are ok but not great. Also included in the photos are WIP of my other Warmacre Rachel Knight figure whom i added an assault rifle to. Also my other half of my heroclix duo

Thursday 15 September 2011

Kid Survivor, Agent and a Bad guy

A bit mixed this week been painting bits from a few differnt sets as to what takes my fancy.

I've painted up a Kid Survivor whom I've named as Stanley for some weird. I first saw him over at Chez Gnotta' blog on his WIP bench and at Vampifan's blog in his latest ATZ report. He is a Horrorclix figure.

I thought I gotta have that kid catapults are cool. A quick browse on ebay and he arrived 3 days later .
They come as a pair mounted on the same base his sister is still on my bench WIP. I have just realised I have no picture of the rear. But you can see it on the photos below of my other two figures painted.

The other two figures are 'Face' from the Foundrys B team and a Bad Guy in suit from Copplestone castings Future Wars line. Face I've painted as long rage support for my agents posted previously as he his armed with a nice rifle. The Bad guy in suit i'm not decided on his use yet. It maybe that he will represent myself as his hair is pretty spot on. I'm kinda in the process of thinking up names and background so I won't reveal more until i'm sure thats how I want to go.

Anyway enjoy the pics any tips let me know

Sunday 11 September 2011

Zombie Survivor

Here is my next member of my survivor band. She is a Rachel Knight miniature from Warm Acre games.

Lightly armed with a revolver and knife. I really like the pose and the backpack

My first go at Camoflage done on the trousers what do you think? I'm really not sure yet myself it looks ok and she if finished but I have more military types todo so any hints or tips would be great.

Heres the piccies followed by a shot of the whole group so far.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Copplestone Men in Black (Agents or bodyguards) and Corporate Babes 2

Finished my Copplestone Men in Black last night. Will be used as government agents, Corporate security etc. The one in the middle is my favorite. I may even get a second pack at some point because I would like to add a silencer to his pistol.

I only have two of these to show for know. I have one other started but i'm not sure on what colours todo the clothing.

Monday 5 September 2011

This weeks WIP

Been busy this week catching up with puttying the bases on nearly all my previous miniatures that have been posted before . I have managed to get some painting done on my Men in Black and some of the Corporate Babes. Flesh is mostly done on them just need to add highlights to the clothing and paint the weapons.

I picked up a Rachel Knight off ebay for £2 including p&p to use a survivor as she comes equipped with a nice backpack and holding a revolver and has a sheathed knife. I have converted the Assault/Raiding (really not sure which is which) to be armed with a spare Steyr Asault rifle from  a Wargames Foundry Street Violence pack.

I've also joined the Post Apoc Forums after watching Mad Max 2 on telly the other night. It put me in a Post Apocalyptic mood. This has some great articles, miniatures and terrain and is nice friendly place.

It also lead me into making some Wasteland Stalkers. I bought last year some SOTR Russian Snipers and the Special Character Nika to use as some sort of militia or  Zombie hunters as they all have scoped bolt action rifles. They got bought and left in my leadpile until now. One has been converted she was carrying stick grenades in both hands (a bit strange for a sniper?) so i removed this and replaced them with some nasty looking knives The rifle is removed at the moment for painting. I think with a desert, patchy paint scheme they will fit in quite well.

Anyway enough of my mad rambling heres the pics.